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hello people.. wazzup? how you all doing?yeah its around 10 days that i visited this place for updating.. so where have i been? i was so damn busy attending my classes at college and then i had a trip on last friday night.. the return trip proved hectic and am still having a bad back.. so well.. thats all about me,

my college life just got over today. yeah, i am out of college though i have to go for the farewell party, improvement exams starting this march 2nd week and then the final exams starting this april 1st week.. but officially, the college life is over.. i never knew how 3 years of my life went.. but yeah, it doesn't create any sick feeling that i am finishing my college life.. i have always felt to be an outsider there.. i some how didnt feel to fit in to the lot of people there and jel with them always.. there was something missing ! ah.. well, thats all over now.. no more adjustmental smiles, fake hellos and wishes.. my college isnot the so called big institution.. its new born college, my batch being the fifth batch to pass out from there.. a college with a small population of maximum of 500 students, and there, you cant ask for more fun..

leaving all these thing apart, there is something i found missing in my so called bacth, and thats the affection and friendship among classmates.. god, there is nothing so called friendship there.. everything just so momentary for few of people.. but yeah, as in every phase of life, there also do we find like minded people who we can get going.. no difference in my case. i am not the only outsider ! but well i have no complaints, coz i didnt expect anything more. !

so well now, good bye college life ! not much to events to remember, and not much of things to forget, 3 years of my life, and in the near future, i will have the label, graduate ! so my subject of graduation? Electronics people electronics !

there is no point in saying that i never wanted to learn electronics now, but well that is the only truth.. why i had to is coz i had no other options..i have always wanted to do my higher in literature or something related to the media and stuff, yeah i admit, at this present moment, i am nothing more than a grade 10 student when i talk of literature, i dont read, i dont write, i dont do anything.. but things would have been different if i had another option to select, three years ago. atleast, i would have been content enough that i studied what i wanted to ! and yeah, electronics, is never a boring subject!

academic profile is something i never gave an importance.. i have always given the first priority to my relationships, and on maintaining them. true i had to suffer for that, but i dont care.. there arent so many things that i regret in life.. scoring low for my class 12, was one such thing that i never regreted till now.. but yeah, this 3 years of life, the people i shared my class with, made me regret. things would have been different if i did some hard work then. atleast, i would have studied with people who knows the meaning of friendships, fun, and everything that defines college life !

to be continued...

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V Rakesh said...

A very significant phase comes to an end! I wish you good as you tread ahead!

kasabiangirl said...

Switched to white huh??

I was glad too when college got over..it seemed like such a task..Hope you enjoy your life out of college :)

SatyU said...

Yeah, Electronics is not a boring subj . :)
All The Best :)

Shravan RN said...

@ V Rakesh
yeah, a very significant phase is near to END !

Shravan RN said...

@ Kasabian Girl
dont the white look awesome? more works to do though !
i hope i enjoy life out of college, but :( am probably gonna do highers !

Shravan RN said...

@ Satyu
yeah electronics is not ! i dint love the class, but i loved the subjects at times, yeah, not always !

Mind Writer! said...

You know what? I could feel what you wanted to say. This is exactly how I feel about my batch mates. There's something I could never amalgamate with. But still, at the end of the day, there's something that you've learned from this whole experience. This might come handy at some point of your life. So never regret. May be it was a part of the plan to reach out to your destination! All the best for everything!

PS: Since when you've become The Oursider? ;)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
i knew it that i would find someone with the same thoughts as mine again, and yeah, a very imp lesson learned !

outsider ever since there came the word outside :D

SindhuBhairavi said...

hmmm... so u are out of college..

its a blessing to have really caring friends around.. u cant buy them.. u get them or meet them by chance.. these days they are really scarce!

wishing u a great future!

Shravan RN said...

@ SB
out of college, now just the exams left ! :-) and rightly asid, friends of choice, are rare ! and thank you sb, for the wishes !

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