Life Is So Good

the last two days, or including today till evening.. it was like .. me going back to that emotional character, feeling so isolated and lost.. so worried about the ways things are going.. damn damn damn.. cursing my network provider.. not managing to sleep wel.. missing my cell phones.. dad where is the phone you promised?

And to sum up this day, all I can say is I had a wonderful day.. True it was worse till evening.. but after getting into that bus, things changed.. I met her .. and she still remembers me.. and her youngest daughter is so so so cutee.. her smile healed all my pains and worries.. till 5 in the evening.. it was like.. ahh.. crap.. leave it apart..

There he stood at the bus bay, waiting and waiting.. and then the bus came.. painted in blue and white, kerala road transport corporations Malabar express.. in a hurry to reach home, and see his mom and to see if she is fine.. he boarded the bus..

there she was.. she and her lil kid.. and the face was quite familiar to him…. She winked at her.. not just once, but thrice and finally managed to ask are you uma madam? And then she nodded her head in approval..

He sat next to her.. and asked

Teachernu enne ormayundo? [do you remember me teacher?]

And came her reply

Nee ente monalle? Nine njan marakkuvo? [how will I forget you? You are my son na?]

Oh boy oh boy.. his emotions cant be explained by words.. and they talked for the next 30 mins, thanks to the pwd department, the roads turned miniature rainwater harvestment pits and the bus ran very slow.. she asked him about family, academics and future plans..

She still remembered all his likes, and his mannerisms.. she remembered his love for chocolates and did ask him “ Shravan, do you still sing” and he smiled at her.. the same smile that used to be on his lips whenever he had no answers..

Her kid was soo cutee.. she smiled, she winked she hugged and she sang.. the 5 year old lil kid was so so so beautiful that she erased all his worries.. she had a lot of things to tell him.. about her school, her elder sister.. about her toys, about her mom telling stories.. and in the end.. she had that chocolate to give to him as a token of her love…

Dear Anjali, you won my heart with those gestures and innocent smiles, with those soft words and winks.. love you dear.. and dear uma maa’m, thanks for remembering this kid of yours.. love you..

As always, I am not able to find the right words to explain the way I feel.. all I know is, it felt so so so good to meet my beloved teacher… so so so great to know that she still remembers me and so so so great that she sees me as her own son.. life is so good..

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Naina said...

how sweet!!

Naina said...

i read it..you reposted ? or the google reader has gone mad?

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) scheduling probs.. thats how you read it first :P

V Rakesh said...

Some of the most elementary things bring the most amount of pleasure to life...... if you notice!

..Rugma.. said...

Kids...I love them...I can visualise Anjali through your words....but you should have written more about her....It would have been good....:)
But you did express what you felt well for others to feel it...
Take care...

Miss Sunshine said...

oh my goodness :) that is sssoooo sweet :)
u must b on top of the moon :)
i know how it feels.. :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh Vanamali
and i completely agree with you.. those are the memories that will stay for long, and that will bring a smile on your lips :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
:) me too love kids.. i know, i should have written more.. but you know the way i write dont you? all it comes just like that.. and this is all that came then :) thank you :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Apurva
woohooo :) and i loved meeting my teacher.. and her kid, she is an awesome kid.. such a sweet heart..

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