1 Month Of Continuous Blogging

so today i complete the 31 continuous days of blogging with just quantity and no quality.. and as i said in the previous post, am not going to do this again.. am not going to be the one who updates daily with posts that make no sense.. so let me end this activity with this post..
was busy doing the template modifications yet again.. from yesterday night to this moment, tested around 5 templates and liked none.. i am madly in love with this template and the colors.. and guess what? i am not going to change this template for long..
ok now.. its time to share some links.. for those friends who asked me how to change the templates.. here you go..

for templates, i recommend B templates. browse and find your favourite template, download it and upload. that's all you need to do to get the new template done.. and now before you upload, do not forget to back up your sidebars bottom and top bars, they all will be reset..
ok.. now.. some tools that i recommend to use.
1. Google Analytics - helps you track and keep record of your blog activities.. everything from visitor location to visitor count, everything that you need to see about your blog.
2. Pax counters - easy to customise and easy to upload..
3. Google Search - from helps to images and templates..
4. Wordpad - helps you to edit your template
5. Learn Keyboard short cuts- you will have to you a lot of control f's to edit your template.
6. Picasa from google to minor edit images and to upload them to web.
7. Paint brush - easy to mix the images.
8. Time and Patience..
and finally, some more links :-
to add a horizontal link list as i use (home, Login, Logout stuff), move to this place

to add a 3 column footer, i say this is the best option to have, if you load your blog with a lot of side bar stuffs and when you have only one side bar.. and more that that, having a 3 column footer helps loading your contents faster.. move to this place.
for those who struggle to find the color codes that match, move to this place.
and finally, let me sum up saying this, all these links are selected from personal knowledge and i do not claim them to be the perfect places for you to get help. but its so far so good for me, using all these stuffs..
and final tip, try blending the images of two or more templates to give your blog a wonderful look, and look at mine, i tried the acid rain and the halloween and now i have the halloween's footer image for my acid rain's footer and a custom made header instead of the acid rain header. :P
P S : i am bored.. my brain is in a trance state.. i have nothing to do other than to play NFS MW for the second time, but again, i am bored of racing after reaching just the 11th place at the black list.

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angel in disguise.... said...

hey ur blog looks lovely!..even i had a lot of prob chaging templates..i hope this post will b of some help to me..!
if u wanna know it helped me or not, jus visit my blog n see urself1;)

Sneha said...

beautiful header and nice footer.
Thanks for sharing the information.

V Rakesh said...

Good template! Thanks for the links!

Shravan RN said...

@ Angel in Disguise
:) felt like courting with the last lines :D and yeah, will see :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
:) smiles :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh Vanamali
thank you sir ji :) and my pleasure sharing the links :)

Mind Writer! said...

Very interesting post. And informative. I want to change my template but didn't get the guts yet to take that tiresome project in hand. :(

And yes, stop posting those, "I'm going out", "I'm back" posts...:D:P...

Shravan RN said...

@ Lopa
go on.. agree its tiresome, but its worth a try :) and yeah :P no more of such posts :)

..Rugma.. said...

ur blog looks diff all da taym shravan...it stands out of all blogs i visit....
Hope u r doin gr8....me was @ hme, dats y i did nt visit ur blog 4 long!!!
Take care...

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
:D i know.. i alter the template here and there every now and then :) everything just fine here.. and no need to explain your absenz here girl :) come when u want to :)

KParthasarathi said...

Attractive.The tips sghould help me make some changes to my blog.You always have some trickup your sleeve to attarct readers.

Shravan RN said...

@ K P sir

workhard said...

Hi..i like ur blog.. very nice post..

Like the way you write..

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Shravan RN said...

@ Work hard
:)) cheers and thank you

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