The Scream

woohoo.. what a day.. the exam.. blahh.. duh... it was tough.. crazy ass.. my instincts served again.. boo... MUX and DEMUX.. yuck !! phew... no lamenting on the turned page.. move on is the word for now.. and tomorrow is a holiday.. its going to be a funny day.. now let me hit the bed, sleep, a sound sleep.. listening to the music.. before that, let me browse for a while...

its her birthday tomorrow.. my dearest sweet lil cousin.. archana..or as we call her achu :) i wish her a happy birthday.. and she is turning 6 tomorrow.. May the Almighty bless my kid to have all the happiness in her life, may she be blessed to have all the smiles and may she live lor long, happily.. Love you achu... and belated birthday wishes to the blogger friend Manivannan S. May He bless you to have all the joys of life, may He keep you safe guarded from all harms.. Live Long..

and today's rambling is

the womb
the scream
the pain
the joy
mother born.
the pain
the tear
the worry
the torture
son lived.

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Hasna Fathima said...

Cute to hAvE a 6 yEaR old cousin...
Happy Birthday Achu..

Daily ramblings are hitting high..I am feeling jealous u have a holiday 2moro..:-(

Shravan RN said...

@ Slow Processor
yepp.. cute to have a 6 year old at home.. more than that, its fun to have her around :) and dont be jealous dear.. me have exams coming up.. so u want the exams too?

zenana said...

belated b'day for ur achu :):)

Shravan RN said...

@ Zenana
:) a hug and a smile from my sweet lil darling :D

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