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life was tough last week.. and look what i did, changing the blogs name, and the switching back to the old one, post one old post as a filler )( as if i post great posts of all other occasions :P),not commenting on you posts,(well i read almost everything you all wrote..
as expected did flunk in one paper and project works just started.. that does mean that my Saturdays and Sundays are gone.. now its 7 working days, and 7 days with classed either at college or the project centre.. oh well, this place has got this new template.. am very dynamic about templates.. i hate keeping the same template for long :D

at some point of time in life, it gets too boring to live and i am in such a kind of situation now.. same routines, same stuffs, no fun, college, books, no library membership, friends, old friends, promises, broken promises.. ah.. many issues to deal... and bsnl sucks big time again.. i got my new modem new cables, and everything new last week.. and just when it started raining, the same old probs.. and bloody hell, my bsnl sim card isn't accepting money.. am not able to recharge it :( and aircel is now eating my money.. with a call rate or 1ps/sec i lost the control over the money i spent :( Fujitsu's customer care division calicut and Cochin also sucks big time.. for the last 3 weeks, they have been telling me the same stuff, "you products warranty is over" bloody hell, that doesn't mean i cant get it serviced.. so finally finally i got the answer "bring it tomorrow"

every one's life revolves and rotates around some axes.. its not easy surviving when the axis of rotation changes all of a sudden.. and its not easy to evolve from who you were to who you are now.. tough job that might even take your individuality away.. the process is a great deal though, esp when you need a change in your life, when you want to be focused about your aims and when you want to be in control of your emotions..

just realised that even now i have great friends who take me as their own family member... it gives special feeling when you know you have a place there even now, even after 5 years of visiting that place previously :) it feels so good when they remember you and your family and complain you for not paying a visit..

waiting for someone can be so irritating.. and it becomes tough to control the anger when they don't turn up even after waiting for 3- 4 hours.. that's when you start shedding your anger on them.. it was better to let known that you wont make it :D

playing need for speed most wanted again has made me want to go for a drive now , but am supposed not to drive till November is over.. its never easy when you have a bad back and when you never care.. so finally i found time to find time to get my licence..

nokia e 75's camera performance below average.. the old Sony Ericsson's k800i gives a better quality image.. nokia 3120 is an awesome phone.. travelling in concession pass in limited stop bus can be dangerous to health when the conductor is too short tempered and when you are even more worst at temper..

mood swings can happen in no time.. but no act normal it takes a little too much of your good health.. being depressed in life doesn't gain you anything.. and so is mourning over what is lost. being too positive about life and issues also is never good..

so that sums up my thoughts for the day, shedding some anger, remembering some friends and writing my heart out..
so long folks..
love shravan.

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Hasna Fathima said...

Hi Da,
Vaayichu thudangiyappo thonni, 'ayyo paavam, oru complaint box aavukayaanallo nammude melinja payyan' ennu.
But, but you know what's Shravan's greatest strength?
Your openness, the way you accept urself , ur problems and the whole being, the U.
Not all can do this like this.
Thats why you could end this post with hope.As u always do,hope for the best.
Ur Life is no routine dear..read this post of urs once again,this itself says that ur life is much more eventful than many of us.
Enjoy the weekend..

Vishnu said...

"every one's life revolves and rotates around some axes.. its not easy surviving when the axis of rotation changes all of a sudden.. and its not easy to evolve from who you were to who you are now.."
wat an idea sir ji.. really liked these lines..
and to cheer u up may i say tht i liked ur new template too..

Amritbir Kaur said...

I visited your blog for the first time, so wanted to leave my footprints behind...While going through your latest post I felt you have given vent to your host of complaints. There was a flow in which you described and this spontaneity lent a touch of beauty to your post making it all more natural. Glad to have visited your blog!

cALviN::കാല്‍‌വിന്‍ said...

Be happy dude. When too many things happen in no time, you will feel like it is better to have a routine based life ;)

Anyway the speed and the manner which you recover surprises me.

And as you rightly said, being too much positive to life and issues can also be dangerous. Something which I realized recently in life.

Enjoy maadi!

Shravan RN said...

@ Hasna
pathu chechiyee, i loved the comment :D and well, accepting oneself with all his flaws and all his merits, is well, imao, one quality one needs in life, i am glad, i do, though to some limited extends only.

and :D yup, so much of happenings in my life.. life has life in it. isnt that right dear?

Shravan RN said...

@ Vishnu
glad you liked the template, and axis theory of life, am working on it :) :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Amritbir Kaur
hi there, welcome to this place of mine and and thanks for the comment, and for the visit..

Shravan RN said...

@ Calvin
thank you sir ji.. and this recovering side, you know you are a part of it. glad i met you. its great to see you in my g talk window. and yeah, no point in lamenting over the past.. so now,partyyyyy

Princess Caspian said...

its really finr to be fed up with ur life at times...I hve been in such a state for past 2 years!!lol

but still...living...and enjoing...well at times atleast...

so just keep having fun with whatever you get!

Shravan RN said...

@ Princess Caspian
2 years :-O :)

Princess Caspian said...


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