The Sky, The Tree And Some Useless Rants

one of those pics taken long since..

with the blank state of mind, i had to do nothing else that to travel to the town and come back, browse through my back up discs, clean the mess and plan new stuffs.. and that's how i found this pic clicked in 2006 i guess, along with some photos of school and friends..

school life was fun.. the healthy competitions, the exams, the fun, home works, tuitions, cycle races, cycle trips, crushes, evening class, special classes, matches played, bets won and lost, loving teachers, angry principal, rain driving.. the holidays, it was fun..

as i browsed, i realized what i am missing now.. true friends.. the world around me has changed, developed and grown fake. there were days that we friends sat together moved around, courted girls and then on the last days studied and worked hard for the percentages and what now? true i have the so called friends, true we try to have fun and roam around.. but something is missing.. something is missing.. and the missing is the heart of friendship.. with the age growing, people turn so individualistic :( i am no exception. people turn soo individualistic that they start to tell lies, back stab and what not? suck it mates.. me too no different.. i know what you have in store for me, and guess what? i too have evolved to pay back the same way you treat me !

phew.. well that was a bit personal towards the end..

travelling around the town.. duh... never been this tough.. must award the national highway maintenance groups.. i saw you people repair the roads, taring and metal-ing it just before the elections and with just the rainy season ending, the roads are all in the previous states.. metals chips all around, holes and pits, and sign boards saying damaged road ahead drive carefully.. suck it people..

oh btw, its time to act romantic :P she is at native.. meeting fixed.. sucks that college reopens on the same day and i cant bunk.. submissions pending..i do not want my lecture to write what my teacher wrote during class 12th in my graduation records..

that just explains how punctual and careful i was during my school days.. so this time around, i am gonna be on time, for the first time this year i guess. and then i will have to bunk the afternoon session.. i am so excited about meeting her, after so long, first time after she became my "official girlfriend".. well i am not going to gift you anything girl.. i know who your dad and and how your dad is :P
there is still something missing in my thoughts, some energy and something more..

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Leo said...

nice foot print cherukka :P
u have such tiny feet :D

ur teacher has a horrible handwriting :P but nice comments tho! :D

have a nice time! :)

Vyshu said...

Few fond memories thr..:)

you made me nostalgic.!

Every time i visit my hometown i sneak into the shelves to search my old textbooks and pics.this reminded me of my times at home..you know these days my Home-sick-o-meter reading is hig.!

Shravan RN said...

@ Leo,
footprints drawn by Ambili, tagged under by best friend.
and teacher, she was the best teacher i had during class 11 and 12. and comments :D iniyum kure undu monee :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Vyshu
:) home is heaven on earth.. and look at me? i am planning to leave this place soon, soon as my graduation is over in 6 months and results out in another 2 months. :)

V Rakesh said...

Good pic there! Makes me wanna go to Kannur!

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh Vanamali
that pic is from Payyanur, taken in 2006 as i remember :) and welcome to kannur :)

arjun venugopal said...

sorry... but thats suma mam's handwritting am i right??chemistry?? i could easily make out the comment!! she was there for your batch too???

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