A Crushed Dream

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her smile.. she a total stranger, dressed in blue jean and white top.. he gazed at her to find an angelic face.. he looked to himself to see if he dressed properly or not as he found no other reason for her to smile at him.. finding himself neat, he looked at her again, and gosh.. the same smile with more intensity.. their eyes met.. winked for a while and then they passed each other..
at the turn he looked back, following the noise heard..
there she was, talking to a handsome..
and then his heart missed another beat.

PS : poor me.. i thought she was smiling at me and i fell i love with her, first sight .. and broke my heart instantly..

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Shravan RN said...

:) smiles now :)

anupama said...

dear shravan,
dreams might not've been crushed,yet.
the handsome guy can be a blood relation;
check once again.and heart beats are not so cheap,to lose for blue jeans n white top!;D
search for an angelic heart,rather than an angelic face!
and today i enjoyed the blue jeans n brown t shirt[what a combination!]not of her,but of his.i just appreciated the dress sense.that's all.;D next time i'll tell him!hey,i meet him daily.
happy week end.

anjali said...

this comment is not for the post but your blog policy...i do not generally comment because i have never the confidence to do so...what if the way i have interpreted a post is completely different from how the writer wanted it to be.....and the comment is for your..shall we say honesty....and as for love at first sight....i will say you are very lucky that you can love....broken hearts are something that can be mended chocolate...go ahead and try....

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
That consoles me and makes me more hopeful about that girl :D and you said it right, its always better to search for an angelic heart than an angelic face :) and now lols :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Vastavikta
A name heard never before :) welcome to my space… and good to hear from you :) and I liked the comment. And write ups are always interpreted by readers, or it entirely depends on the mood of the reader.. and its not always necessary that the writer and the reader must go in sync. :D

And I loved it you saying “I am lucky” :D :D

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