Her Life

Idiot.. Crazy ass.. Stupid.. Arrogant.. itna simple equation dha aur you messed it up all? you are such an Idiot? man you can be be confident, but never over confident.. you paid the price for it.. you knew it right, knew it well and you missed and messed it.. too good that you had nice external examiners.. shut up.. don't explain anything..
oh hey good evening.. don't wonder.. its the other side of me scolding another side of me. haha.. yeah, the exam is over and i messed it up totally.. not that i didn't get the output and results, not that i got out of the exam hall an hour before the time, its just that i am not satisfied about my own performance.. i know, i believe, i can do better.. and i should have.. no turn backs.. no worries.. its all fine now..
And you guessed it right.. its another story in store here... with the same title "her life".. just couldn't think of any other name..
She was reading her elder daughter's mail as the six year old Neha came smiling and running to her. she spoke in her soft voice, "momma can i lie in your lap for some time now?" She hugged Neha and made her lie in her lap.. few minutes later the door bell rang. she went to open the door.. there stood the man with a smile.. Neha moved back to her own room as her mom closed the door after letting the man in..
Later that night, as she removed her gown in front of that man, all in her mind was the mail saying " momma, the last date for my fee payment is day after tomorrow."
oh boy oh boy, i am going to sleep peacefully this night.. no worries of an exam.. no tensions.. oh damn, should wake up early tomorrow to reach the college on time.. damn it sucks to have college on saturdays.. but no way out, there is another exam coming up soon.. and today's suggested reading is this.
so long folks
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nimitha said...

its k wat ever its over its done 4get it...think abt ur future nt d present....nd "her life"...waitin........

Shravan RN said...

@ Nimitha
hi hey :) yeah its over and now its out of my mind.. and yeah "her life" :D i know :) thy wish shall be done :D

Sugandha Gupta said...

hey hie :)
black colored background n the snow :)
I like it :)
happy blogging

Naina said...

wonderful story monu... hardhitting!

and all the best for your exam.. study well.. alright?

Shravan RN said...

hey welcome to my space :D and i liked that black and snow too :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) good to see you back chechiee :) and smiles and hugs for liking the story.. and now i amm learning i guess..

and exams, yeah i will do better and thanks :D love ya :D

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