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so finally finally its holidays.. yeah yeah... onam holidays.. 10 days of no work for me.. but i got some works to do.. :) some real tough jobs to do.. and to add to my worries, my exam schedules are out.. starting from 14th Sept to 16th Sept.. ok its fine that i have seen, heard, wrote enough of exams.. am bored of writing it.. but when the score sheets are given back, all i had, have and will have to say is, better next time :P but this time around things are different.. i have realised and defined my goals.. i am focused.. after all this is my last year at college, and this is what would decide my future.. and i need to cover for the "impressive" performance in 12th.. so 10 days i am home and this time around, there is no wasting time.. its gonna be trips, studies and old friends.. almost scheduled everything..

and the onam celebrations at college was awesome this year ! loved it to the core.. and what fun we all had.. the last onam celebration at this college and sad, we didnt win the prize.. who cares, participation is more important than winning.. girls, they look stunning in saree :P and now, laugh when i say, wearing a saree is an art ! seriously, it can make one average looking girl so so so gorgeous and a sweet heart to a dumb. and here i go with my personal statement, a girl looks best in a saree when she shows what is to be shown and and when she hides what is to be hidden.. got it right? any altered proportion will ruin the beauty of hers..
ok now.. but it seems like i will have to bunk the first day after reopening.. yeah yeah.. she is coming home to see me.. she is coming home to see me.. i feel like dancing... (read as: eyeeeeeeee feeeeeeeeelllllllllll laayyyyyyyyyyykkkkkk daaaaaannnnncccciiiiinnnggggggggggggg) :P will have to think about it.. another day to my absence tally can make it sure that i lost 1 mark out of the 10 internal scores. 9 days of absence is where i stand now and 10 means, the maximum score i would get is 9.. damn it. and if there is lab on 8th, the chances of me bunking is less than 50 %. girl i miss you :P
and now that sets the primary goals, for this time, or until April its academics first and affairs second.
and i feel like its time i prioritize things in my life, including persons. i have had enough by letting people eat my head, spend my time for them, and in the end, ruin my peace.. i have had enough of back stabbing.. so people, its time i make my list of you all clear.. am not going to let someone else rule my emotions any more.. i am not going to have someone under the label friend for just the sake of it. enough is enough..
so now, tell me, who is a best friend? or define a best friend.. and tell me this too, if its fair enough to exit from someone's life who calls you a friend and who you call a friend, provided the person is showing no regard no concern.. and exit, being a fading away with no words said?
with all these confusions and worries running in my mind, life still is great ! it feels so good to give yourself, your happiness and your smile the first priority, provided they don't hurt anyone else's feelings and emotions :)
(# and just decided not to change this template. thanks for the feedback hasna chechi,Mani, Lopa,KP sir, Deepika and Kajal Chechi.## Hasna chechie, i liked what you said.. and black coz its my favouite colour.### Kajal chechie,and thats what i did right now by making this decision, listening to my heart )

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Leo said...

onam aashamsakal!

u say ur max marks will become 9? so make sure ur obtained marks is greater than 8.5 :D and have a happy times!

as for ur template, glad u decided to stick to it! :) original "shravan" template :D hehe...

anjali said...

easier said than done mate...frens with the tag of frens are not gng to leave u alone and ur best fren may also be in the tag category. all the best for exams and ur prioritizing of goals.

Shravan RN said...

@ Leo
onaashamsakal !
max internals 10. but if u have an absent tally of 10 minimum, that makes the max internal 9 for u ! and template :D cheers !

Shravan RN said...

@ Vastavikta
thanks for the wishes and comments and the frnds stuffs, i know, i will haev to bear them, and not only me ! everyone around.. so no worries !

kasabiangirl said...

Wow! 10 days of no work?? that's like a dream to me right now :)

The part where you have mentioned about smiling and happiness hurting someone else's feelings and emotions...Never thought smiling can do that to others :)

I tried walking in a Sari once. It was a disaster. Tore it into many pieces by the time I reached home. That was my first attempt :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Kasabian Girl
:) seems like you are reading everything published here :) thank you so much for your time and patience dear :)

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