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and after 30 days of continuous blogging, i have renamed the blog.. this place is no more called as " the daily ramblings of a lonely soul".. and from now on, its
" the graveyard of my own thoughts ".. and i now request all those people who blog roll this place to update the name with the new one...
and the URL is still the same, www.quillinginblood.blogspot.com
anyone know why my updated wasn't shown in any rolls? anyone knows about the error in it? tell me now.. feels so sad to have 0 visitors for the first time, and not to see the updates in the rolls.. something is wrong some where.. :( poor me, knowledge itna kam hein ki ab you people need to tell me why..
ok now.. why the name change? realizations mate realizations.. it is not easy to post on all days.. and when you tend to do that, you lose the quality and i have just realized that.. another reason is that, its time for me to hit books.. final year hein.. padna hi hoga..
so from tomorrow onwards, there wont be any daily updates, but yeah, i will be around..
love shravan.
P S : the error in my updates might have caused you to miss today first post on independence day.. read it right below this post..
P P S : and look, i have a new header too.. feel so good to do it all by myself :)

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Naina said...

my comment didnt get published? :( i said you have justified the new name well.. and study well.. :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
chechi it dint reach me.. so tell me if the feed is working or not now :(

Naina said...

yeah now my dashboard is updated with your latest post..

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) its all working now :)

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

Hey shravan...I'm also having the same problem....Today my blog updates are not showing...got any idea??

Your blog title change is well justified :D


Shravan RN said...

@ Mani
you got company mani :) no idea.. mine is working now, and thanks :)

sakhii•• said...

tht does not mean u hav 2 stop updating....but it surely does mean tht u should update less:)

WarmSunshine said...


been here first time i guess :) i like this place. hey could you show me how to add those falling objects on my page as well??

have a great week ahead :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sakhi
thats what i told too.. my updating frequency is going to change :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Warm Sunshine
:) link given at your place.. hope to see you around..

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