And Thus 2010 Ends

2010 was relatively a good year when compared to 07,08,09. speak of the changes happened in my life ! i graduated, i got the first job call, i rejected the job call, got into MBA, am being with my girl whenever she is wanting me, i kept my parents happy, i kept my promises, i dint let anyone walk out of my life, infact some came back and gifted me with smiles. i met new people, made new friends, found a new dimension of life, learned the value of relationships.. wow.. a hell lot of good things. bad things and 2010? relatively less when i think now.. going back the memory lane might show me some, but the feeling i am having right now is covering up for all that. 2010, was definitely good ! it was better.. ingoned some people, as i was forced to do so, and thats it.. but i really wish i had written more of poetic tries here, if i have tried atleast. i miss that spark these days. i miss being shravan here on the graveyard

adios 2010. thank you for everything you have gifted me with, thank you for all the lessons you have thought me and in the end, thank you for making me a better me :-)

1.What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
I shifted my location, made new friends, turned into a better me, kept in touch with those who mattered, attended weddings, socialized more, had fun, lived well !

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I didn’t keep. And yes, I will probably take this time too, but its special, its gonna be with someone special

3. How will you be spending New Year's Eve?
Probably in my hostel room, with buddies, or roaming around the streets of Bangalore, partying !

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Nope, and happy about it

5. What countries did you visit?
I haven’t even finished travelling in India !

6. What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010?
Creativity and Imagination, a lot of that ! a lot lot lot of that

7. What date from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Aug 30th 2010 ! I switched locations

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Graduating from college with a percentage that I wanted ! Shifting my location to a place that I wanted

9. What was your biggest failure?
Made one decision at a wrong time, but its all made up now

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
oh yes, a hell lot of them, like always. I am prone to them. I even had to limb to college for a couple of weeks

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Greeting Cards for Mom and Dad on their anniversary

12. Where did most of your money go?
Coffee Bars and Travelling, ofcourse Dating 

13. What song will always remind you of 2010?
Beegees- words

14. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Travelling and roaming around with buddies. Seriously.. I just love doing that, but opportunities, not many, or may be, am not seeing them 

15. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Wasting time ! I guess, I don’t have to explain that !

16. What was your favourite TV program?
no TV 

17. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Yes I do. Just 3 people !

18. What was the best book you read?
nope no no never.. I dint read anything ! 

19. What was your greatest musical discovery?
the music you listen to, defines your mood, rather, they alter your mood

20. What was your favorite film of this year?
there is a list that can come as an answer, but Guzarish ! well people say me that it was flop but still I liked the movie, and I had reasons too !

21. What did you do on your birthday?
I don’t remember I guess

22. What kept you sane?
Desire to live and to win, to reach to my dreams and goals ! Love

23. Who did you miss?
Nothing much, but I wish if some people dint ignore me, leading me to take up the same decisions

24. Who was the best new person you met?
Persons actually, SwatKats, Ritz and Miss P and “the Model”

25. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010:
Life is not what you dream of, its what you make, your life, you live it at your will, and well, when you try not to hurt the rest, you end up not hurting yourself too  life is all fair and good, its worth living.

Wishing All My Readers A Happy And Prosperous New Year. May You Be Blessed That All Your Dreams Come True, May You Spread Joy!


അറിഞ്ഞിരുന്നില്ല ഞാൻ നീ യാത്ര പറഞ്ഞു പോവുമ്പോൾ
ഇനി നീ വരില്ലെന്ന്, നിന്റെ പുഞ്ചിരി കാണില്ലെന്ന്..
അറിഞ്ഞിരുന്നില്ല, നിന്റെ ക്ഷമാപണം ഇതിനായിരുന്നെന്ന്..
എന്നെത്തനിച്ചാക്കി അകലുമ്പോൾ ഹൃദയം തേങ്ങുന്നത് നീ അറിയുന്നുവോ?

അറിഞ്ഞിരുന്നില്ല ഞാൻ നിന്റെ കണ്ണുകൾ നനഞ്ഞതെന്തിനെന്ന്..
ഇതിനായിരുന്നൊ നീ കവിത ചൊല്ലിയത്?
വേർപിരിയുവാൻ മാത്രമായി ഒന്നിച്ചു കൂടി നാം
എന്നു കളിയായി പറഞ്ഞത്?
അറിയുന്നുണ്ടൊ നീ? എന്റെ മനസ്സ് തേങ്ങുന്നത്?
നിന്നോടു കൂടുവാൻ കേഴുന്നത്?

Romancing with Life

i wish if the world comes to pause,
everytime i see you smile
i soo wish if that remains there,
forever, brightening up my life,
and everything else moves so fast,
just you and me, our beautiful world !

Sweating to Death

Of unknown worries I cry
Wake up, seeing creatures of night
Dark around me, clouds dance
And skeletons sing, song of love
Black and blue, shades on road
From the land of dreams you come
And my mind, so turbulent
Tint of fear, rattle my heart
Waking up, I see the white
Of a new beginning, but damn!
Where did I lose my soul
In the dark? In the blue? Or
In your undying passion for me?
Sealed by your lips, I sweat to death.

Building the Groups

Having said that i moved to bangalore two and a half months back, well i have been extremely passive here, and the reason being availability of network connection, let me go back to the initial days at bangalore

yes, new atmosphere, new friends, new people, new life style and a whole new me.. it was like that.. well yes, building te friends group was the first thing to do and having a room mate who hails from your own place who was your classmate in UG is definitely an advantage.. so Me and R are here ! ofcourse i came to te garden city with two purposes in mind, my PG and then S. and meeting S was the 2nd thing i did here ! and omg... it felt awesome meeting her after a long long long break..

so with R and Me, MS and SK came to the group.. and then it was GGs turn to call me the selfish wrong attitude kind, well i do agree that i have the so called attitude thing, but selfishness, dear having given myself the first priority in life, that too after a series of mistakes, i discard that comment, knowing your priorities and being selfish are two entirely different issues. but well GG made it easy for all of us to gel and get along so along with GG same IF and LPT and HJ ! and then that was it

SRN, RA, MS, SK, GG, HJ, LPT and IF.. first week at college and wow we have a gang ! and then came the bloody thing ! i hate taking up responsibilities, but when put on my head, i dont mind taking that freedom granted.. there you go SRN and GG are officially the class leads for the class and with two lazy people like us, well you cant just imagine the way that class is managed !

talking about academics, omg.. am learning 7 new subjects and man accouting stuff is driving me crazy.. how invented all these principles and stuffs?

well its time i get back and concentrate on "Project One"
so later


Deep Gazing

As i go deep, gazing into your eyes,
forgetting where i am, the real existance
i wonder, how life could change
in dreams, and in real, far apart.
perfect, and in all merry, life goes on
and as i wake up, i crumble
i cry and i run in fear,
of the unknown, in search of shelter
and then i fall into sleep
and forever i sleep
in no fear and life, all merry
deep into your eyes i gaze
forgetting even to breathe, i crumble, i fall !

And A New World

so finally i have moved out of town as i wanted to do, and i have reached where i wanted at this moment of time. i am at bangalore and thats the place where the girl for me stays, hopefully, everything ends up well for me n her.. oh yes, i am committed at this young age of 21+ and i am loving it to the core.. met her twice and now that count will go up and up

Life hasnt changed much relocating here, new friends, new people and new environment, and i am so totally loving this.. i have always worried about how i am gonna survive when i leave home, leaving behind my choice of food and times.. but well, am glad about that too.. hostel mess, as of now, is yeah, pretty good, that i expected it to be..

what more to say? i no more have access to fb and twitter and the good old orkut here, damn the college lab admins have banned it all.. i hope to get my lappie babe to me soon, and yes, i have hot pursuit shield in it.. it will run i guess.. so thats all the updates as of now

its coffee time at hostel mess
signing off and running away to the lift

with lots of love, shravan, the outsider :)


there years ago, exactly three years and 2 months ago, they broke his heart and put him an "asylum" and ordered him, thats where you are to stay for the coming 3 years. he had almost broken their heart and killed all their hopes by then and all they wanted was to see him close and near and not to get lost in life's track.

hell, he called his life then and began to live his life at his virtual home, and virtual family, and there he gave words, life and they live.. they often called him as the one blessed to touch hearts with words and cursed to break them with words.. and he never changed.. soon he settled with what he had and brought his life back on trackly.. slowly and steadily life came revealing infront of him in its full and he fell in love with it.

that is when his way with words got lost.. with life treating him in the right way, he had nothing to worry about, all he had to do was enjoy and stay calm and take note of life's little surprises, and he lost his way with words that he failed to jot them down at his virtual home.. at the place where he virtually exists..

now that every good thing comes to an end, so is with his life. the new phrase of his life is to begin soon.. to the place he wanted to migrate 3 years back, he is being relocated, and last time he wanted to go with his full heart, and this time, he is leaving his heart and soul behind, and relocating his physical body to the new location, though he wants to carry his heart and soul with him..

a much wanted change and relocation he calls it, a life changing relocation he calls it, and hopes it be like that.. and with that, his worries and tensions and all are back, and thus, he hopes to be a frequent visitor at his virtual home again, and to get his words back and give them life !

now that its one post i put in some efforts, summing up saying, am gonna be at bangalore soon, doing my MBA there at The Oxford College of Engineering-TOCE, Bommanahalli - Bangalore.


take me up to thy abode
there is no better time than this
all i could feel now is, bliss !
there is no better time to die
than be happy and calm
the purpose of my life
no more can i see or feel

take me up to thy abode
bless me, with eternal peace.

It Was Never The Same

it wasnt the same ever.. like Et said last time, breaks, i take them and return back.. those breaks were just breaks, but now this feels read bad.. real worse.. its not like i dont have anything to pen down, its like you dont feel like penning your thoughts down.. total laziness.. its like you have the gun pointed at your enemy nearing you but you are lazy to pull the trigger. man whats happening with my thought flow?

where are those negatives? those worries? those positive thoughts that i finally find to keep myself up and cheerful? why is life so boring? so so so unproductive ? is it am getting lazy or is it, like, having done with the purpose of your life and now wait to reap the results?

it wasnt never the same.. it wasnt.. i never had to take and pen and sit and think and write down and the strike and cut through and rewrite and edit and read and proof and hell ! every single thing in penned down, all it came to me.. all i had to do was type them down pen them down and not to worry.. but now for this some time, its all different.. the feeling of the lost.. of the void, of vaccum, thats all i can feel..

i dont even feel lonely.. but i dont feel like i am in a crowd as well.. i dont feel sorry about anything, but i dont feel the need of anything too..

on the positive side of life, am gonna get busy, am gonna leave kerala soon !

and even more better thoughts, i might switch from blogspot domain to a personal one, the only thing thats blocking the shift is money and guys et and dudo,, you both better watch out and get ready.. remember you get paid :D

love and blessings :)

Let's Elope

lets elope my love,
to the world of our dreams..
lets not worry about the hurdles,
your hands, in mine, and together we run

അനന്തശയനം വിരിഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ



വരണ്ടുണങ്ങുന്നത് ഭൂമിയോ നിന്റെ മനസ്സിലെ നന്മയോ?
നീ നനയുന്നുണ്ടൊ?? മഴയിലോ അന്യന്റെ കണ്ണുനീരിലോ?
അതു ഇരുട്ടല്ല, കറുപ്പല്ല, വെറും ശീലക്കുട,
ഇതിന്ന് നിന്റെ മുഖം മറക്കാനെങ്കിലും ഉപകരിക്കും..
കാലം നിന്റെ മിഴികളെ മുമ്പേ മൂടുപടമണിയിച്ചതല്ലേ?

Let Me Talk, Or Shall We Talk?

so yeah, how are you? all fine?? under pressure? tensed? worried about something? come on dear, chill, kill your worries. so yeah, lets talk.. shall we?

so well, recenly i have attended a training.. and man, that didnt fetch me a job, but well it indeed did good to me, i mean to the way i think, i act, i respond, i talk, everything.. there was this thing, public speaking or open speaking or stage talk, what ever it may be.. and that is one area where many, many find problems.. call it boasting when i say, i can talk on a stage, i dont care how many are sitting in front of me, and with this in mind lets continue.. err.. its not about how to talk on a stage.. its something different..

3 years back, i was this pessimistic kid, every worse, i never loved facing a crowd, i dont jel with people that easily.. pressure, tenstion, and worries, they used to be my companions. and its not like i take tabs for all these and it not like the needed care thing or something.. its just the normal life cycle.. but right now, life is all good, life is all judicial and its great.

one thing that we all have to come across and handle in life is pressure or strain.. or call it any word you want.. it takes your life away from you, and even your smile away..why has no answer here..  err.. okey.. dont mind.. i am like, i dont really know what i am gonna write next.. err.. its just some random thought flow or something..

life is not about winning or losing, its all about living, its all about living your life as you like it, but yeah, not offending others, but in the right and judicial way.. life is not about just the academics, just the right job, the perfect family, life is something more than that, something beyond explaining, its just, life can just be felt and lived, every moment is new.. new and fresh, and you never know what is coming next, what is in store for you, and there lies the beauty of life.. in its uncertainity.. fear of death, fear of failure or fear of losing, these are something that can bring no good for us.. its like having positive and negative energies by us.. negatives are always a part of life, its just the way we approach things that makes and marks the difference..

the beauty of life lies in its uncertainities, in its questions and puzzles, your life is entirely your and you are the only you in the world who is really you ! life is not about quiting, life is not about losing hope, life is not about crying about whats gone, life is about starting again, doing things in ways that you think right,life is about living as you heart says, following its directions, life is not just about the ones and twos that make billions..

why do people quit living there life? just coz they felt like they are done? why doesnt people find reasons to live? its all a moments thought, a moments worry that causes the problems.. er.. damn... am drifting.. times up.. quit !

what are your supposed to do when you feel like the purpose of your life is met with? quit living or start conquering new horizons of life? think and reply ! not to me, but to your heart, your brain, and to your soul..

to be continued.

Smile !

express !
wear a smile !
you dont lose anything for that !
you might just make someone's day,
might just lift someone's spirits,
might just make someone feel good !
smile !
you lose nothing !

life as it comes,
you lose nothing !
life and its emotions,
in all dimensions!

grow, smile, and spread the joy :)

So, Shall We, Like, Talk?

so whats up people? yeah, 2 weeks and i cant stay away anymore ! yup, am back ! back not to shout this time i guess.. yeah, back cos i wanna be back at the place where i belong, which is definitely mine.so how are you all doing? ohk fine.. lets talk about me.. after all its my place to shout !

so yes, i was out of station.. travelled to the state capital, and not just that, was there for 10 days. and yeah, it was official, say job training or language lab or anything, anyways i didnt get in through.. well that was just the first attempt, many more to come, and i sure will have some place to stay !

twitter has been my world for some time now, and its really fun. compressing all your thoughts to 140 characters and talking, reading and discussing, its all fun, and seriously am getting addicted to it ! this trivandrum trip of mine let me meet 2 tweeples and man, that was so fun.. the first tweet up at kannur was the first time i met tweeples.. and now it seems the list is going to be a large one..

talk about my training, it was awesome, just awesome.. made a lot many new friends, a totally new experience, and it definitely has helped me mod my attitude now. yeah, i can feel it..true i dint get in through, but this training will definitely help me to get in to some other, in the near of far future !

guess what? girls at trivandrum are cool.. and remembering one of my tweet from trivandrum, it says like this, take a girl from kannur, teach her to dress like a trivandrum girl, and then she will win eyes ! err.. what ever.. just said that.. another thing i noted from trivandrum is like, man, they dont have any respect for food.. bae.. seriously, they eat like they have never seen food till then.. sharing a table at restaurants had never been this kind of pain !

never in my life have i thought of paying for drinking water, and guess what? these 10 days at trivandrum, i had to ! meeting people is always fun, but getting down at the wrong stop never is. 4 out of 10 days, i got down at the wrong stop and walked all the way long.. and man, i have never been this bored and jobless. i so missed internet and my laptop.. but damn again, my mobile service provider is acting mad these days. every single time i wanna do something, it just keeps me away away and away.

meeting friends and having them around is always fun, and the better part is, when you meet the one who you are so close with, that too unexpectedly.. my visit to trivandrum wasnt planned and all i had was 24 hours to pack, pick and leave, and man, that saved a lie. my twin, my emotional twin, my copy, lives at trivandrum, and man i so wanted to meet her and be with her, this visit saved a lie and we met. never have i felt this close and comfortable with anyone else, keeping apart 3 persons in my life ! having my twin close to me, near to me was totally a different feeling !

its a different feeling to return back from a place where you dont belong to your home, always. but this time around, it was totally different to leave my twin behind and come back.. and girl you seriously made my eyes wet with your tears.. all i got to tell you is, there or here, am always with you, and i will always be. you know that and i know that !

training at trivandrum was soo fun.. 10 to 5 every day for a week, with 20 people and a good looking trainer, it was fun.. and man the role plays, the enacting roles, the dramas, the sessions, everything was awesome !

er.. its time i leave home, settled my mobile bills, do some shopping, cya later pals. drop in and read. i am BACK !

Lets Not Say Farewell

oh yes, i was super busy till date.. i had this PG entrance thing yesterday, but that was not the reason why i was away.. falling ill has been a routine in my life for, say 3 years, and this time around it gave me crap ! and its all better now. and again, thats not the exact reason what kept me away. on a serious note, ever since my exams began, this void came to existance. i did not have any thing to write on and i never wanted, nor do i want now, to pen down something for the sake of it. thats not what i do. i write when i feel like, what my heart tells me to.. and life is much like a still photograph with nothing new happening and sticking to same routines.

and yes, i recently completed a mile stone for the second time :P +150 posts, and this time around, it really took time :D and like almost everyone does, i celebrated it with a series of guest posts, done by those bloggers who i read and enjoy, and they did their part, and must say, bring up the guest posts authors atleast kept this blog running !

blogging, i heard this term years back, the internet savvy me could resist the tempatation to try it.. so way back in 2005, i penned down my first post in a so called blog, and it was such an innocent me blogging, without knowing what exactly the terms blog and blogging meant. and then, i just forgot about all these and got attracted and then ofcourse addicted to another media for students and that addiction lived for 2 years.. then began my college life, and man, the initial days sucked, so did the final days, lets not mention it now. so thus being bored and jobless i started this blog titled "Quilling In Blood" and then i switched to "Obnoxious Mind" and then to this one "The Graveyard Of My Own Thoughts".

Initially i just wrote for the sake of it, but later it changed and i started writing only when i felt like writing, and what i felt like writing, and it felt awesome. there is thing that i said when i started this blog, that i would rather be happy if i have 5 followers and 5 responses than 50 followers and 3 responses..the reason ofcourse is, when i write, its primarily for myself and then only i share with those who follow me, and much important than that, i dont really like to be tagged as "one who writes".. i seriously cant do that.. i just pen down my thoughts.. but now, am really glad that these people who follow me like what i pen down..

Guest Posts have always been an attraction in every blogs.. yes, am glad i had guest authors to write for me here.. all it began with one post from Nyx, aka Aarthi.. i started following her soon after one comment in TWL annoyed me, and she being the admin had to clarify that, and well, along with her i met Stephen, another admin, clarifying the same.. what i like about Nyxs posts it, not always, but at times, she pens down some real thoughts on life, and boy i so like that and can relate!

the second guest to appear here was my own virtual sister Slow Processor aka Hasna! i dont remember when i first met her or when she met me, but its some time that she is in my social contact list. i like the way she pens down poems.. her lines, often has something that can make me think, something deep and dark hidden in it, and i love the freedom it gives me, like i can interpret it in any way that i want, and yes, she ofcourse agrees all the time :)

and the came this good looking girl form Bangladesh, Shomoita aka Lopa, again, my virtual sister, talking to her over FB & G Talk has always been fun and i love the “kiddo” word :D isn’t that right sissie? Never have i returned from her blog without a smile. Like her, its also very jovial :P
next to do the GP was calvin or sreehari, and man that single post recorded the maximum hits for a post in my blog, ( credits to google analytics) and on a serious note, i like what he does, i mean what he writes. And you might want to check his blog out, but warn you, he writes in Malayalam ! calvin am glad you were around when i needed support and guidance, and i am even more glad to know, that you will be there ! buddies, aren’t we?

I have found my emo twin in jinju.. the way we think, we act and we live, its the same,or in her own words, d shared laughter, tears n dreams....d solidarity of xprnces, reactns n lessons learnt in common...d amazing, jaw-dropping resonance..bein able to read each other's silence n feel d unexpressd n pick up each oders vibes widout evn trying...the "i knw jus wut u mean...coz dats exactly wut i've also felt"dat keeps popping up in d mind every moment v r 2gthr..( thanks to facebook :P) and she is one gifted person.. she writes amazingly good, but lazy and thus her internet activities are limited. And to be frank, at times, i totally don’t get what she wanted to convey and take it in my way, later discuss it with her, and the ofcourse, i twist and bend my point to make her admit that what i said is write. :( cant think now, once she is done reading this, omg, pray i be safe :D

Then there is this budding talent, the gifted one, Rahul, aka eternalthinker with his out of box thinking and his et, he got all to attract you to his blog.. man you do real good work and spend time on the works you do ! the et comics are just awesome and keep them coming, and btw, bringing up the old issue, sue Vodafone zoozoos, et is original. This guy is the one behind the modification of almost all my templates, and he is really good at it, am just giving him practice and training options !

Choco and dudo are relatively new to my blogger buddies list, but they are too cool to be with :P this choco girl can give life to emotions.. i wonder why she writes so much of sad poems, but they are all so well crafted.. and choco’s blah blahs :P that is something funny about her.. she can write the sadest poem and then the next moment can come up with some blah blah blah and tweets :) girl, keep doing it, but start writing lines what makes a curve on our lips :) dudo is mr. Philosophy. Like rahuls et, dudo is shrijit’s virtual identity. Thanks to him, out group blog i-phrase is now actively running.. meeting dudo was a surprise, first in FB and then i G talk, he is the one, who is always around !

Anupama and i have a history.. from arguments to this friendship it has grown, and damn, she writes so much and i hate reading long posts, but guess what? Hers write ups are worth reading. Thanks for being there in my g talk, always available, and for often managing to cheer me up.

And finally there is leo, the most celebrated one in the blogsphere.. he is the poet ! and i love what he writes, but sad to say, i don’t understand the acros he pen down.. am more comfortable with the other type of poems and stories your pen down, and well, my addiction for templates had made him give me a name TT, and :D i love it, cant help it when it comes to templates leo :D

Thats all about the GP authors here, and i definitely want to mention K Parthasarathi, who has been the source of inspiration and one who always wanted me to come good in what ever i do, Lakshmi akka for her support, love and mails, and the responses to the buzz, Sindhu bhairavi for her comments, mails and for asking me to stop writing negative posts, Rugma, Kajal, Rakesh Vanamali, Neelima, Neethu, Divsi, Mahesh, and all of these 70 people who follow me, everyone who reads what ever crap i write, and google, for providing me this plat form to write.

This is it people, i stop writing here for now..yup, i seriously don’t have anything new to write, and i don’t want to write for the sake of writing.. but i promise, i will be back, but at the right moment ! so lets not say farewell..

So long folks, so long !

Love, Shravan.

The Quick Drop By

Umm, make no mistake, the title is spot on, coz I've been under the kosh of the work hammer and in between, my dashboard has gone nuts and forgotten to update on the previous four guest posts, so I've been drawn into action in mega quick fashion so as to not be late at the graveyard.

Shravan is more known to me as TT.  well, will let him blab about it if he wants to. Didn't know him much before going to his site from my virtual sister Callie's soul. Knew him to be a mallu who wrote nice posts that reflected life, but what attracted me most to his site was the url, Quilling in Blood because most of the times I do that too, write with ink of blood and right from my heart as well.

An inch past fifty and hundred
A graveyard turns this post
Moving forward at its own pace
Enchanting each straying gaze
Sometimes haunting almost

Like a burning fire it warms
Each word is from the heart
Welcoming ours into his own
Never in this graveyard alone
He leads to his words from start

Quilling in blood or so he says
Each word shows in its own way
To move onward, a desire flares
Always let that want be there

Still more words must rest in peace
Haunting readers even in their ease
Full of passion, let him forge on
Capturing dreams that seem gone

This journey surely doesn't end here
More milestones for sure to come
The caretaker awaits, his graveyard
I give back with this last little hum

Happy 150th post TT. I know this isn't as good as I could have made it, but can't let your blog be stuck at 150 till my post gets up. I'll return sometime back with a better one. Keep writing and get to 200, 250 and etc etc.. milestones very soon. 




Drifting down the skies,
Like a gift from the gods-
Lost by cherubs playing on the clouds,
Or a remnant of the past
To wake my memeories once more?

To gently lead me
Through cloistered lanes of yore;
To an explosion of colours,
An expanse of bright dreams,
Great hopes, and no fears.

Ah! This kite to fly once more,
With the wind in my hair;
To follow its journey
With unblinking eyes,
And laugh once again,
With glee untinged by tears.

Could I be so frozen-
Gay abandon- in time?

Dearest twin,

My hearty congrats on this splendid milestone of 150 posts that u have reached! And that too in such a short time! U know how infrequent a blogger i am, and i think urs is a mind-boggling achievement...seriously! May ur blog keep soaring in blogosphere! Keep writing...u know this awesome blog is your very own space and it has a place not only in ur heart but of ur many readers too.... And yes, thanx for the guest post invite on ur special occasion yet again... Hope i will get to do the 1500th post here :) Congratz n god bless...

Lotz n lotza love n prayers,


My Birthday Gift To You!


Dear Friends,
Good Evening!
I am doing the first guest post as the part of celebrations of Shravan completing his 150th post and I will be doing the 149th one!And just two more hours to go!It is Shravan's 21st birthday!A Very Happy Birthday,Friend!Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!May God Bless You To Have Many More!
By the way,It is your Dad's star birthday too!Convey our best wishes to your Dad!
Shravan,you have reached a remarkable milestone in blogosphere by completing hundred and fifty posts. Your honest expressions and true narrations make me come to your blog regularly.I do always write straight from my heart so I could always relate so well with your posts.:)

Birthdays are occasions to celebrate growth,maturity and achievements.Birthdays remind us that the gift of life is the most precious and important one.It is the time when we get many good wishes and we must be grateful to God Almighty for all the good things happened in the past.''Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.''

Out of teens and on the threshhold of adulthood.That must be areal great feeling.You must be enjoying the transition.A new life awaits you!21st birthday is aturning point in one's life!So,make it memorable!

Let me start my post with my dearest Amma's verses for you!

The reminiscence of the auspicious day,

Twenty one years back when the Moolam star,

Rose smiling in the firmament,

Fills the minds and hearts of your parents,

With relief and ecstacy,

When they heard the non-stop cry,

Of their new born babe!

Dear Shravan,

Every day is anew beginning,

But Birthday is really special,

May this birthday be just the beginning,

Of another exciting year,

Filled with joy,laughter and happiness!

I wish you my friend,

May all your dreams come true!

I am happy that we are friends,

As a friend is a gift we give ourselves!

Shravan,you are in my prayers,

A happy and bright future awaits you!

A birthday comes just once a year,

So it is party time,yaar!

I am wishing you another wonderful year,

Of laughter,joys and fun!

Surprises,love and happiness!

You will have all the pleasure,dear,

May each hour and minute be filled with delight!

On this important day,

Never feel down and frown!

I am glad that I know you,

You are simple and smart,

Naughty and talented!

You have miles and miles to go,

And I really hope you will turn to be,

A wonderful and popular writer!

I know you don't like long posts,

So let me conclude my words!

Remember,experiences great and small,

That have made you who you are!

''Hope your Birthday gently breezes all the choiciest of things and all that your heart holds dear''!

Have afun-filled day!Birthdays mean;cake,gifts,wrapping paper,money,friends,new clothes and party!What more do you need?

Wherever I will be,

My wishes are always with you!

It's Anu signing off........

Shravan,I am honoured by doing this guest post on your special day!

I don't know you like the back of my hand,

But I know you more than I need!:)

Now at the age of twenty one,

I wish you,a fantastic view of your goal!

It 's not fair,that you have not invited me for your birthday party,

But enjoy in every possible way you can!

Reminding Anu loves you all dil se,

Please do a kind deed today!

Keep up the good work!

A Big God Bless You!




Digital Life Alchemy

Its been like a routine to me to hit on to this blog, I love, like minded people who share same thoughts as mine.... Shravan you are one of them.

I'm excited to post one of my dead thought on to this graveyard and the tombstone says Digital Life Alchemy
This post is dedicated to you as a part of 150th post celebrations and your birthday gift!!! 

Every human being is a part of Almighty's labyrinth, with a confusing twist and turns. And WE a mere fusion Soul and body combined to run this rat race.  

Life is a puzzle, each valuable piece is scattered on Earth and we need to find the pieces and place at the right places where they belong. Shravan you are one of my life's puzzle piece.

Evey human has his own share of happiness and sorrows as life elements and equal proportions blend to get a perfect human life.

Blank thoughts are posted on to the web for others to read. We never feel that we're left standing in the cold, Homeless, Friendless, Hopeless, Abandoned.  This is Digital Life Alchemy. Thanx being a part of it.

I still feel my life is a big unsolved mystery!!!!  Each mysterious thoughts will find its suitable grave. And every one in this blogsphere will mourn for your thought's death.

Hope this graveyard of thoughts will have a 6 feet grave for my thoughts for ever!!!!

All the best!!!!


Doing My Job !!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee!! ummmm.. okay.. haha! Its me chocolate lover..a 16 year old kid on 20 year old 'kid' .... Shravan's blog :) (Going to hijack your blog with this guest posht!!)

Shravan hired me on a job by the way..haha! so here I am..and yeah.. I'm not yet paid for it :P haha! so "thish" is the 147th post on this blog.. Its an honour for me to be here and to be a part of 150th post celebration :)

Shravan...you are so awesome..you speak your heart through this blog..  haha! your random posts and poems inspires me and I am sure others too :))

You are an amazing writer (accept it now!! Blaaahhhaaa or you have to pay me double :P)

A twenty year old kid..
writing his thoughts,
writing his feelings,
sometimes random,
sometimes deep..

A twenty year old kid,
awesome and sweet,
a pessimist with optimistic views,
sometimes weary,
sometimes gleamy..

A twenty year old kid;
dreamy and awake,
speaking his heart,
and you know what?
He's awesome in this art..

Shravan.. Its for you.. I hope you like it :)) I am seriously no one to say anything.. you are really awesome.. and an inspiration.. I am still a learner and learn a lot from you..

my twenty year old friend (gonna turn 21) may you reach more milestones :)) and congratulations for reaching 150th post :)) don't stop writting!! We need more poshts from you!! ;)

P.S. Shravan!!! my chocolate?? :( I need a chocolate for thish..I did my job! ;) and dear readers plz dont look at my grammatical errorsh!!

PPS. wahhhhaaaaa.. finally I wrote thish!! ^-^

Keep blogging Shravan..
yours very own,

Let's Simplify and See

The world in a moment is like a still photograph.. The next moment it paves way to another one.. Second by second, scenes change.. Amazing how we fit into it, changing forms and even thoughts, and even faces. The world as a whole, is definitely a stage where we act upon, roles, as per needs !

Guest Posts Up Next : Celebrating 150 posts ! It took way too long for me to reach this milestone ! 150 worth just 15 i would count :D

Nine Words, Nine

I. Am. Alive. And. Breathing.Oxygen. Like. Everybody. Else.


There awaits,my freedom,after today,till unknown,let me live,life,all its moments,and thenchain me,to life, again.

Let's Simplify

how simple could life be, when you could find joy in the smaller things of life? when you could just be with your loved ones and forget all other worries.. how simple could life get when you carry a light heart and smile all the way..

my life, just got simplified ! living it to the core, enjoying each and every moment of it, but missing some closer ones and trying to bring them close ! life is better all the way and i hope it stays the same !

"what the summer rain does to the soil, your smile does to my soul !"

i have received awards again, and a tag, thanks to shriti aka chocolate lover and shrijit aka dudo. and here i go, accepting the 2 awards with pleasure.

thank you chocolate lover

thank you chocolate lover and dudo.

this cherry on top award comes with a tag and phew.. doing tags after a long gap and its like this :

The rules of the tag says. I need to tell 3 good things about me, and here i go

1. I can handle pressure and keep my attitude though i dont seem to do.

2.i can trust people, and i trust them, and that is why,i believe in staying connected to people, and being there for them, and thus i have almost all relationships close to my heart.

3.i believe in me, and doing hard work, rather than complaining, yes i am a pessimistic optimist !

Vishu Greetings

ഏതു ധൂസരസങ്കല്പങ്ങളിൽ വളർന്നാലും
ഏതു യന്ത്രവത്കൃത ലോകത്തിൽ പുലർന്നാലും
മനസ്സിലുണ്ടാവട്ടെ ഗ്രാമത്തിൻ വെളിച്ചവും
മണവും മമതയും ഇത്തിരി കൊന്നപ്പൂവും

കാലം തെറ്റി പൂക്കുന്ന കൊന്നയും
മാറുന്ന നാടും, മാറുന്ന മനുഷ്യരും
നമ്മുടെ മനസ്സിന്റെ നന്മയെ കളങ്കപ്പെടുത്താതിരിക്കെട്ടെ.

എല്ലാവർക്കും എന്റെ ഹൃദയം നിറഞ്ഞ വിഷു ആശംസകൾ


No Matter Where You Find Love

It was fully occupied compartment, but never tough for them to meet each other. Hours long did their talks go. As miles went past, the distance between them grew shorter and shorter.

Next morning as darkness withered away, there she was, in her seat, her heart content, having felt the feeling of togetherness and love.


all i want now is some peace,
some journey to lands unknown,
stinking jean and sweating shirt,
empty wallet and a bottle of water..

all i want now is to wander
through the streets and not worry..
all i want now is a change
and some moments of life..

all i want now is to forget
me and everything else
all i want now is to live
my life, to its full !

PS : attended the first ever tweet up at kannur. 2 hours at the beach near the light house.. hope the event will occur again and fully fludges. met  bloggers Rahul Anand and Remiz Rehnas first time

PS2 : discussion going on with Rahul Anand.. A Platform for young bloggers from kannur and suburbs, Something like a bloggers group or some blogger club.. dont know how the discussions will end. dont know if it will be productive in the end. but hoping for it to happen.. imagine if bloggers from same locality can meet up at a place and discuss on variety of topics, make friends, and who know if any thing better can happen.dreaming of such a club or unity of a group :)

In Chase Of An Unanswered Quest

move on, they tell me every moment
and i see the world moving by
move on, they tell me every moment
and i see faces, known and unknown

moments grew to hours, and to days
colors faded and grey on my hair
looking back, i could only see
a shadow, that never was mine

was i moving on in life, or,
was i just standing still,
waiting for a moment that went by
or searching for a hope to hold on?

Let's Fly Up

life definitely is full on uncertainities, and life definitely is full of hopes, its just holding on to the hopes or finding the better side of every bitter moment that makes life perfect to live :-) every time i lose my hope, i search for it, deep in myself, around me, in people and in void..

upside down things may turn
and lets not quit,
who knows if a rainbow awaits
the next moment,
short enough to be seen,
but long enough for you to smile.

one hard learned fact in my life to face all problems with a smile, true smiling may not solve the problem, but it would definitely give some positive enery to face it.. finding the better side of all, does the right trick.. after all, who knows whats in the next moment ??

Facts From My Past

skip reading if you dont want to waste your precious time.. its just an outburst of thoughts :-)

my joining of Oracle's www.think.com now called thinkquest.org paved the way for the present life i live. its then i knew my love for the net and for the blogs ! its 10 page personal columns for school students(kendriya vidyalaya had registered with it, dunno about rest of the schools) made all the difference in my life.thats when i became known to people, thats how i met my bestie, and thats how i got connected to some best teachers in around india.. thats when i first realised that blogs could be my virtual home ! if ever i hadnt registered and spent time on it, i would now be studying in some engg college, having fun and wouldnt have had this pathetic college life ! but had i not been in, i wouldnt have become this person who i am, and i am proud to be the way i am ! life's little lesson, learned and shared.. after all, life is not just an engg degree ! had i never spent hours on the internet uploading and updating the 10 pages, i would have scored atleast a decent score in maths than to have merely passed.but then again, i would have met these inspiring people, and friends ! had mom n dad never got me the computer while i was in class 11, i wouldnt have made them cry, but then i wouldnt have realized the true color of life ! true i havent faced any real challenges in life, but still again, what i went through, i can never ever put them into words !

PS : well, am just sick and tired of listening to poeple saying "you should have opted for engg" come on people, engg is not the only thing in life, plus thats not the right path for me to move, plus i never made a candidate for that course !

Being Myself

Being myself.. yup, being my self.. satisfying my primary need of running this blog, a place for me to express and do all the talking, a place where i can shed in my thoughts and then share it, yeah, sharing is secondary, i do not write to please anyone, nor do i have the talent to do that. Its just me and my thoughts in here, but i am glad i have people around me who read, we respond and who encourage, and i am truly honoured and proud to have met you all, and even more proud to be in touch, and known you all, and i hope it goes on. In a couple of days, i am going to write one hell of an exam series that decides where i will stand in the future life.. but well before i get going, before i get busy, there is something that i need to dumb out of my thoughts, and then i just got to deliver my best in my exams..

The biggest plus and the biggest minus in my life is the freedom i enjoy, all the goods in me are from the freedom i enjoy and so comes the negatives in me. I am extremely glad and thankful to the god almighty, that i have the best parents in the world. Letting me to be who i am, that is what my parents did, and they are still doing that, true they had hopes on me, faith on me and i have let them down not just for once. But even now, home is the biggest comfort zone that i can be. True i have let all the dreams and hopes placed on me to rot, and die, i have caused nothing but tears for them, but now, its time, i make a move, i do something this last time to bring one smile on their face.

Every single step i took in my life, i took it at my will, yup i have stumbled and fallen, and yup i have taken the right steps as well, and at this point of time, why do i want someone else to do all the thinking for me? Do tell me what i am to do next? Come on man, i got my parents right behind me, saying yes to every decision i took, regardless of whether right or wrong, and then when i fall, holding me tight and making me walk again.. shut the hell, and mind your business !

Life has never been that good, but it’s been so well judicial, and it’s never been partial, true i don’t regret about what i did in the past, true again, it helped me to realize my potentials and to be a better person, and there is nothing that can replace moms tears, but well, time will heel everything.

It doesn’t really feel good to be the one who has on him, many hopes put on, and when you don’t stand up to that, life becomes a burning hell, and then again, it’s not easy to live tagged as a loser and then find hope in life again. True i had flaws, but there is something i have and many others don’t have, it might sound simple when i say i have seen life so plain, but living then, being a total outsider everywhere, living isolated, the so called alone in the crowd thing, the feeling can never be put into words.. you just need to face and feel it.. true i haven’t face any tragedies in life, i haven’t had any hard heart breaking experiences, but what i went through, that was something that really helped me to be the one who i am now..

Often, i am called as the “worthless philosopher”, but well, all it comes from the li
fe i lived and what i experienced, true i am just 20, and when i talk about things, i see people giving me that look, are you 50 my son, to guide me? I am not sir, am just 20, but i know how it would go.. that is the only answer i have for you !

It never is easy to survive among people who makes friendship seeing the grades and scores, and i have had and i still have such friends who grade friends according to their grades in papers, but well, life is not just about the marks you score, it’s all about living it, and facing it, and experiencing everything that life has in store for you. I have always given my relationships and feelings and emotions a higher priority than the grades i am supposed to score, and till now, that is the only right thing i feel that i have done, and i don’t regret ! dependency is one factor that held me back for long, but then life had another lesson in store for me, and whoa !! that was one hell of a period to live, from an emotionally dependent kid to an independent human, that transformation felt awesome, and that is when these useless philo part became my life style.. life isn’t supposed to be lived on philosophies, it is to be lived for every moment, to be enjoyed and lived happily, regardless of what is next to come, life is to be lived to the core, but when we live for the moment, there is something that we need to do, learn from the past moment and evolve then.

Getting control of my emotions and feelings has served me good, but yeah, i do agree, it has also made me to be who i am not, atleast for some moments, but deep down, you are the only you and i am the only me !

ഓര്‍മ്മയില്‍ നിന്നും..

"ഓർമയുടെ താളുകളിൽ എവിടെയോ നിൻ മൃദുസ്മിതം..
മറക്കുവാൻ വയ്യ, നീ അരികത്തായില്ലെങ്കിലും.."

Capturing Theyyam

Theyyam or Theyyattam is a popular Hindu ritual of worship in North Kerala state, India, predominant in the Kolathunadu area (consisting of present-day Kannur and Kasargod districts). As a living cult with several thousand-year-old traditions, rituals and customs, it embraces almost all the castes and classes of the Hindu religion in this region. The performers of Theyyam belong to the indigenous tribal community, and have an important position in Theyyam. This is unique, since only in Kerala, do both the upper-caste Brahmins and lower-caste tribals share an important position in a major form of worship. The term Theyyam is a corrupt form of Devam or God. People of these districts consider Theyyam itself as a God and they seek blessings from this Theyyam.A similar custom is followed in the Tulu Nadu region of neighbouring Karnataka known as Bhuta Kola
(details from here)
P S: sorry for the bad image quality, this is when I wish if I had a better camera :) poor me!
P P S: Image edited to compensate for bad image quality.

The Pain Of Parting

yeah, today was the farewell day at college.. and now, college life is officially over !

and thus, there it ended, college life ! moving on! the next phase

so yeah, as said earlier, i am the happiest man leaving college today. am glad that i dont have much of commitments at college.. but still, at this moment when everything is over and seeing those videos over and over, it seems like, am also a lil sad, i too have some selected people to add to my list of forever friends from college.. from silly talks to serious discussions.. that was one heck of 3 years at college ! guys, am gonna miss you all!

i opened this editor page with so much of things to write and now, guess i gotta stop, i cant push the pen any more :(


Where we Quit

May be that is where we quit, few steps behind the goal
and then letting HIM to carry us forward!


when i first entered the college, i felt like the outsider, now when i am about to leave the college, i realize " i am the outsider "

Letters From The Past

letters dated in the years 1983, and 1981, letters from +20 years past.. found among the debris while cleaning the old house today, from the collection of my uncles.. and look where we have reached, at the age of e-mails, short messages, now twitter and even g-buzz ! but there were days when one would wait for a letter, when one would want to write a letter home, saying "mom, am fine" and ofcourse the letters of love, as seen in movies :P


TASC - Where I Studied !

[one of my own pictures that i find good]

yeah, thats the place that i studied till now. the college that i will be graduating from. Started functioning in the 2002-2003 adacemic year, my college is a new born college and thus has this minimum student population for around 200 students in 4 branches of electronics, computer science, physics and business management. no wonder whey scopes of fun are limited !

but i hope, this institutions grows up, florishes and becomes the temple of education for many :)


Another Phase

hello people.. wazzup? how you all doing?yeah its around 10 days that i visited this place for updating.. so where have i been? i was so damn busy attending my classes at college and then i had a trip on last friday night.. the return trip proved hectic and am still having a bad back.. so well.. thats all about me,

my college life just got over today. yeah, i am out of college though i have to go for the farewell party, improvement exams starting this march 2nd week and then the final exams starting this april 1st week.. but officially, the college life is over.. i never knew how 3 years of my life went.. but yeah, it doesn't create any sick feeling that i am finishing my college life.. i have always felt to be an outsider there.. i some how didnt feel to fit in to the lot of people there and jel with them always.. there was something missing ! ah.. well, thats all over now.. no more adjustmental smiles, fake hellos and wishes.. my college isnot the so called big institution.. its new born college, my batch being the fifth batch to pass out from there.. a college with a small population of maximum of 500 students, and there, you cant ask for more fun..

leaving all these thing apart, there is something i found missing in my so called bacth, and thats the affection and friendship among classmates.. god, there is nothing so called friendship there.. everything just so momentary for few of people.. but yeah, as in every phase of life, there also do we find like minded people who we can get going.. no difference in my case. i am not the only outsider ! but well i have no complaints, coz i didnt expect anything more. !

so well now, good bye college life ! not much to events to remember, and not much of things to forget, 3 years of my life, and in the near future, i will have the label, graduate ! so my subject of graduation? Electronics people electronics !

there is no point in saying that i never wanted to learn electronics now, but well that is the only truth.. why i had to is coz i had no other options..i have always wanted to do my higher in literature or something related to the media and stuff, yeah i admit, at this present moment, i am nothing more than a grade 10 student when i talk of literature, i dont read, i dont write, i dont do anything.. but things would have been different if i had another option to select, three years ago. atleast, i would have been content enough that i studied what i wanted to ! and yeah, electronics, is never a boring subject!

academic profile is something i never gave an importance.. i have always given the first priority to my relationships, and on maintaining them. true i had to suffer for that, but i dont care.. there arent so many things that i regret in life.. scoring low for my class 12, was one such thing that i never regreted till now.. but yeah, this 3 years of life, the people i shared my class with, made me regret. things would have been different if i did some hard work then. atleast, i would have studied with people who knows the meaning of friendships, fun, and everything that defines college life !

to be continued...

Romancing With Life

in life, i dont regret for so many things, 
except for my moms tears, and my dads pains,
except for my own failures in exams to qualify

there aren’t so many things that I regret in life too
except for meeting you in my lifes pathway
damn too late than when I should have met you

girl, now I know what love is,
its love when a slightest smile on your face
brightens up my world, melting down the sorrows

girl, now I know what love is,
its love when your words of comfort fall to my ears
making me to smile, and hope for the best.


broken are those threads that bind me to the foul,
 my soul, saved and blessed, rests in peace,
at his abode

From The Drafts

guess what? i so badly wanted to write something here.. some real random scribbles.. but yeah, as in all writer blocks, no topics for me to write or even to push my pen.. damn it.. so yeah, but there has been this one person who always have enough of topics to discuss.. and well, just like the earlier days, i pinged the one and said, i need a topic to write on.. and wow.. there it is. a new topic.. unlike the past and dead days, am gonna try this topic for sure :)

so yeah, i have been to the gift shop today..with a friend of mine.. i have a very poor selection skill in my own eyes. but the so called friends say, when i select i select the good, definitely not the best.. so yeah.. i was with this friend of mine purchasing the gifts for her christmas friend.. that used to be the fun part at school.. a single gift could even change the entire impression people have on you.. it not a great idea to discuss my higher secondary school life.. but yeah, with just one christmas gift, wow, there was a change in impression, to the positive side.. oh well, i dint gift anything to any girl.. none was so special to me there.. except for the first 9 months of class 11.. and phew.. that still burns me and bites me at times..

so the gift shop.. this is one of the best gift shops i have seen at this place..and they have got a huge collection of dolls.. the girly dolls :-) yeah.. so i just moved around the place seeing all stuffs and my dear friend searching searching and searching and finally after an hour, as my time to return home approached, she took one cute doll and got it packed.. ofcourse in a gift wrapper.. so we settled the bill and took our paths..

so yeah, thats it, the topic, gifts.. december is one of the happier months and i love the month too.. the holidays, the cakes and more importantly the morning sleep.. it feels so great, beyond explaining to sleep till 11 on  real december morning.. so yeah.. december is the time to celebrate.. enjoy and share..

so well now, thats from the draft part, i dont quite feel like editing and removing that.. well, i will just continue from where i stopped, but well, right now the mood is a happy mood.. the cycle of happy life going on.. just like the spring returning year by year, after all the mood swings, good things are back.. and my life, at this point of time, is so good.. or atleast, am a lot more happier person.. let me just say, my world, just a handful, so close to my heart :-)

there arent too many occasions when i feel my tears coming out of my eyes.. but well, there is been some occasions that just made me weep.. but all for a happier cause.. so well.. speaking of gifts, the best thing you can gift to someone is, as those widely forwarded messages say, your time.. give people your time when they are in need. be with them, and then see how good life will be.. but even then, at times you need to give time for yourself as well.. when you give time for yourself, withdrawing from all pressures of life, all problems and tensions of life, there you can find a different you, a lot more happy and healthy you..

often when i feel so lost, the first thing i do is to disconnect from the external world and withdraw to myself.. but well, at this point of time, i need to correct, the best thing to do is to get into the external real world and real people, but ofcourse withdrawing to yourself at times can do you good.. disconnecting from the real world hasnt got noting to do with your state of being lost, actually i quite accelerates your negative thinking process.., though not always.. keeping apart the fact that one will intend to think about the problems, withdrawing to oneself and enjoying some time for oneself, can really do good.. like,  calming yourself down, and evaluating the thought process.. deciding the next, or just shutting down your worrying conscious mind and enjoying the moments in life.. it can do wonders :-)

oh yes.. it now started confusing me.. lets sum up... what am i trying to pen down is.. umm.. well just... figure it out.. its just about you, time, peace, happiness, life, random..

PS : saved on 19 dec 2009, and continued from the striked part today ! just like that, random mood swings !

Her Life

 he left home smashing the door behind at her towards his new found love.
the next morning, the maid found her dead body along with a note reading, sorry my child i had to abort you for him, and now, look, he aborted me for her, and here, i come to you, so called life !!


many miles to go before the hault,
moving past the isolated lanes,
and through the crowded stations,
the journey goes on, and on !

often so filled with no space,
like my mind thats lost in thoughts,
and often so abandoned, isolated,
like me, longing for all your love !

who knows when its time,
for you to come, or may be not.
like the waves i count in despiar,
the wait for you, goes on, and on !

Image : Chirakkal Raliway Station on a Sunday Evening.
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