Finally, I Got Over You!

His friends always tell him, “Be a little responsible, Saif!  You’re old enough!.”  He responses, “I’ll BE, when the time comes… it’s time to enjoy life!”  He’s probably the most pampered person to his family and friends.  Although being the eldest brother of his two other sisters, he has always received the love as the youngest gets.  Everyone overlooks his flaws, all his wishes are fulfilled!

The joyous, full of life guy that he has always been, is becoming this lovesick puppy with all the love around.  Everybody loves him!  Except for one; the girl that he likes in his class.  They were really great friends until he expressed his love to her.  May be his love for her was just utter immaturity, but he took it as one great failure of his life. 

He didn’t become alcoholic, neither behaved like a loser, but still that rejection was itching inside him.  She cared for him, she held his hands whenever he needed her beside, she even responded positively when he indirectly hinted to those signs of his love for her.  Then how come she denies at the end?  Did she feel NOTHING?  Or denial was just a survival act?

Like those chauvinistic males, he tells his friends, “Who?  That bitch?  I don’t give a damn to her now.  See, how she manipulates those other guys around her; holding hands, faking to be so C-A-R-I-N-G!  I’m sure she’s just using them.  They might be dreaming if she’s interested in them.  They don’t know yet that she is actually toying with them to see how high they get, to enjoy the scene of how far they fall!”

Saif knows, such dysphemistic comments won’t make his close friends believe that he has got over her, but still he tries his best to show that he’s cool with it and looking forward to some new relationships.  Nevertheless, he and his close friends, they all wonder, despite knowing her inauspicious intentions of playing with others’ emotions, why can’t Saif get over her? 

The girl and Saif don’t talk to each other in the class.  But they sometimes indirectly nudge each other to see their reactions.  Neither of them knows the reason why!  May be he tries to see if there is any impact on her, and she wants to check if he falls prey to her again! 

With the current tit-for-tat game, he’s going out with many other girls at the same time.  As if hurting him, she has taught him the art of hunting too.  He thinks, “It’s really overwhelming to see someone falling for you.  And it’s more fun seeing the person getting higher and higher, and then falling far from the top, JUST FOR YOU!”  With a quirk smile, he tells himself, “I think I’m learning how to put myself in her shoes”. 

He stopped giving any attentions to her, quite willingly.  Though, he’s not serious about the other relationships he is having, he tries to focus more on them rather than concentrating on the vain addiction he had.  But after few days, all seemed to be back!  He found so many missed calls of her in his cell phone, with a sms saying, “Please meet me behind the canteen tomorrow.  I need to talk to you, PLEASE.”

There was a time when he used to feel for her, honestly.  Will all those come alive?  He asks himself in a tensed manner.  He tried so hard to get over with these.  But why did she has to come back when he was almost ready to get her out of his mind?  He thinks, “Whom am I fooling?  This is all that I ever wanted!  She’s coming back to me!  Tomorrow she’ll be mine!”

Barely keeping inside all the exhilarations, he met her the next day.  She was waiting for him at the previously decided place.  Without delaying further, she told him, “I don’t love you, Saif, and I can’t love you.  But can we just be friends?  Just like before?” 

He was numb for a while.  Suddenly everything became clear to him.  All his excitements just have been replaced with some kind of self-elucidation.  He didn’t need to prepare himself to say the last few words to her.  “You’ve always been that selfish bitch.  But it’s only NOW that I realized it!  And you know what?  Finally, I’m feeling that I GOT OVER YOU!  It’s over baby.  Goodbye and go to hell!” 

He leaves without looking back.  He’s glad, REALLY glad.  And yes, the lovesick puppy inside him seems to have grown up too! 

To Shravan,

Thank you so much for giving me this chance to make a guest post on your blog.  Hope to get some promotion after this one!  :P

Two more to go to hit the 100th.  All the very best for everything.  Keep writing and keep smiling.  I’m really glad to get a virtual cute li’l bro like you.  :)

By the way, I just tried to picture a guy’s thoughts in my story.  Hope you all like it.  Don’t know if I could get on his shoes or not!

Lots of wishes and love...

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saifur rahman said...

it was good. but its not the fact!! the ending should be better than this!!!

Mind Writer! said...

@ Saif: I know you still couldn't get over her. So I had to make it up, the ending I mean! This is the only unreal fact among the whole story, isn't it? :P

Thanks for commenting here. The real hero is here!

@ Everybody: Saif is one of my best friends. And yeah, the story is inspired by his life to some extent.

http://pillandia.blogspot.com said...

Nice site indeed! Very elegant, interesting and... the justified text is delicious!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Wow..its been a long time i read any puller, pusher kind of conversations and this post fully justifies it very nicely.. DO keep writing stuffs like this..i love them very much :)

I loved that love story from you which you wrote few months back :)

BTW how was ur exam madam? u haven't put light on that yet?

Chocolate Lover said...

hey ththis one is really nice :))

Mind Writer! said...

@ Mahesh: Thanks for liking the story! I'm REALLY glad! :D

I told you how the exam went, on Facebook. Regularly check kiya karo! ;)

Mind Writer! said...

@ Chocolate lover: Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

You said Saif is one of your close friends. Naturally we get a thus-spake-Saif fragrance. But logically you are likely to know the 'girl' as well, isn't it?

I feel it would have been more interesting to give her a fictitious name and add little more details of her background and nature.

Anyway, all the very best to you all, including Md. Saif.

SindhuBhairavi said...

that was nice to read..

all the best saif.. :)

thanks Nikhil :)!

thanks shravan.. for all these beautiful guest posts.. when its on ur blog, i feel it should be something special.. :)

Hasna Fathima said...

@ Lopa,
Hats off 2 u.
No where there is a chance to suspect its written by a girl..
all d best..

Mind Writer! said...

@ Anonymous: Yes, I know both Saif and the girl VERY well. I didn't want to make a lengthy post, so I focused more on Saif's character. To give you some idea instead, Saif called her 'Bitch' only twice. She deserves much more of it in reality! :P

Mind Writer! said...

@ Slow Processor: THANKS! You gave me a BIG smile by saying that!

Shravan RN said...

Lopa, i took my time to say thank to you, and dear that was well written :-)

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