ste, thank you for the tag.. this one just serves the need of a filler here.. :) and phew ! its all tough again.. exams on one side, Ind-NZ-Lanka tri series on the other side.. mock test on tomorrow and match on today.. what to do now mate? wish if i could of and purchase an LG monitor tv the MTV.. so thats the tag all about.. the brand tag.. this time around, no images about the tag.. straight to the point.. my brands.. or the brands i use :

My Perfume : Axe

My Watch : Fastrack, Sonata and Omega

My Mobile : Nokia

My Laptop : Compaq

My Eye Gear : fastrack

My Jean : Lee

Desktop monitor : LG

Desktop Processor : Intel

Shoes : Woodland

ste, you said abt pen and pencil, i got more to say :P

My Pen : Cello [Parker if i need to sign]

My Pencil : Nataraj [its still cheap]

My Ruler : Camlin Exam

My Eraser : Apsara

My Sharpener : Nataraj
and i further tag, you ! yes, you !

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kasabiangirl said...

Nicely done tag...Axe seems to be quite popular among guys :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kasabian Girl
and that credit goes to their ad :P seen it right? the beach ad and the choco ad? :P :P :P and thank you.

kaka said...

nice tag man..:)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kaka
thanks mate :) cheers

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