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It started raining when he boarded the bus…the bus moved slowly and slowly through the roads... The roads all damaged, and it made the journey even more complex... it rained heavily for twenty minutes before it started to pour down slowly.. He got down at his stop and started walking... He took the turn and then found the road too empty and dark... The street lights were all off... The shops were all lit using candles... He moved past the juice shop, said a hi to the owner and took the isolated route to the left... The shops were all closed and it was dark, even more dark... He walked down the roads, flooded in water, and mud... it was hard for him to realise the road and the drainage.. The sky was all dark and cloudy, yet no thunder and lightning... And to his aid, only the mobile phone.. The torch in it, lit up and he walked down, down and down...

continue the story to its ending, post in your blog, link it back to me, or post in my comments section.

P S : all bloggers who reach here, are tagged to write this one :) thanks

Surprise Awaits.

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SindhuBhairavi said...

Didnt read it.. but will attempt it sometime once i am back from vacation! :)

take care..

KParthasarathi said...

suddenly he was not to be seen,just vanished.
The wretched corporation and their unattended manholes.

Sneha said...

I will try for sure.:)

zenana said...

day by day ur blog s becoming so wonderful and very unique :)

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