A Moment's Thought

by the backyard lane i walk
in search of light, despite cold
i see, in the moon light,
shadows walk dance and stumble..

as i listen to the whisperings
of my own heart, of the days past
i see,going past by me, in dark
the shadows of memories, lost

ten feets up and there is light
as in joy, i scream and run
i see no shadows, as i traipse ahead
the pathway of life, materialistic

fake,bogus and pathetic the life
but bound by chains to live,
and then, in just a moment's thought
i quit, and leave to my master's home.

6 Shared Thoughts:

Sneha said...

Nicely expressed and well written.:)

V Rakesh said...

Often, the happenstances in an enquiring life!

Chocolate Lover said...

awesome shravan
really beautiful :)

SindhuBhairavi said...

am really happy that you are back to poetry.. this is a good one too... keep writing.. lets have more of it..

Sorcerer said...

hmmm... mind is a terrible thing..aint it?

well said!!

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
thank you dear..

@ Rakesh bhai
i get u, i dont get you :)

@ Shriti
really? thanks ! i like the way u pen these days :)

@ SB
am glad that you are happy :) i hope i can pen down more :)

@ Sorcerer
yup, mind indeed is ! wicked at times, thoughtful @ times.. :D

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