The sun has long set
Upon my life;
It’s twilight-
Dark, still, silent,
With shadows rife.

Dusk creeps up from behind,
And pounces on the daylight-
Mauls it in the fatal fight,
Leaves it bleeding in the sky.
A silent predator,
Slow and steady,
Sure and sly,
Unseeing and unerring;
Though drunk with youth’s wine,
Hardly did I realise
That just behind the sunshine,
Lurked the murky foe,
Biding his time.

Sombre hues have invaded
My palette that once
Was a riot of colours;
Withered have my flowers,
And the fragrance faded.
The songs have stopped,
I only hear the sands
Fast trickling down
My life’s hourglass.

Oh! It strikes me hard
That my spring is past,
And my winter come;
My thoughts harp
On the night that
Looms ahead sharp,
And the nightmare beyond....

But wait, I suddenly hear
A voice cry out
From deep within:
Despair not so fast!
A night awaits, it’s true,
But lies a morn too
Beyond the gloom.

The darkest hour of midnight past,
Arrives the bright dawn;
And wake up I shall
In that morn, in the
Land of Sleepless Sunshine
That will forever last.

Dearest Shravan,

Do I have to say the words? I know you know.... :)

Tons of love, congrats, best wishes and prayers,
Your twin

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Chocolate Lover said...

oh I loved it :))
really nice

Chocolate Lover said...

congratulations for the 100th post shravan :))
take care

SindhuBhairavi said...

good Jinju... few lines are very good esp stanza 2,3 4..

Mind Writer! said...

@ Jinju: I'm really amazed seeing how genius poets are! I could never write anything like poetry, I simply don't have such talent. You are by born a poet I believe! Kudos!

@ Shravan: Congrats Kiddy! You made a century!

Shravan RN said...

@ Shriti
:-) thank you dear :-)

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
:P hehe thanks :)

Jinju said...

@ chocolate lover, sindhubhairavi and mind writer: thank u so much 4 ur appreciation.... glad u liked it :)

Shravan RN said...

twinne.. i liked that.. serious it did.. and cant believe that u composed this in less than 30 mins :-)

Mads... said...

oh..woww..twas a lovely poem..well done..gr8 work ..!!!

devika said...

loved it the very first time i heard it.. yes i was there to witness her reciting the poem...and the fact that she produced it within 30 mins.... way to go gal!!!!!

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