Of ...

of loneliness, of life, of losing hope, of failure, of death and of the final hope.

Through the crowded roads
I walk alone, the path forward
Aside, ahead and behind, are you
And you, seem not to notice

Life, often like that,
So many, near, yet far
A mystery, to solve,
Yet, a fun ride to have.

No worries, no constrains
Dark, the way ahead,
I walk, starless night
No lights of hope, I see

Of life, no complaints do I have
Of you, no hopes do I own
You for you, and me for me,
And in the end, grey ash.

Haunted, the past lost
Close to heart, kept,
The memories, of Life
In dreams, the future ahead !

PS : meaningless, but felt like writing this down.. come on, its my place to pen down what i feel and call it what i like !

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Chocolate Lover said...

nice one shravan :)
gr8 job
take care

SindhuBhairavi said...

first and second stanzas are really good.. (not that the others are bad) :)

"you for you and me for me.." very true.. thats how life is in the present..

good to have you writing poems again!

tag cheythu alle.. :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Shriti
you liked it ? oo.. thanks :)

Shravan RN said...

@ SB
:) thanks sb.. this wasnt written as a poem first :) and yeah, you for you and me for me, true, i agree :)
pinne tag :P :angel :party

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