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With my status being announced in the "previously posted, now removed temporary write up", now let me break the shells and go on talking.. i have no idea about this topic that i am going to pen down here now.. its all instantaneous and penned at this right moment, in my blogger home page with no proper ideas and preparations..enough of introduction now i guess..
so tell me how did you day go? mine was quite an ordinary day with regular boring stuffs, home-college-hotel-home that is my summary of the day.. wondering about what i am going to write ha? its no suspense.. Live-In Relationships.. yeah, that's the topic i feel like talking today.. and firstly, very firstly, i would rather be in a LIR that get committed in the real way of a marriage..
for those who wonder about LIR, A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage [as this link says]. ok.. now. why me on for LIR.. well, it gives me that added freedom to be free and live my life with the person i like, till the time we both can co exist and get along.. and i feel so good, not to be bound my the so called marriage rules.. and now. well, you shall offend me saying,live-in relationship is an act of escapism from responsibility. The marriage calls for some responsibility from both the partners. phew.. i agree, that marriage calls for some responsibility from both the partners.. but escapism? i doubt.. i don't agree.. i have my point to say, LIR is giving me an added option to switch my partner, if and when we both find it difficult to co exist.
no no i don't mean that silly quarrels, the word fights, and all such minute things.. but u mean everything else, the intimacy, the closeness, both mentally and physically, the affection, the care, and most importantly understanding.. and at this point, let me tell, yet another opinion of mine, i am totally against the concept of arranged marriages.. so that offence adds another plus for my like towards LIR.. i just cant digest the fact, two individuals, who hardly know each other, getting married, living their lives, adjusting and changing and adapting.. phew.. i cant digest.. and well, do not raise your finger to offend me until i complete my say, i admit, i agree, that these three points, adjusting, changing and adapting are much important in any relationship, for its existence and survival. i agree. but still, two people of extreme ends, in a life, phew.. no no.. i wont digest..
with that having said, ask me what about love marriage? oh boy oh boy.. love is blind.. and in the initial stages, lovers also.. you cant jump into a marriage soon after you are in love.. :) my last relation lasted for 2 years, and it took that two years for us to make out that we are not the ideal matches.. call it teenage infatuation if you want, but still, there was everything in it ! and here comes my plus point for LIR again.. before i get really committed, i will know if there is compatibility.. not to discard the elements of sex and lust, but still, i will go with LIR.. children? think the partners can wait for some time, take some time for themselves to know them better before getting into the so called it.i am not supporting premarital sex, but who cares really? and now my final say, as i stop this good for nothing post, why get married when you see families breaking apart for the minutest reasons? why get married when you see the children grow up knowing no maternal or paternal care, for they are busy fighting their divorce clauses and for the "ownership" of the children?
with all these being said, i mean to say, that i would really really love to be in LIR before i select a partner, and all i desire for, in a relationship is some understand, some love, some togetherness, so closeness, some emotions and two lives shared.. and i wont risk mine!
PS : you felt like i talked nonsense? i am still young then. you felt like i got some point, i am getting matured then. you felt like saying "man u suck", i know this post is good for nothing and i told you earlier.
PPS : you feel like offending me, telling me some new ideas, agreeing to me? the comment box is very much open, but please do take care of your words.

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Naina said...


omg! what was that? At your age I understand that we get attracted towards anything that has got nothing to do with the question 'what next?'.

and LIR is one such thing.. I am not against it.. but I am of a belief it is more like experimenting and lab testing a relationship till every shred attached has been tasted until you pop the big word of 'marriage'.
my question is how many LIRs does one go through until one finds the right partner.

but after having said that, I guess, everyone has a right to decide the way they want to lead their lives..

and let me be diplomatic in the end by saying -

there is nothing good or bad in this world, it's only the way we look at it that makes all the difference..

and your opinion about 'arranged marriage' :P no comments on that I'd say...

..Rugma.. said...

as i told u, i am against it....i wud nt go 4 it... well, u ask me da reasons thn u dun gimme a choice...bt i wud prefer a choice....evry1 has deir own point of view...i noe....i undrstnd....i hav totally diff tayp of perspectiv whn it cums 2 moi layf....
lets nt tok abt it....
u hav a gud view...go along evn whn u hav 2 face nythng....thts da way u can supprt ur points....

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) i liked the question, " how many LIRs does one go through until one finds the right partner? " no answers :) :D but u can guess what i would say, at this age of mine :D and yeah only the way we look at things matter :) and arraged marriage, i know whar you would say NOW ! :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
i get you !tc n hv fun :)

Mind Writer! said...

Interesting topic to write on.

I'm not actually against LIR, not very supportive either. I have the same thing to say, "how many LIRs does one go through until one finds the right partner."

I think, it's okay in some cases, but in the extreme cases, if most people go for it, I think the balance of the society would be somehow shaken. I guess it might create unrest among the people who would go for it, due to the instability in their lives. This is only my opinion. Some people may find stability through LIR.

Arranged marriage, I used to think exactly like you two years back. How come two strangers live their lives without falling in love first? What if they can't come along? But now I've learned something different from my own experience. I'm been in love and in a lovely relationship for two years. We've been growing up together in these two years as our relationship grew. Now when we look back, we both feel that we were actually not IN LOVE when we decided to have a relationship, I don't know what it was, may be just a first step towards liking, but it's nothing compared to what we have NOW. We genuinely FELL IN LOVE in these two years, as we grew up together. It made me/us realize may be that's how arranged marriages work, GROWING UP TOGETHER.

Now you may say, in LIR, we have the liberty to grow up together too. Yes, of course, but with that logic all the relationships should work. In that logic, marriages should work too! But in real life, does it happen? NO! I think nobody should go against/for LIR/arranged marriages. Because every human is different from the other. Our lives are different from others. It may work for you but not me and vice versa!

Shravan RN said...

@ Mind Writer
first, this is the biggest comment i ever got on all my blogs :) and i will have to accept it all when someone with experience says.. but in the end,Our lives are different from others. It may work for you but not me and vice versa! rightly as you said :) i loved the comment, and i loved it for the details :) cheers

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