Blog Anniversary

yeah.. thats true.. me blogging for 2 years :) dec 8th 2007 was the date when i first posted something as a blog post and today, thats 2 years of blog living.. and am so so so glad to have lived here, and so glad that am still here.. and let me take this chance to say thank you for all those who came and read all scribblings i made, for all comments, for all support and for all the love :) and there is one thing that adds to my joy, the motive of my blogging hasnt changed even now.. with days passing by people learn, adapt and evolve, the way you write and respond to things ought to change, but when it comes to blogging, i prefer it to be the way i wanted from the day 1.. its a place for me to pen down my thoughts firstly and with this in mind that, i am no talented person, am glad to have penned so many posts in here.. and i hope i stay the same way :)

thank you so much for all the support and for comments and for following me, and for not keeping any hopes on me.. am just a penpusher and not a talented one :P

so come now lets :party

oh btw, you might want to check the prev post if you haven't read and if yor are interested to see ;)

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Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Congratulations Shravan :) Jug jug jiyo..:)

lakshmi said...

that is wonderful Shravan................2 years....time sure is just flying very swiftly

Shafi said...

cool man... cheers. Happy anniversary ... :P .

.... i mean happy birthday bloggy..

I dont know what u call ur blog.. (i used call my blog bloggy). :) good work.. lets rock.

Mind Writer! said...

All right, I'm singing! Listen to the tune!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Graveyard, ;)
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Blogging! :D

cALviN::കാല്‍‌വിന്‍ said...

നീ വളർന്നങ്ങ് വല്യേ ചെക്കനായിപ്പോയി ;)

Chocolate Lover said...

Congratulations shravan :))

Shravan RN said...

@ Mahesh
thank mate :P

@Lakshmi akka
:-) yup time indeed is :)

@ Shafi
good to see you here mate.. and my blog got no name :D and thanks

@ Lopa
haha lol :D :D ;) liked thank :P :party

@ Calvin
jeevichu pottu mashe :)

@ Shriti
thanks chocolate lover :P

Sneha said...

Congrats Shravan.:)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
glad to see you back :)and thanks ;)

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