curse me not, for my sins
hate me not, for your tears
curse me not,for the wrongs
if there is no next moment

be with me, bear with me
for,this,my last breathe
close my lids,lock my lips
and pray, my soul be safe

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Mind Writer! said...

You know kiddy, I can't get poems... but your one was quite appropriate for this moment for me... Quite upset with someone (you know whom!)... Suddenly got some strength to BEAR IT! Life sucks! :'(

Chocolate Lover said...

T_T Awesome!!
I almost cried!!
loved it!

Take care
shravan :)
keep smiling!

Issam said...

leaving in peace is what all of us would love...
After all who does not wrong...
Nicely portrayed Shravan..

KParthasarathi said...

Hey Shravan.the poem is nice but why such melancholy theme?
Have a cheerful day

DuDo said...

interesting, i luvd it small n simple expression of feelings....

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
it feel awesome to know when someone can relate to my words :-) but well, make it up soon sissie :-)

@ Shriti
am glad you liked it! its just some words :)

@ Issam
thanks issam :) glad to see you commenting again !

@ KP sir
that wasnt expected, a comment from you! and its just some random lines :)

@ zapper86
even i love things said this way :-)

Mind Writer! said...

Hmm... looking at the bright side, huh?

Don't know if the problem can be fixed. It's called male chauvinism!

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