Some Lies

so let me start with some lies.. :D this is a very random post.. i haven't thought of posting this here. but what i am going to write here, is very well framed in my mind :) haha

this thought comes from that movie i saw last week.. so seriously, i am not a movie buff, i am not a foody, am not a music addict, nor do i have affinity towards sports. my only love is speed, and it shall ever remain so.. so ok... this thought, trust me, that was probably the first time when some movie dialogues caught my attention.. which movie was that?? ermm.... yup yup.. the movie of that game i played a couple of years past, mortal kombat :) loved the animators work in it, the attention he gave to goro's outlook.. well done :D

so the thwo thoughts, two dialogues that caught my attention,

1. hoping against hope is one human trait that sets him apart from the rest of the folks.. it wasnt said like this, but this is how i absorbed the thought.. true isnt that? how many times have you, and i crossed fingers for that to happen? from one cricket match to exam results throught football? not with just games and academics, with every aspect of life in concern..
there is this friend of mine who told me, shravan do you know the real issue with you? you know all the solutions for the troubles you are in, for all the issues you create.. but its that feeling, that makes you think, better let it be like this, makes things worse for you.. confusing statement right? haha.. even i am confused about it :D

having said about hope, there are some more things to be said along with this. hope trust and faith go hand in hand.. these three elements do form the basic arsenel for one who wants to attain success.. oops.. no.. dont give me that look now.. its just my thought.. just my own thought :D

ermmm.. i still talk too much.. ok.. moving on, the second dialogue
2. to win, you must fight your enemy, you must fight you, and you must fight your worst fear :)
again, true right? to win, fighting is the only way. fighting you is fighting your alter side, the side that is prone to accept defeat in no time, and to fight your worst fear is to fight you lack of confidence, inspiration and desire to win.

ohkk.. enough of taking your time, if you managed to read till now, let me wind up sayin this, come on, there is no point in living life with all theories and philosophies, its your life, live it your day, in the end, everything is just ashes and bones :D

P S : Leo and Amal, will accept the tag soon, as of now, put on hold.. been doing so many tags now, and amal thanks :D

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Shravan RN said...

if in case you didnt understand, just read the heading, and the climaax ! :D

Shafi said...

AR Rahman sang it in his album pray for be brother. " ..live the moment right ..." . I agree with ur thoughts. but still i think i need some attention, like a good name or fame... like that.

KParthasarathi said...

Nice thoughts,Shravan

Hope is eternal in human heart.Without it life is a misery

Yes, we must always fighy.Fight the evil in us and around.

Your post set me thinking.Thank you so much

cheap ink cartridge said...

Nice thoughts man. I like your view.

Shravan RN said...

@ Shafi
hmm.. point there !

Shravan RN said...

@ K Parthasarathi
:) am glad to see you comment here sir ! and :)

Shravan RN said...

:) cheers

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