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guess what? i so badly wanted to write something here.. some real random scribbles.. but yeah, as in all writer blocks, no topics for me to write or even to push my pen.. damn it.. so yeah, but there has been this one person who always have enough of topics to discuss.. and well, just like the earlier days, i pinged the one and said, i need a topic to write on.. and wow.. there it is. a new topic.. unlike the past and dead days, am gonna try this topic for sure :)

so yeah, i have been to the gift shop today..with a friend of mine.. i have a very poor selection skill in my own eyes. but the so called friends say, when i select i select the good, definitely not the best.. so yeah.. i was with this friend of mine purchasing the gifts for her christmas friend.. that used to be the fun part at school.. a single gift could even change the entire impression people have on you.. it not a great idea to discuss my higher secondary school life.. but yeah, with just one christmas gift, wow, there was a change in impression, to the positive side.. oh well, i dint gift anything to any girl.. none was so special to me there.. except for the first 9 months of class 11.. and phew.. that still burns me and bites me at times..

so the gift shop.. this is one of the best gift shops i have seen at this place..and they have got a huge collection of dolls.. the girly dolls :-) yeah.. so i just moved around the place seeing all stuffs and my dear friend searching searching and searching and finally after an hour, as my time to return home approached, she took one cute doll and got it packed.. ofcourse in a gift wrapper.. so we settled the bill and took our paths..

so yeah, thats it, the topic, gifts.. december is one of the happier months and i love the month too.. the holidays, the cakes and more importantly the morning sleep.. it feels so great, beyond explaining to sleep till 11 on  real december morning.. so yeah.. december is the time to celebrate.. enjoy and share..

so well now, thats from the draft part, i dont quite feel like editing and removing that.. well, i will just continue from where i stopped, but well, right now the mood is a happy mood.. the cycle of happy life going on.. just like the spring returning year by year, after all the mood swings, good things are back.. and my life, at this point of time, is so good.. or atleast, am a lot more happier person.. let me just say, my world, just a handful, so close to my heart :-)

there arent too many occasions when i feel my tears coming out of my eyes.. but well, there is been some occasions that just made me weep.. but all for a happier cause.. so well.. speaking of gifts, the best thing you can gift to someone is, as those widely forwarded messages say, your time.. give people your time when they are in need. be with them, and then see how good life will be.. but even then, at times you need to give time for yourself as well.. when you give time for yourself, withdrawing from all pressures of life, all problems and tensions of life, there you can find a different you, a lot more happy and healthy you..

often when i feel so lost, the first thing i do is to disconnect from the external world and withdraw to myself.. but well, at this point of time, i need to correct, the best thing to do is to get into the external real world and real people, but ofcourse withdrawing to yourself at times can do you good.. disconnecting from the real world hasnt got noting to do with your state of being lost, actually i quite accelerates your negative thinking process.., though not always.. keeping apart the fact that one will intend to think about the problems, withdrawing to oneself and enjoying some time for oneself, can really do good.. like,  calming yourself down, and evaluating the thought process.. deciding the next, or just shutting down your worrying conscious mind and enjoying the moments in life.. it can do wonders :-)

oh yes.. it now started confusing me.. lets sum up... what am i trying to pen down is.. umm.. well just... figure it out.. its just about you, time, peace, happiness, life, random..

PS : saved on 19 dec 2009, and continued from the striked part today ! just like that, random mood swings !

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Chocolate Lover said...

hmm.. so this time a different one.
nice post shravan! :)

Mind Writer! said...

One thing that I've figured out is you kept saying "so yeah! so yeah! so yeah!" until you wrote the new part after the crossed out part...:D

In real life, I say "SO" too frequently... so this and that, and so, and so and so... :P

So, you just wrote a blog post with no main topic! So yeah, it was a nice read, man! :D

Sneha said...

So how was your exams?
and How are you?

Take care.

Shravan RN said...

@ Shriti
its different coz there is nothing in it :)

@ Lopa
nice observation.. lol :-) so yeah, thanks ! :P

@ Sneha
exams were fine. and am good.. u too tc sneha :)

kasabiangirl said...

You have scribbled well :) I noticed the 'so yeah'too!

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