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wow.. it felt so good shopping today. it felt so great meeting you sissie.. and it felt awesome walking in the rain with you.. and in the end, bloody you called to spoil my mood and a great day ruined in the end.. i would have written this day as a diary not if ever your call didn't happen.. you got on my nerves. suck it ! that went a bit personal in the end, again ! never mind :D

ohkk.. the break is over.. its college from tomorrow and exams from Monday.. and this time around, i feel so good to have prepared half the portions well in advance.. so what next? assignments for tomorrow, pending, seminar report for tomorrow pending, uniform for tomorrow, still in washing machine, books, near my table, bag, missing, spectacle broken, wallet empty, mobile charging, but no balance.. and finally, exam fever.. oh oh.. well read
this post by sujo about exam fever..

so customer care.. phew.. it sucks big time.. oh oh..
read this by leo first. leo sahed i had this thought in mind before reading yours and thus i am also posting almost the same stuff, no offense right?
been to this bsnl customer care centre and airtel post paid office.. my idiotic cousin brother activated some gprs stuff in bsnl post paid what next? service not active and billed rupees per month.. and then
tring tring..
welcome to bsnl service.. dial 1 for this 2 for that.. dial 9 to speak to a customer service officer
beep beep...
CO :hello how may i assist you sir?
ME :listen, i have this problem...
CO :which no. are you calling from sir?
ME :944703****
CO :which district sir?
ME :Kannur
CO :ok..
ME :listen, i have this problem, there is some gprs facility activated in this no and now i want it deactivated. tell me how please..
CO :hold on a second please
ME :ok.
bsnl tunes....... repeat...
CO :thank you for waiting sir, i am sorry there is no option to deactivate it from here sir, please visit the nearest customer care centre
ME :thank you (fcuk off you idiot)
CO :thank you for calling bsnl services sir, have a nice day
ME :hit the red button !

and then there i leave to the town.. reach the CCC and enter in
CO :hello
ME :i want this gprs stuff disabled now.
CO :starts promoting the service
ME :(pissed off) it isnt working ! i want it deactivated
CO :starts promoting again
ME : stop it and get me a form pleaseeee.. i want this deactivated.
CO hands over to me the form, i fill it and return back
CO :it will take 48 hours to get the service deactivated
ME : its fine and thank you.

and then i went to the airtel office with this intention of disconnecting my postpaid connection.. true it was serving me a lot, reduced call rates, free texts and promotional packs, it was a better deal, but last time around they billed me for some services i never used and when i called, the answer was, the service has been changed.. the plan you were using is no more.. suck it again ! i was supposed to be informed.no offense, it is well said that the right to alter the plans remain with the provider and its not necessary that they let the users know. but still.. it sucks to pay for a service that i never used. and then all i had to ask him was, how to disconnect this no no? i am done using this..

and there it was all quick.. they gave me a form, i filled it, they took it back, i had some amounts to settled and i settled it, boom.. my connection is gone.. and again, time time period of 24 hours to deactivate the sim remains.. no harm i guess..

and finally i am back to my prepaid numbers.. 1 bsnl prepaid that sucks big time with the services, 2 airtel prepaids, 1 vodafone prepaid, 1 reliance prepaid and finally an aircel and an idea prepaid. i own only the bsnl and airtel prepaid sims.. the rest are all my friends connections, but i use it all.. :) pheww.. feels so good to be prepaid.. i have the control on my money.. guess i will reduce my tele bills of 3.2K to 3.8 K to some 0.5 K maximum by next month.

and one more customer care story to share.. this time its with uncles fujistu laptop.. its 2 weeks that its screen blanked out and i called all the cc nos from pune- bangalore - delhi- calicut and everyone has this to say : you warrent period is over..duh !! i knew it was over and what i wanted was a solution for my problem.

call 1.
ME :hello fujistu care?
HE :hello good morning how can i help you?
blha blah blah
you warranty is over
ME :i want a service
HE :i will give you one contact no.
ME :ok
notes the no. down and the listens to the beep beep.. that idiot put the call down.. that was at bangalore..

call 2.
same dialogues... and this time around he gives me this contact no for calicut office..

call 3.
calling calicut which is supposed to be the service centre.. and again i listen to this : you laptop is out of warranty period
ME :what ever, am asking for a service
HE :call tomorrow.
and then he puts the call down.. damn it !

call 4.
ME :hello fujistu care calicut?
HE :yes how may i assist you?
ME :explains the stuff and as soon as i say, listen i have this prob wiht my laptop
HE :please call tomorrow, your service engineer is on leave.

suck it mate.. not even a loser want to know what the real problem is.. warranty warranty warranty.. to hell with it !

so i said right? i met sheetal chechi today.. and it was fun talking to her and guess what we discussed? politics, indian politics and finally we did conclude that, india needs no democracy but construstive autocracy and constructive dictatorship.. not as hitlor's of mussolini's dictatorship.. something better.. like, a ruler independent of all political pressures and a leader with just one vision to develop india, in all ways, and not to say, indians are the supreme powers.. no no.. we dont need that.. all we need is a nation with all its virtues and cultues kept in tact.
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Leo said...

no offense at all bro! thanks for linking mine! :)

care is for cash, not for customer these days! sadly...

how do u manage with so many prepaid sims? i have trouble managing just the one! :P

Shravan RN said...

@ Leo
sadly i agree saheb :) and prepaid sims, well with one year validity its not that tough to manage, and with the reminder set for all dates, its just fine.. only financial prob. is a prob when its time to recharge :D

Issam said...

lolz shravan... I did read Leo's as well...
I totally empathize with your experience with BSNL...
Customer care - leave a lot to be desired... Hopefully things will improbe... But one thing - Airtel does a decent job compared to the rest...
And talking about The Great Indian Ruler - Hmmm... I too would love it that way.. A leaders sans the usual rhetoric and the jingoism...
Let's hope for a better tomorrow with our current breed of leaders :)

Leo said...

came back to say u that u are awarded @ my blog! :)


kasabiangirl said...

I am yet to come across someone with a good customer care story :)

You seem to have covered all prominent service providers.
Next time I change my sim I'll consult you :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Issam
and i feel pity for bsnl.. and customer care, its now customer, care !and yeah, lets hope for a better tomorrow, not with this type of rules who just want to spend 5 years "ruling"

Shravan RN said...

@ Leo
there, right now !

Shravan RN said...

@ Kasabian Girl
you'll never hear a good CC story i guess :D
and yeah, no consultation charges apply.. testing docomo next week :)

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