Shoe Flower

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nature has its own ways to create visual treats.. and look at this flower in a mixture of colours.. that one comes from the breed of shoeflower and lol.. was surpd to see that multicolour flower :) so no wonder why the pic is here..it looked pleasing to my cam's eyes ;)

PS : the cycle of my life is swinging back ot the good old days.. good things coming by and good things staying.. am too busy living my life, and enjoying it, no wonder why i have nothing great to write here :)

PPS : There is no easy job than letting go of people in life.. often human minds fail to know its never easy to earn back what is lost,nor do they know what it takes to earn back things, a little greater share of themselves.. i am happy about the persons i let go, and more happy about the persons who chose to stay :)

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Sneha said...

really a nicely captured moment.:).Your PPS is so very true.:)

anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
Good Evening!
The shoe flower is so beautiful n I love shoe flowers!they come in brilliant n rare colours!the easiest plant that can grow in any garden without much care!God's gift to the world!
I disagree to your pps,
It's so difficult to let go,
The ones who were attached to our lives,
It's so painful but unavoidable,
Later yes,we do feel for the space obtained,
Sacrifice,care n good words filled with love,
Make more people stay with us!
why don't you just try?
It's not easy to be true n honest,
But we can be often if not always.
It's a magic lamp of friendship!:)
That makes the life happier n peaceful!
Merry X'mas to you n let peace prevail!:)
wishing you a weekend to relax n get recharged,

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
thanks sneha, and pps, thats been in my cell's draft for long :)

@ Anupama
good evening anupama:)
thank you for the appreciation and true about shoe flowers :) they hardly need any care.. and pps is just my view dear :)and my major focus is on the second part of it and i guess you too will agree with that.. mending what is broken is never easy, there will always be a mark.. so :) thank you so much for sharing your view ! enjoy

Jinju said...

Beautiful pic!nd the black background of ur blog sets off the loveliness of d flower so well...accentuates its beauty!

I disagree with the first part of ur PPS. Letting go of ppl is perhaps the toughest task on earth, I feel. It's said that in life, it's often much harder to let go than to hold on...sigh...
Completely agree with the second part of d PPS though...

sawan said...

thts the real color of the flower?? its beautiful!!

Shravan RN said...

@ Jinju
i knew about the black :P and pps,but when you are so determined to let go, its such an easy job dear trust me, you can walk away even without a word !

Shravan RN said...

@ Sawan
yeah, thats the real color of that flower.. guess cross pollinated

lakshmi said...

beautiful flower Shravan,
your camera sure offering a lovely treat to your viewers' eyes........
your mom has a lovely garden....

SindhuBhairavi said...

Thats beautiful.. i have never seen a multi coloured sunflower.. !!

enjoy life.. n be happy! if u are sad i know i will find poems here which will make me cry :) so be happy always..

god bless..

Shravan RN said...

@ Lakshmi akka
thanks and yup, my mom has one good garden :-)

@ SB
thats a shoeflower sb :P hehe.. loved that comment :-)

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