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true, am not supposed to drive bikes till November last. true am not supposed to risk my already damaged, recovering from pain back bone again.. that doesn't mean my affinity towards speed has gone down, trust me it will never ! i love accelerating when i drive but on a serious note, i hate it when i am not driving and i hate it when the other one accelerates about 90kph when am sitting behind..

so with nothing to do at home, and with 3 days holiday, i played the most wanted again.. need for speed most wanted.. and boy! i loved it.. it gives a great feeling when i trash the police cars and SUV and it feels great to drive at heat levels 5, racing against police racing cars.. and guess what? i finished the game in 3 days.. razor, black list one, trashed ! and boy, i put my new mobile under testing, trust me, its video quality is better than its photo quality. its first shot is the official scene of nfs MW, final run.. cross vs shravan and wow, loved the BMW car.

ohk now, lets get serious, let me give you this traffic guide of kannur town :) who knows when you would reach this place. so the kannur traffic guide is here.. just some quick points.

1. salute the national highway department. salute them for all the holes, pits, and bumbs on the road, salute them for giving your poor back bone a work out

2. salute the local bus drivers. its amazing when they drive or sail through these roads and take you to your destination.

3. have faith and pray. who know if one drive will end your life here. pray when the local bus drivers play need for speed live on the roads, racing..

4. when you are leaving for a purpose, start 45 mins ahead of time. the road blocks here will consume all the hours

5. salute the auto drivers. sure they will take you to your destination, and sure you must pay the money he asks for, but salute him and pray that he doesn't create the road block.

6. take care your eyes when you drive bikes.. never forget to use specs.. they roads are so great that you might in the end, end up having a metal chip in your eyes.

7. tighten you brakes.. you will never know when there is a pit ahead and you will never know when to apply brake.

8. practice on hurdles. practise running.. you will have to do these to cross the road. never look for the zebra crossing, and when you see a bus braking, make sure you stay around 500 ms away from its way.. these buses are fitted with brakes, latest technology

9. keep you eyes open when you walk on the pavements.. who knows you will fall down to the dirt water flowing underneath

10. always have a handkerchief with you.. will come handy when you walk through the pavements near to hotels and bakeries.

have a happy ride.. despite all these, this place has a lot to see. trust me.. the beaches and baby beaches, the fort, the drive-in beach, the temples, and of course people of different types.

that was one lengthy post.. and now i feel so great to have bored you, who read it :D

in the end, happy birthday dear :) i know i know, i am the only person who you don't want to wish you. but once you formed an integral part of my school life,and there were days when i came to school for just to see you and be around you ! right now, i feel sorry for what you went through after all the messes.. so happy birthday..live long and live happily.. you will always be in my prayers..

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Amal Bose said...

its not the case of kannur alone.. we all are victims of such neglect ;)

take care mate :)

Jade Nguyen said...

Thank you for the helpful tips. We should all be careful.

Shravan RN said...

@ Amal
its better at Tvm Amal :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Jade
:) thank you for the comment and good to see you here !

Vishnu said...

totally agree with point 2 n 3.. salute to the bus drivers..

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