Remembering My Chirstmas Holidays

Christmas season has always been my favourite season.. not just the holidays but the reunion with my joint family.. that’s how it used to be till 3 years past, that’s exactly before we settled here.. having your mom and dad employed is good to have your family going well, settled financially and secured, and a small happy family.. but on the other hand, staying away from the FAMILY is bitter lose.. that’s how it used to be for me.. staying at a different place with mom and dad and bro, yet missing out all the fun.. Christmas and new year breaks were the only relief.. packing the bags and travel to the home town.. fun with aunts, cousins and granma..

Being the big brother is always the fun part of life, you can command, you can decide and you can rule.. and that was fun.. loved being with all my cousins, and being the elder kid, I always enjoyed the advantage of having the final word deciding the food for the days.. I got one best taste glands and wow.. its soo functional when I have to taste sweets.. so yeah, that was all the fun part.

Now that things have changed and everyone has their own family.. and the joint family part is history though all of us claim to live together for atleast that day.. but guess what? Everyone has their on priorities and damn that does make life good, my LIFE worse.. image to be shut up in a room of four walls and provided with all necessities, that’s how exactly I feel living right now.. I have everyone around me, every single cousin and relatives, but somehow the integrity has lost…

School days too were good during the christmas days.. the break and exchanging cards gifts and even short notes, that was fun.. missing friend was tough.. but yeah things change, and with years going by, the way you celebrate too changes.. college is all about booze and smoke and the cakes and the winter break and then the trip that follows and ofcourse the celebration on the last working day, school life was sweet.. and chirstmas break in the end do bring tears to my ends.. yeah yeah, not now, but in the earlier ages, coming home, to the real HOME, living with the joint family and then leaving on a Sunday evening by train, it does bring tears.. the train then used to have the melancholy and sad melodic tune then.. watching the hills and the fields with wet eyes in the trains, that will never be forgotten.. and then reaching home, there comes this feeling that can never be explained.. the vaccum then felt, its so killing.. having all fun, shouting yelling and playing with all kids and suddenly coming back to the same four walls of your house, that doesn’t feel so good.. and then in two days, school reopens and things are back to normal again.. and that’s the next round then.. school reopening is equal to receiving the answer sheets of the chirstmas season exams.. being proud of the scores, comparing with friends, nagging and crying at the teacher for an additional half mark, it was all fun :-)

Ermm.. now that’s enough of random ramblings here for now.. cutting short,

Wishing you all a merry chirstmas..

 live long, live happily.. for those who stay away from family, do find time to be with your family, in the end it does feel good..

PS : randomly scribbled and not in order of events... random focus on the life lived till now.

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Sneha said...

Wish u A Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.:)

Chocolate Lover said...

Merry Christmas shravan :)

This post reminded me of cousins!!T_T
Its true that living in joint family is really fun

V Rakesh said...

Very nostalgic! Been away from your blog for long! Seem to have missed quite a lot. Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
thank you and same to you dear :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Shriti
:) same to you.. and i agree, the join family is fun stuff, but not always ;)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh Bhai
:) i knew you were away.. and same to you bro :)

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