Her Life Once Again

today.. woooww.. a day with kids.. thats to sum up the day.. from the lil kid in the bus to that kid that i met in the evening.. oh boy oh boy.. they are so so so cutee... there is this much spread text message about kids and trust.. trust is that what a kid has on you when you throw him in mid air and he yet manages to smile.. he trusts you, and knows that you will not let him down.. and innocence.. yeah.. kids are innocence personified.. and she stated that today.. the lil girl in the bus.. she was so cute.. all she wanted to have was my spects and to bite me.. it did pain.. but she sealed it with a sweet kiss.. and i loved it.. oh i was talking about innocence wasnt i? look at her smile amidst the tears... the tears rolling down her cheeks yet, the smile on face.. the wink in her eyes.. what else can it be other than innocence? i loved watching them play in mud and water.. fun.. wish i could be a kid now.. :(
her life? well, yeah, this time i dont have any idea about what i am going to write.. its definitely not a story.. its one real life incident.. ok.. now.. let's begin with..
she knew him.. she understood him, she took care of him, she understood even his silence and she knew when his mood altered.. she joined with him to party all his success, she fulfilled all his needs and dreams.. as years passed, she knew when he liked that her.. she knew it when he called it off, she knew it, that it was just of the ages.. she knew it when he was awake late night over the fone.. she knew it when he skipped college and sat browsing all day long.. she knew it when he smoked and drank.. she understood its all of the ages.. she stood by him even then.. she pampered him when he was ill.. she slept with him, even after he is out of his teens when he was down with fever.. she neglected her illness to prepare him his loved food.. she knew all it. she consoled him when he lost, when i felt dejected, when he wanted no more to live..she knew him his heart out.. and he knew her too.. yet he never bothered.. all he has to give in return are those tears that wet he, all night, when he is off to bed.. yet, she has the love for him.. and she is his best friend.. and he loves his mom the best..
and now, thats shravan and his mother.. happy friendship day mom.. you understand me more than any one else.. you read me well than any one else, and i know it, that i hurt you more than else, with the life i live.. all i can tell you is, one day, i will live all your dreams.. let me be this careless soul for now.. but let me be your son for ever..

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anupama said...

dear shravan,
better late than never,
the realisations n confessions,
they show the positive change,
and the great blessings you have won!
happy,yes,truely for the lines,
hope the day is special,
with happenings and smiles,
and if there is a flower in the garden,
the best gift you can offer!
''Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children'.and i love all those who love their amma!
happy blogging and a rocking sunday......

Naina said...

that was really touching.. a big hug to your mom.. and happy friendship day Monu.

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
:) i liked the comment.. like i once said, these words bring a lot of positive energy to this place. and happy friendship day to you also.

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) i knew that i would touch some hearts :) its true from the heart after all :) and yeah, happy friendship day to you also chechiee :)

nimitha said...

hi shravan,

really those words wre touchin...i too love my amma a lot....it touched my heart...

happy frndship day....keep bloggin...

Shravan RN said...

@ Nimitha
:) this time i knew it would touch.. and yeah, friendshipday greetings to you as well..

will be here, blogging :P

Sneha said...

This is really a very touching post.
keep writing.:)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
:) cheers :)

Anonymous said...

mom is everyone's greatest friend i guess.. nice post there.. good job done.

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