The Art Of Using A Pen

i just loved the handwriting of that girl..class 8th and she writes like prints.. and i have always admired those with this skill of writing neatly, beautifully and in speed.. during my school days, there was this guy Rinto who writes and draws like prints.. he is one talented artist.. and then there is unnikrishnan who drew my bio records during 11 and 12th classess. he is too quick to draw and he draws it neatly :) and then in college, i love the handwriting of my buddy rahul and then my class mate nimisha.. rahul has this fancy writing style thats too handy when you want to write on the desks..

so why am i talking about the handwriting styles now? yeah the 8th standard girl.. i met her in the bus this evening.. she had a load of books in her bag and and another load of project reports and assignments in her hands.. so she asked me bro will you please hold this.. and i did hold all the project reports... and it was then this well written paper caught my attention.. and a quick word on the academic field here.. seriously this sucks.. calling off all the exams and the grading system will ruin the students life.. i have no offense about the grading system and i find it better than the ranking system.. but with no exams. i somehow cant digest it.. or may be upto primary classes, there is no need to conduct the exams.. but after that, they are to be access, their skills are to be checked.. may be the examination pattern should be altered and open book tests can be conducted. and more just educating them, its time our system start breeding better citizens.. its time the system focus on the character and personality too..

and looking at the last weeks newspaper report saying majority of the students from my university failed to clear the prilims for some job placements for their poor communication skills.. and thats one area that the academic system should focus on.. and its not the fault from the students side only that they lack the communication skills.. the way they are taught at schools and then at higher schools.. i have had teachers who taught me in my mother tongue when i was supposed to be taught in english.. i have had teachers who never said a malayalam word too..

oopss.. been beating around the bush right? sorry.. so was talking about handwritings.. yeah.. let me sum it up.. writing is an art and not everyone is blessed with this skill to write neatly.. there are some people who create their identity by their writing skills ..

and till yesterday i slept with laptop and mobile on one side.. head phones and usb drives on the other side.. charges and cds next to it.. wow wow wow and from today am sleeping with books around.. electromagnetic theories on one side.. communication systems on the other side micro processors and computer technologies as well.. adn then the project and problems eating my head.. all together life is fun :)

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Jinju said...

Interesting post.

Well i do like nice handwritings but m not too smitten by dem anyway. I believe every handwriting has its own distinct flavour and identity. Sometimes i find untidy scrawls a lot more fascinating than print-like writing. Especially wen it's d writing of sme1 dear to u, d handwriting looks appealing no matter hw it luks actly. it's like u can see d persons personality, his/her quirks and idiosyncrasies in dose curves/curls/slants/loops/flourishes. nd it kinda endears itself 2 u. i hope u get wt i mean... :)

Nd i take pride in being good at deciphering all sorts of handwritings...hehe...

And more than print-like writing, i admire the ppl who can write fast with effortless cursive ease.

P.S: As for my own handwriting, i have a very neat legible handwriting wen m writing at a normal pace(ppl tell me it's print-like). but god help dose who have 2 read wut i write wen m in a rush!!! It's totally illegible :( (rly pity dose who correct my exam papers :D)

Jinju said...

And abt d educational reforms, yea i agree with u, shravs. EXAMS SHOULD BE THERE. A majority of kids will not study unless some pressure is there. And exams provide dat necessary pressure. Call it a necessary evil if u want... But i also strongly feel der shud b comprehensive changes in d way v teach n study n hold exams- d qn pattern dat puts d emphasis on rote learning and not actual understanding, d lack of recognition for practical application of wut has been learnt, d lack of appreciation for creativity and d holistic development of d child's personality...all these r serious issues which need 2 b addressed.

And i am all for scrapping d ranking system and d introdctn of grading. Children should not b burdened wid d rat race syndrome.

Vishnu said...

nice post.. totally agreed.. i think tht i hav a fairly good enuf handwritin..
n i thot books were used as pillows.. not to kept on the sides..

Mind Writer! said...

You're right, not all are blessed with the skill of writing neatly, beautifully and in speed. I can write nicely but in speed, not my cup of tea. :(

I agree with you on your views on Educational system. But there's a drawback that I had to face in ranking system. Well, in 3rd year of my Honor's, I was in the third position. The mark difference between me and the 2nd girl was only 1. But still there was a discrimination that she was 2nd and I was 3rd. As if that 1 mark difference made me a BAD STUDENT! It was horrible. But it doesn't happen in Grading system, and it's so obvious in Ranking. Though, later I crossed that b**ch and secured 2nd position in final year. :P

Life is fun, indeed! Grab as much as you can!

et said...

Sometimes, its not that good to have a print like handwriting. I myself have one of those one-letter-at-a-time handwriting, and it limits my decoding capability of handwritings to only neat ones.
Life gets hard when you're in a classroom when NO ONE cares about neat handwriting!

And about the education system.. don't get me started on it.. its a pretty messed up system.. unscientific.. and too much non beneficial.
May be we can hope the grading and taking away of exams is the beginning of something better(in some far future!)

Shravan RN said...

@ Jinju
and i agree, every handwriting is unique nad has a distinct flavour.. and educational systems, well, i better keep my mouth shut.. i hate whats going on here in the field :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Vishnu
lols mate :) well i dont use pillows.. so on left and right :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
:) i prefer to write faster and i do.. so neatness :D and ranking system.. was in the playing field.. and occupied all places from 1..2..3..4..7..8.. and even 4th from last :) and lol.. you talk like a 5th year old when you talk about ranks.. there used to be this health competition among we friends when there was ranking system.. up to class 7th though.. and now when i reached college as well.. glad its going to end this time.. my batch will be last batch from my university under ranking system :D

Shravan RN said...

@ ET
and i agree mate.. life gets hard when you're in a class where none cares about the handwritings. and about edn. system.. its messed up and thank god we have officials who can make it wrose :)
and am on for grading system.. but taking out all examinations, well no no no.. never! exams should be there !

Shafi said...

After a research we figured that good handwriting can bring good marks for a guys who study well, coz easyness to read and correct the paper and at the same time, good Handwriting can bring worst mark for an average guy, coz the examiner can easly find out the mistakes in the answer sheet. !!

Isnt that interesting !!!

Shravan RN said...

@ Shafi
:) that was interesting and true :)

Mind Writer! said...

:(( I talk like a 5 year old? :((

;) yeah, I agree. :D

Our batch is also the last batch in ranking system, the followings are under grading system.

But there's a problem. You may lose some opportunity just because of 1 mark. Like in our University, usually the 1st and 2nd ranked person gets the opportunity to start teaching in the University as a faculty member. This is a big opportunity. You'd get many scholarships easily if you're a faculty member. But with only 1 mark difference, the 3rd ranked person may lose that chance... just for ONE number. I think this is not fair. But still, that's the way it is!

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