The Award Shelf

and this is the place where i collect the awards :-) displaying the awards on sidebars, well, i dont feel good doing it.. but as awards come as appreciation and token of recognition, and as at times they make you think and write, you cant say no to it.. so here it is, my award shelf.. guess what? i am gonna pass each and every award i get to persons, randomly selected for some random posts.. cheers now.. now let me get all the awards you gave me..and these awards here are randomly ordered as they are now randomly fetched :-)

from kajal, and awarded to Kajal and Anupama

from ste, and awarded to Kasabian Girl, Anupama, Deepika, Veda, Apurva & Amal Bose

from apurva, and awarded to Zenana, Sujo, Rahul Anand, Aarthi and Rugma

from leo

from nyx

from amal

from amal

from mahesh

from mahesh, but now, am not a daily blogger


from chocolover

from chocolover again
from chocolover again

from choco lover yet again

from Shrijit

from chocolate lover

from chocolate lover and shrijit

thank you so much for all your love and appreciation people :)

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