Pessimistic Thoughts

between the two deep sorrows
of your own life
there you find the happiness
you searched for.


The Clicks

so yup.. i am back home after an awesome trip to wynad..it was tiring but never boring, and fun, and wow.. it felt good. so here is the change for this place.. its time i post in some images here, ofcourse nothing great.. its just a 5.1 MP camera and 1M mode used.. here here i start with this hut build on the tree top :D


Here I Am, Back Safely

ok.. dont ask me where i have been to.. am just back after a wynad trip, had fun, and fot enw stuffs for this place.. photos coming up here from tomo hopefully :) and didnt know who 2 days went.. guys, had fun ! !

so well, here is this tag here.. i know i know, have answered so many tags in this month, anyways, this is one breaking point for tags.. wont be answering tags for some weeks now ! and ok.. i need to dine and text her..

RULES: Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

1.What is your current obsession? Right now, free of all obsessions

2. What are you wearing today? Jean and t shirt

3. What’s for dinner? Dunno

4. What’s the last thing you bought? KF

5. What are you listening to right now? Mom screaming

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Leo and amal ;)
leo’s got talent and amal is different !

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Kodakkad, my moms home village

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer? My fastrack goggles

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Wynad , not satisfied :(

10. Which language do you want to learn? French

11. What’s your favourite quote? My fav quotes changes with time, as of now its, life’s full on fun !

12. Who do you want to meet right now? S !

13. What is your favourite colour? Black

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet? Black casual pant and black executive shirt :D.

15. What is your dream job? Job? Me? Eh?

16. What’s your favourite magazine? Bhalabhoomi ! children’s magazine hein, lekin S is sayin I still look like a kid, so let me act like a kid too :D

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? Chocolates, and gift for her !

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas? Too much of strips, and mixing of shades that contrast

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon? M S D !

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer? Lengthy !

21. What are you going to do after this? Dine

22. Who is your favourite sport star? Sourav Ganguly.

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without? I can live without them with great ease.

24. What inspires you? Good results.

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you: Cant say. I dont keep an account when my what looks work for others' eyes..:)

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)? Will have to think a lil more to answer :D

27. Coffee or tea? Coffee.

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed? I go for drives, go to the beach side !

29. What is the meaning of your name? named after the saint Shravan in mahabharatha, and it’s the name of one month as well !

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting? The ones I follow.

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet? Payasam &Anything choco anything sweet

32. Favorite Season? Winter !.

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me? Coffee?

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you? Hurt them back and leave saying the f word !

35. What do you love most about yourself? That I even now look like a kid :D

And my guestion, ehehehe, here it comes
36. ever slept in a bus stop? Yes !

I tag all you people to do this !

ok ok i know there are lot of ref: to S ! am missing her :(

Some Lies

so let me start with some lies.. :D this is a very random post.. i haven't thought of posting this here. but what i am going to write here, is very well framed in my mind :) haha

this thought comes from that movie i saw last week.. so seriously, i am not a movie buff, i am not a foody, am not a music addict, nor do i have affinity towards sports. my only love is speed, and it shall ever remain so.. so ok... this thought, trust me, that was probably the first time when some movie dialogues caught my attention.. which movie was that?? ermm.... yup yup.. the movie of that game i played a couple of years past, mortal kombat :) loved the animators work in it, the attention he gave to goro's outlook.. well done :D

so the thwo thoughts, two dialogues that caught my attention,

1. hoping against hope is one human trait that sets him apart from the rest of the folks.. it wasnt said like this, but this is how i absorbed the thought.. true isnt that? how many times have you, and i crossed fingers for that to happen? from one cricket match to exam results throught football? not with just games and academics, with every aspect of life in concern..
there is this friend of mine who told me, shravan do you know the real issue with you? you know all the solutions for the troubles you are in, for all the issues you create.. but its that feeling, that makes you think, better let it be like this, makes things worse for you.. confusing statement right? haha.. even i am confused about it :D

having said about hope, there are some more things to be said along with this. hope trust and faith go hand in hand.. these three elements do form the basic arsenel for one who wants to attain success.. oops.. no.. dont give me that look now.. its just my thought.. just my own thought :D

ermmm.. i still talk too much.. ok.. moving on, the second dialogue
2. to win, you must fight your enemy, you must fight you, and you must fight your worst fear :)
again, true right? to win, fighting is the only way. fighting you is fighting your alter side, the side that is prone to accept defeat in no time, and to fight your worst fear is to fight you lack of confidence, inspiration and desire to win.

ohkk.. enough of taking your time, if you managed to read till now, let me wind up sayin this, come on, there is no point in living life with all theories and philosophies, its your life, live it your day, in the end, everything is just ashes and bones :D

P S : Leo and Amal, will accept the tag soon, as of now, put on hold.. been doing so many tags now, and amal thanks :D

The Rhythm Of Life

life has its own rhythm.. some times slow, some times fast, some times boring, some times worth living, some times worth trying, at time life plays the tough game testing, but still it has a rhythm of its own.. and it has the best rhythm.. live life, as it comes to you, be who you are, and never change, and then the final victory is yours :) and good bye to all fear of failures.. life has its own rhythm, and its time i add notes to it :D

i hope and pray that our tour turns a reality this friday, happy journey to me and my gang !

Her Life

The Screams, of pain
The mourns, of plea,
and everything else, died,
with his sweat, of lust.

PS : fighting fear of failure, life is too busy all of a sudden :(


Diwali Greetings

may the candle lights bring up hope, 
crackers announce success,
 the lights, happiness, and, 
the sweets be of joy..
 happy diwali.

A Lil More Than Just A Tag

Ok.. btw, before you start reading this, let me tell you this, this thing sounds so girly.. seriously, felt like it’s a girly tag : anyways Kasabian Girl, not upsetting you, and lets see if any secrets are revealed or not lol :D and lol at this question : made a boyfriend cry :P so correcting it there :)

RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
# -So what if I say innocently guilty?
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
# - no one knows my mob nos to msg me. So no worries :D
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.
# - What if I paste in word processor and just correct the answers you wrote in my ways?

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent.
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty.
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent.
Ever told a lie? Guilty.
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty.
Kissed a picture? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Guilty.
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Innocent.
Been fired from a job? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Guilty.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Guilty.
Kissed someone you shouldn't? guilty.
Sang in the shower? Guilty.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Shaved your head? Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
Had a boxing membership? Innocent.
Made a girl friend cry? Guilty.
Been in a band? Innocent.
Shot a gun? Innocent.
Donated Blood? Guilty.
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent.
Eaten cheesecake? Innocent.
Still love someone you shouldn't? Guilty.
Have/had a tattoo? Guilty.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty.
Been too honest? Guilty.
Ruined a surprise? Innocent.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk after wards? Innocent.
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty.
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent.
Joined a pageant? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty.
Had communication with your ex? Guilty.
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Innocent.

Ok.. this place isn’t complete if there aren’t any random stuffs written here.. so not breaking the rule today..bsnl bsnl.. finally the official are coming home, and poor lady there, nearly broke into tears.. so now its Shravan 1 bsnl 0.. btw, those who clapped for 1ps/sec billing plan, remember you are losing 1 ps in additional with that.. every time you make a call for 60 seconds, you are billed 61 ps, the +/- 1 sec rule is always a +1 sec rule for telecom companies.

As said in the beginning, the tag, was very girly indeed.. but anyways, that just paved the way for me to share this thought.. ok.. am saying this with a predefined mentality and thought, that I learned from the society I live in, that girls are supposed to be emotional, sentimental, caring, supportive, bent on their knees, and boys, specifically men are supposed to be the rulers, the one to order, one to command, one who is supposed to be in controls of all his thoughts, emotions, and feelings.. but anyways, let me just write this piece here and leave, kasabian girl, you wanted a secret revealed right? This might just suit the need..

Remember? Read? Heard? I said, everyone in the world is unique, they are specially and they are all individuals.. I do stick to that, but this too is a fact that, at times we find so much of sync between two persons, their thoughts, their emotions, and the way they see things.. at times it happens that the thoughts of two individual match so so perfectly.. Anyways believe it or not, that’s the case with me and my twin.. my twin, that’s coz of the concord in the ways we thing, in the way things happen in our life, in the way we live. And the credit goes to this blogsphere, for helping me find my twin, right here.[link] with the predefined meaning for girls and boys, if there is this sync between me and my twin, doesn’t that really mean there is a girl in a boy and a boy in a girl? Lol.. confusing, but serious. I have felt it, and I have seen it.. I said what is predefined right? Seeing things through that frame, when someone shows his emotions so plain and frank, does that mean he is too girly? When some miss. xyz clears you with what is in her mind, in a bold way, does that mean she has an additional element of testosterone? Anyways this is what some of my friends been trying to teach me.. that Shravan you aren’t supposed to be emotional, you aren’t supposed to care for these little things in life, that you are in supposed to express the way you feel things… chunk it people.. let me be me.. enough, I admit, I have this so called girly stuff in me, as defined by you, but trust me, I have this element of testosterone as well, that many of you lack, when it comes to taking risk. Do not question me when I be me, and do know your limits, tell you what? I like it this way.. this does help me understand things, do things, and learn things ! as we twins say, this girly side of me helps me a lot in flirting lol :P chuck it.. read it right? Now forget it !

P S : suggestions invited to get out of the confusion.. dekh dekh.. right side pe.. there is a photo of me :D

What Am I Saying?

D lol... what a way to being a post :D lol...anyways... wazzup with you people? So, well, I have said this that its better not to be attached to persons... but at this time, let me tell you this, one can never be completely independent and unattached... that’s the rule of life it seems..

That’s the rule of the life that there is this so called society and people around you... but then there comes this issue with personal liberty and society... seriously I have felt it.. At times, the society interferes into you personal life, a bloody damn much. That was well a personal comment... been at the receiving end of such interferences from my local society every time they see me talking over the phone... come on, none of you is paying my bills, nor am I talking to your daughter.. Mind your own business... the same society who shouts at me for hanging up over the phone for long, for having my choice of dresses has kept their mouth shut when they see these people drink in public, abuse those passing by and making a social chaos.. Come on bloody society, act and react for good. Change...

Ohk... chunk it... Commitments also are a part of life… how ever busy you may be, engaged you may be, timeless you may be, you need to find some time for yourself... trust me when I say, some time for yourself.. For you to think, dream, remember, forget and go on...

This life isn’t that silly as you might think, nor is it that too complicated... everything, everything happens for a purpose and there is an lesson to learn behind every purpose... stress, strain, boredom, everything every thing is part of life... giving some time for you, does do good to you.. It does provide you energy, it makes you relaxed and set to go on... live you life for yourself... it’s of no use worrying about those things that hardly matters you.. Of those past things, and past incidents, of past presences in you life... that doesn’t mean you have to forget your entire past too... what you were and what you are now and what you want to be should always be at the bottom of ones mind..

Everyone’s life roams around so many axes... so many axes that contain the axes so someone’s life, someone’s thoughts, dreams... but there is an axis with which you revolve around you... what you think, what you learn, what you want to live.. The you in you is that what only matters in the end... problems do come in your what when you live... and trust me, trust me, everyone everyone here is provided with the necessary ammo to cope with all these problems... leaving your life behind, accepting defeat and the fear of failure, doesn’t do any good to you, or to the society around you.. You are here means, you are supposed to live here, to fight and to win here... there are always lessons kept in stock for you learn, and there are no easy ways... learn from your own life.. Learn to live...

Its time I wind up, but ok... one more quick random scribble, about sharing experiences, its better to let someone experience and learn than to explain to them the way things are, but its always more better to be around when they stumble and fall in the process, its better to do things in your own ways than to follow the footsteps of someone else. It’s always better to let people know that you will be around, when they fall, when they need, but it’s even more better to know, nothing stays for long :D

P S : didnt want to post this, but thought it will be better to do, and this is, in the end, very much of a personal note to a friend to talked of stop playing life, buddy, there are many people who love you, who prays for you, and buddy, its your life, live it king size, stop mourning for what is lost.

P P S : Kasabian Girl, i saw the tag :D, answers soon !


വെറുതേയീ മോഹങ്ങള്‍

തുറന്നിട്ട ജാലകത്തിനരികില്‍..
അകലേക്കു നോക്കിയിരിക്കുമ്പോള്‍..
ആഗ്രഹിച്ചിരുന്നു, നീ കൂടെ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നെങ്കില്‍..
അപ്പോള്‍ മനസ്സ്‌ മന്ത്രിച്ചിരുന്നു, വെറുതേയീ മോഹങ്ങളെന്ന്...


A Stolen Tag

i have so far loved saturdays and sundays. but seriously, things are going to change in some days. my final project is confirmed and its circuits and designs and all have come.. that means no more sleeping till 11 am on saturdays and sundays.. that means no hooking up over the phone till late on friday nights.. so this is officially my last saturday -holiday and trust me, bsnl bsnl bsnl.. this is the only thing that troubles me.. and finally i have decided to take some action. this wednesday, i am not supposed to be attending college so that does give me time to visit the bsnl office.. this time around, its real serious, either get me a new modem, new phone and new cabels, or disconnect the connection and i am not going to pay the pending amounts :)

Mahesh, buddy thank you for the awards.. :) and i forgot to tell you that it was a superb idea to give an intro of all the people who awarded.. was in a hurry that i corrected you and left the place.. and btw the never say goodbye's beginning was great..thought you were talking about yourself :P glad there is a P S. lolz..so just happened to know reading my blog makes people depressed.. not people, i dont know about people, it does make some.. anyways, did i ever ask you to read? lol.. thanks for the feed back. and so that comment has well, made me to steal
this tag from Kasabian Girl. Let me not be serious always :) i am just 20 ! lol ..

Your last FB/Twitter update:
#FaceBook – a change is what i seek for.. in search of it, is why i am roaming around, but truly said and proved, ye earth hein na earth? its almost round. u end up reaching where u started.. complete vaccum.. lol

#Twitter – one reason to smile, things are getting better, one reason to worry, things are not as before !

3 TV/Movie characters you relate with:
well I change this question to three habits of mine, the reason being I don’t watch tv or movie.. remember I have said I have a sensitive ear
# I drink coffee before I go to bed
# No matter what, I listen to Malayalam songs before I sleep
# I set my morning alarm at 5 and wake up daily at 6.45.

3 countries on your travel list:
My choices for travelling change with time.. so this time around its

# Italy

# Switz
#India, exploring India can be fun I guess..

Hit the shuffle on your iPod – list out the 3 songs:

# Marannittumentino manassil thulumbunna maunanuraagathin lola bhavam – just download this song this evening.. I told you I prefer Malayalam songs.
# I will be here- grey valenciano, she loved the lines.. and thus I loved the song :D
# Kilukil pambharam from kilukkam.. one of those songs that I prefer to play when my “official mood swing” comes to act

3 daily must-haves:

# Coffee- 1 litre is the amount of coffee I drink a day
# Internet – I love to be connected
# Showers - cant do without it..

3 things you’re confused about:

# Politics – why is there no real qualifications for becoming a politician? He is supposed to lead a nation with +100 crore population
# Society – why is that the so called society so bothered when I live my life as I like it, and when I am not interfering in nobody else’s matters?
# Vaccum – is there the so called Vaccum?

Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf – pull 3 out at random:
Browsing my table rack –

# Windows XP CD -1 and Sim cards- 5
#Back up discs- songs, photos and mobile
# The first letter

If you had to date a celebrity, who would it be?

# Kathrina Kaif – her lips and her smile :)

If you were a celebrity, what would you be?
# Joker. Trust me, its not easy to make people smile when you are burning inside :D

If you had to give your blog a face-lift, what would you tweak (layout/content-wise):
# Everything except for contents ;)

so light right? so long people.. good night..

oh btw, Hey you, come on, either take this or steal this !


Title? What Title?

hi hey.. so its the weekend.. and tell you what? i don't know what i am gonna write here.. what random thought i am gonna fetch from my mind and pen down here.. am i one such state of mixed emos and thoughts.. on a serious note, i am not even understanding, why the hell i am blogging? oh yes i get it, its my personal space :) so i am just living here as me :) so fine and fair.. and that's one reason why i am still staying around with random posts, meaningless type and on no good things..

tell you what? been learning from life a lot these days.. aaj ye baath understood ki, getting attached to people places and gadgets are never good.. attachments and expectations go hand in hand.. and that's one serious note of friendship.. that's the way i feel it.. once you are so attached, its natural that you expect a lot from people and trust me, this at times, lead to no good.. once your expectations are broken, it a tough job living for then.. seriously.. but on the other side, its all momentary..

people on earth are so so so unique and different.. the way one thinks is entirely dependent on him and his emos and feelings.. comparing persons in life can do no good.. so whats with me? well nothing great.. resting at home,with nothing to do.. searching for a person who has membership at the Jawaharlal Nehru public library and research centre Kannur.. i so badly need a library membership.. its time i start some serious reading.. met the librarian.. she has a sweet smile.. said some one must introduce me there.. any one with a membership reading?

table manners.. duh.. some people suck so badly at it.. so well its 2 days am not attending college. so was out of home roaming around.. and today's lunch was awesome.. hated "cauliee flower" till today, but aaj se "cauliee flower" = great taste :) so waiting for the food to be served is one boring experience.. and the only thing you can do is texting and once you finish your free text counts for the days.. the only thing you can do is to watch around and the one who shared my table.. duh.. he had no table manners.. was eating like been starving for months.. he didn't even see the waste box kept in front of him and was throwing chicken pieces all around.. and the vege me had to hang in there.. and wow.. it was glad that i met those three people there.. 3 young old men.. 3 great friends they seemed and they proved. was shocked to see them sharing the food.. thought on we the young people do that.. anyways, people are different and your views need not be true always..

my anger against bsnl is growing day by day... wish if there is one alternate service that i can opt for :( and lol this post has become too lengthy now and enough of boring you, who managed to read till now.. trust me, when you read me, you get nothing. seriously you get nothing.

its almost 5 years and i read a book from library.. ever since i moved to kannur from payyanur i didn't get time to get a new mem'ship here. and dear twinn, you know right? how i feel every time when you text me about books? how ashamed i am for not having my library membership here?

Nobel prize for peace, Barack Obama, well wasn't that an early call to award him? but well i have no doubts, he surely does deserve it one day !

so long folks
good night.


Most Wanted Traffic Guide

true, am not supposed to drive bikes till November last. true am not supposed to risk my already damaged, recovering from pain back bone again.. that doesn't mean my affinity towards speed has gone down, trust me it will never ! i love accelerating when i drive but on a serious note, i hate it when i am not driving and i hate it when the other one accelerates about 90kph when am sitting behind..

so with nothing to do at home, and with 3 days holiday, i played the most wanted again.. need for speed most wanted.. and boy! i loved it.. it gives a great feeling when i trash the police cars and SUV and it feels great to drive at heat levels 5, racing against police racing cars.. and guess what? i finished the game in 3 days.. razor, black list one, trashed ! and boy, i put my new mobile under testing, trust me, its video quality is better than its photo quality. its first shot is the official scene of nfs MW, final run.. cross vs shravan and wow, loved the BMW car.

ohk now, lets get serious, let me give you this traffic guide of kannur town :) who knows when you would reach this place. so the kannur traffic guide is here.. just some quick points.

1. salute the national highway department. salute them for all the holes, pits, and bumbs on the road, salute them for giving your poor back bone a work out

2. salute the local bus drivers. its amazing when they drive or sail through these roads and take you to your destination.

3. have faith and pray. who know if one drive will end your life here. pray when the local bus drivers play need for speed live on the roads, racing..

4. when you are leaving for a purpose, start 45 mins ahead of time. the road blocks here will consume all the hours

5. salute the auto drivers. sure they will take you to your destination, and sure you must pay the money he asks for, but salute him and pray that he doesn't create the road block.

6. take care your eyes when you drive bikes.. never forget to use specs.. they roads are so great that you might in the end, end up having a metal chip in your eyes.

7. tighten you brakes.. you will never know when there is a pit ahead and you will never know when to apply brake.

8. practice on hurdles. practise running.. you will have to do these to cross the road. never look for the zebra crossing, and when you see a bus braking, make sure you stay around 500 ms away from its way.. these buses are fitted with brakes, latest technology

9. keep you eyes open when you walk on the pavements.. who knows you will fall down to the dirt water flowing underneath

10. always have a handkerchief with you.. will come handy when you walk through the pavements near to hotels and bakeries.

have a happy ride.. despite all these, this place has a lot to see. trust me.. the beaches and baby beaches, the fort, the drive-in beach, the temples, and of course people of different types.

that was one lengthy post.. and now i feel so great to have bored you, who read it :D

in the end, happy birthday dear :) i know i know, i am the only person who you don't want to wish you. but once you formed an integral part of my school life,and there were days when i came to school for just to see you and be around you ! right now, i feel sorry for what you went through after all the messes.. so happy birthday..live long and live happily.. you will always be in my prayers..

I Am Here !

life was tough last week.. and look what i did, changing the blogs name, and the switching back to the old one, post one old post as a filler )( as if i post great posts of all other occasions :P),not commenting on you posts,(well i read almost everything you all wrote..
as expected did flunk in one paper and project works just started.. that does mean that my Saturdays and Sundays are gone.. now its 7 working days, and 7 days with classed either at college or the project centre.. oh well, this place has got this new template.. am very dynamic about templates.. i hate keeping the same template for long :D

at some point of time in life, it gets too boring to live and i am in such a kind of situation now.. same routines, same stuffs, no fun, college, books, no library membership, friends, old friends, promises, broken promises.. ah.. many issues to deal... and bsnl sucks big time again.. i got my new modem new cables, and everything new last week.. and just when it started raining, the same old probs.. and bloody hell, my bsnl sim card isn't accepting money.. am not able to recharge it :( and aircel is now eating my money.. with a call rate or 1ps/sec i lost the control over the money i spent :( Fujitsu's customer care division calicut and Cochin also sucks big time.. for the last 3 weeks, they have been telling me the same stuff, "you products warranty is over" bloody hell, that doesn't mean i cant get it serviced.. so finally finally i got the answer "bring it tomorrow"

every one's life revolves and rotates around some axes.. its not easy surviving when the axis of rotation changes all of a sudden.. and its not easy to evolve from who you were to who you are now.. tough job that might even take your individuality away.. the process is a great deal though, esp when you need a change in your life, when you want to be focused about your aims and when you want to be in control of your emotions..

just realised that even now i have great friends who take me as their own family member... it gives special feeling when you know you have a place there even now, even after 5 years of visiting that place previously :) it feels so good when they remember you and your family and complain you for not paying a visit..

waiting for someone can be so irritating.. and it becomes tough to control the anger when they don't turn up even after waiting for 3- 4 hours.. that's when you start shedding your anger on them.. it was better to let known that you wont make it :D

playing need for speed most wanted again has made me want to go for a drive now , but am supposed not to drive till November is over.. its never easy when you have a bad back and when you never care.. so finally i found time to find time to get my licence..

nokia e 75's camera performance below average.. the old Sony Ericsson's k800i gives a better quality image.. nokia 3120 is an awesome phone.. travelling in concession pass in limited stop bus can be dangerous to health when the conductor is too short tempered and when you are even more worst at temper..

mood swings can happen in no time.. but no act normal it takes a little too much of your good health.. being depressed in life doesn't gain you anything.. and so is mourning over what is lost. being too positive about life and issues also is never good..

so that sums up my thoughts for the day, shedding some anger, remembering some friends and writing my heart out..
so long folks..
love shravan.

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