Laughs, I Studied Today

A study holiday.. and yeah, for the first time I did study :) ha ha, I know I know you liked it, but its true :) there wasn’t a way out.. and Jinju, smiles at you. You know why don’t you? Well yet another day at home all alone.. and peace.. oh boy oh boy I did have it today :).. been to the ent specialist today and she has given me a biggg tablet to eat :(

And today, I feel like saying,

“There wasn’t just only Gandhi, There was Bhagat Singh too”

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..Rugma.. said...

I did not understand! Please clear it if you are free!!!! I think you should rewrite it...(Just a suggestion!)
Take Care...

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
:) even i dont understand this now ! just at that moment, the extremist in me was living :D an admirer of bllodshed and violence.. i know its not good, but :D at times you feel like being one :D

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