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i offer you no quality stuff to read or discuss..
i offer you no great deal of posts..
but i have in store for you,
a friendly hand to extend,
a true self to reveal and
many a days happening to ramble.

but before you move on with me, there are something that i want you to know.

firstly, this is my place.. this is my virtual existance.. when i write, i write it for me, but when i post it, its all yours, you read, you comment, i accept.. any thing goes well..

secondly, i would rather have 5 followers and 3 commenters who would read what i write, respond to me, positively or not, than having a 10 followers who doesn’t even bother to read.again, there is no quality stuff for you to read here. so please don’t bother following, unless you really mean to do.

thirdly, i reciprocate. but then, i didn't comment on your post never mean that i failed to read it, but there may be something that offends me, and when i fear if my words on that offense would create offense on you, i rather keep my mouth shut. and when i comment, i really really make it short. i love it that way. i just express my thought.. and it never mean that i have not read your article fully.

fourth, when i blog roll you, i know that you deserve it, and when i say, i love your blog, i mean it. and when i do follow you, i really mean that i want to read more from you..

and finally, i love your stay here, and i love to hear from you. and i am the one who believes that the success and the acceptance of a blog or post happens when the readers say a word.

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