The Story Of An Evolution

All it began 8 years ago... 8 years ago this chick reached my hand, she was with me for the 4 years that followed before she died a sad, slow paining death.. First her eyes went blank... then her memory was lost and finally she dead... she was one fat lady... but easy to handle... and then came this good looking bitch... Wide eyes and a warm voice, with not much of memory... but she had the common sense... and then this girl came... she has been there, around for some time before she entered my life... she was around my uncle till then... and now, just a 2 days before, this new chick enter my life.. She is slim, she is hot and she is perfect... and she is my love for ages...

Thinking about all the girls? Thinking of me a flirt? Well, listen... this is the story of an evolution... the mobile evolution... 8 years ago and I started using a nokia 3310... The bulkiest phone to have made then... but still I was cool... you can throw it drop it catch it play with it and it was soo easy to use too... and that phone is my first phone to use.. And it died a sad death, its display going black all of a sudden and its battery was all dried up of the fluids and then it dead...

Then come the nokia 3230... That was one of the best phones to purchase a 5 years ago.. it wasn’t that bulky, it had a decent 1.3 mp camera and the only things to compromise was its single top mounted speakers and the 5mb internal memory space.. trust me, if it had at least a 50 mb internal memory and a decent speaker, it would have been the best phone that nokia produced till then..and with the options to use memory cards and filter and arrange all the files, it served my purpose.. that phone witnessed the beginning of my relation with my ex and served me the purpose of all calls and texts..

And then with college starting, it was necessary that I start using another no. and then idea had the best offer to give with its my gang prepaid.. with that sim in my hand, it became necessary that I start using another phone.. and then came this phone, an nokia 8250.. this one belonged to that black and white phones, slum and handy, with an additional feature of IR.. soon it proved its age and the battery was soo weak..

Soon after it, a new phone was my need.. more that that I was an emergency for me to have connected with the so called girlfriend then :D and then I purchased my favourite phone with my own money.. again nokia.. a nokia 1650 with a radio and torch light.. and all I needed was a phone that would have a good battery life.. with this phone aimed at the middle and lower class Indians, it just served the purpose and it was a tough phone.. I can throw it dumb it drop it.. I will go on working..

But almost 4 months ago.. my 3230 stopped working.. with its memory filled by all text messages and the phone’s software having survived a virus attack dumped me.. and ever since that, I have been relying on the same 1650.. and it proved good though the memory part played its part.. every time I chat through texts.. after a 50 texts it shows memory full delete some data..

And its then my mom told me, you can buy a new phone I will give you the cash.. oh boy oh boy.. mom I love you.. and then came this offer from my uncle that he would get me the phone.. guess what? He just did it.. and here I am using my new phone a nokia e 75.. trust me, its just awesome.. all I had to compromise this time, again was the sound.. this one doesn’t have the sound of an n series, but this is even more slim.. and with all the features, I love this phone..

And this is the story of an evolution.. the mobile evolution.. from nokia 3310 through nokia 3230, nokia 8250 nokia 1650 to nokia e 75.. so now you know which brand of mobile you should get me on my birthday.. and here you go with the first image from the e75.. :)

the free fall picture
and this phone comes equipped with a Wireless LAN, 3.2 MP camera, 3G, full keyboard on slide and its the business phone you need :) and 3.5mm audio jack, you can connect it to any output audio device :) and its all metallic..

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Mind Writer! said...

First I was thinking you were taking about your pets :P. Re-reading the first paragraph after knowing that it was about your mobiles.

One thing's for sure, you can throw/drop Nokia sets but still it'll serve your purpose, though, I'm not sure about those sets where there are too many applications. My old Nokia phone, when fell on the ground, all the parts apart from each other, still when I assembled them, it was as it is.

You just reminded me of my dear indisposed Sony Ericsson K800i :@. I'm missing it so much. Much more when I look at the pictures taken by it. Pray for her to get well soon.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice picture, Shravan :)

Best wishes.

Princess Caspian said...

I loved the beginning!!!!!!!!!LOL!!! enticing!


Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
pets? i dont have any dear.. and will have to experiment if these phones have a breaking point or not.. and assembling the phone again, well i am master of the art..:D

and your 800i, thats one great phone and must say, its 3.2MP cam is far more better than my nokia's 3.2 MP cam.. btw my dads using K 800i :D adn prayers for her to get well soon :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Ayesha
good to see you here again and thank you :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Princess Caspian
aha :) beginning :P
:) :P :D

Mind Writer! said...

I'm so jealous of your dad's phone. I want my phone back! :((

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