Was Today Necessary?

lost smiles
wet eyes
forgotten dreams
soulless body
purposeless life

was today necessary?

an unexpected turn
and a ray of hope
a new world
a new life

will there be a tomorrow?

the best way to live life is to live for the moment, but learn from that moment and carry on.. life is not just about the momentary joy, sorrow, success and failure.. its more about living it, as it comes to you.. have no fear, face life and you shall be the one who tames life.. not just adapt to your life's situations, but learn and evolve, and live the way you like it :) spread the joy ;) :Tone

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sawan said...

nice words!

Mind Writer! said...

Loved it buddy! I've one limitation, I usually don't understand and enjoy poems, neither can write one! This one was easy and understandable. :D

Shravan RN said...

sawan bro thank you for the comment and for coming around this way :)

Shravan RN said...

oy sissie lopa when have i written complex stuffs here? and am glad you understood it adn well, now start trying, challenge your limits and come up with a :Tone POEM :Tone soon :)

anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
Good Evening!
wow!who is giving advices,about life n living?
It's said,live each day,
Taking our own time n space,
We come across joys,sorrows,tears n smiles,
The unions,parting away,the hurt,
The surprises,the shocks,
They sum up the A-Z of our lives.
Experience is the best teacher!
Without today there is no tomorrow!:)
Wishing you a wonderful,prosperous n happy tomorrow!
The One n Only,

Shravan RN said...

hello Anupama its not an advice dear.. just a moments thought :) and well said, they sum up the A to Z of life :) and thank you for the comment :D

Amritbir Kaur said...

That was a wonderful piece of hope for a better tomorrow...we all need that after a bad today...felt good after reading your post, even though my day was good today :)

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) it was nice reading it..
all of us at times ask those two questions at somepoint of life :)
like deeps says.. Life.. is like that!.. :)

Chocolate Lover said...

beautiful :)
nicely penned :)

SatyU said...

awesome :)
Each and every word you said is so true :)

Loved it:)

Keep Smiling

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