With his heart broken, he knew where to find solace at. Next morning, as he was driving to native, he saw the road covered with fumes and smokes from the near by ground. Reaching home, seeing all tear-filled eyes, he knew, she has found solace at the hands of Mother Nature.

so i am in a great mood today.. sucked at the exam hall.. but still i feel so good this evening and i have found new reasons to visit a doctor. a broken ankle, dried tear glands and a bad backbone.. and well, no more driving for 3 months.. last weeks accident was a bit serious than estimated. one more paper to go and well, i think, i must write it without preparing.. haha.. seriously, i am in an awesome mood today :)

PS : i guess, i am gonna flunk in a paper, or may be two, first time in college.
PPS : i have now gained my confidence that i can do better in exams and all i need to do is to put in some more efforts.
Artz, thank you for the award, i saw my name there.. at there soon :)

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anupama said...

Dear Shravan,
all the time it won't be okey with the stars.this is a passing phase;but do take care;life is precious;n abroken leg doesn't suit a smartie like u.
have you heard shravan,''precaution is better than cure''.
turn to nature than to people for happiness n peace of mind.you will be in high spirits.
good luck always from the depth of my heart,
get well soon n A BIG GOD BLESS!

Nyx said...


Take care bro... :)

And STUDY! Yea, did you hear me shouting? GO AND STUDY! :P


..Rugma.. said...

:) u can do well in ur xams...its pretty ec :D :D...hahaha.....i dnno how do i manage to pass....:)
takecare....n nice quote....

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
well, i prefer throwing cautions to the wind :) and yeah, will have tc that i dont ruin me :) and yes, i know, this too shall pass away :) thank you anupama

Shravan RN said...

@ Aarthi
hey well, i bunked.. just back from the doctor :) thank god no medicines again..

love !

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma,
may be next in exams.. dint write todays.. just back from the doc :) tc.. and quote? where?

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