Her Life

Idiot.. Crazy ass.. Stupid.. Arrogant.. itna simple equation dha aur you messed it up all? you are such an Idiot? man you can be be confident, but never over confident.. you paid the price for it.. you knew it right, knew it well and you missed and messed it.. too good that you had nice external examiners.. shut up.. don't explain anything..
oh hey good evening.. don't wonder.. its the other side of me scolding another side of me. haha.. yeah, the exam is over and i messed it up totally.. not that i didn't get the output and results, not that i got out of the exam hall an hour before the time, its just that i am not satisfied about my own performance.. i know, i believe, i can do better.. and i should have.. no turn backs.. no worries.. its all fine now..
And you guessed it right.. its another story in store here... with the same title "her life".. just couldn't think of any other name..
She was reading her elder daughter's mail as the six year old Neha came smiling and running to her. she spoke in her soft voice, "momma can i lie in your lap for some time now?" She hugged Neha and made her lie in her lap.. few minutes later the door bell rang. she went to open the door.. there stood the man with a smile.. Neha moved back to her own room as her mom closed the door after letting the man in..
Later that night, as she removed her gown in front of that man, all in her mind was the mail saying " momma, the last date for my fee payment is day after tomorrow."
oh boy oh boy, i am going to sleep peacefully this night.. no worries of an exam.. no tensions.. oh damn, should wake up early tomorrow to reach the college on time.. damn it sucks to have college on saturdays.. but no way out, there is another exam coming up soon.. and today's suggested reading is this.
so long folks
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Her Life

its two weeks that i started writing here.. and look, where i stand, 14 regular posts, and people reading me, 1700 visits, +150 comments, all in 14 days... did i ever think that there will be someone to read me when i started it with quillinginblood back in 2007? no i didn't. all i wanted was a place where i can be and so far soo good.. ah nothing.. just felt like saying all these.. but actually were saved to say when i complete the 50 here :) will have something better then :) and all credit goes to you, my blog family, my virtual family who complete this place, who make me write and think and learn..
oh oh you have now started worrying about the title, "her life", okk.. its just another attempt from me in story telling :) so here we go..
she came home late, after visiting her professor.. Reaching home, she said good night to mom who till then was waiting for her to reach and entered her room.. wrote her diary, drank the cup of milk and then slept..

the next morning, the newspaper said the success story of her, she being the university topper.. her mom went in to wake her up, but her words reached dead ears...
they broke the door, and there she lay, in her bed, a strip of i-pill tablet next to her, an empty bottle and a dead ant next to the cup of milk she drank last night.the diary still kept open read, i never knew my professor liked me and not my talents.
its my physics university lab exam tomorrow.. and i feel soo good about it.. and wish me luck folks.. and yeah, for the first time, i am rambling before my day is over.. i know what i am going to do till this day ends.. watch tv, read and learn the experiments once again, make a couple of calls and come online by around 8 if possible and sleep peacefully.

Laughs, I Studied Today

A study holiday.. and yeah, for the first time I did study :) ha ha, I know I know you liked it, but its true :) there wasn’t a way out.. and Jinju, smiles at you. You know why don’t you? Well yet another day at home all alone.. and peace.. oh boy oh boy I did have it today :).. been to the ent specialist today and she has given me a biggg tablet to eat :(

And today, I feel like saying,

“There wasn’t just only Gandhi, There was Bhagat Singh too”

Nothing To Say

You read it right.. today, i have nothing to share, nothing to dream and nothing to think.. all in my mind is the exam scheduled on this friday, and i am feel so so so confident about it. :D .. how will you feel being inside the physics lab from morning to evening? well for me, it was fun, though it retarded my thinking abilities, which made me write this post :)
oh wait, i have one quote to share today.. one from last week's Indian Express
A man can't always be estimated by what he does. He may keep the law, and yet be worthless.. He may break the law, and yet be fine. - Oscar Wilde
adieu folks.. and wish me luck for the exams.. and i have 2 study holidays too :) yippiee :D its sleeping time tomorrow :D

It's The Way You See It

Half open or half closed is the way you see it..
Whether half opened or half closed,
There is always a brigher side and a darker side,
Bright or dark, it's what takes your forward..
and its all about what you decide.

Two more additions to yesterdays list of "want to do" things
1. Learn to keep time and be on time or before on all occasions.
2. Treat everyone in the way they deserve them.

A Day To Remember

What a day !! I loved living this day.. my house was home today :) its always nice to have so many people at home, having all the fun, smiles and joy… and with my cousins and uncle and aunt visiting the home, it was really fun.. I loved it, I loved it and I loved it… got busy till now and I know I need to post something.. and I am totally blank today… what a feeling.. am so so so happy, content and in harmony with my life :) so, with nothing to write about my all happening day, at times, words cant express your joy, I take up this tag from nikhin..

Tagged for the first time in here and here I go, doing the tag... so the tag is about living my tween hood... I didn’t know what that word meant until nikhin, who tagged me, told that it’s about the twenties :D

So what I want to do n my twenties... let me guess, think and tell you... not in any priority order... just as they come into my mind...

1. Do Masters Degree from any college outside Kerala… the reason behind it, plain enough, that I want to get out of home and live a life as I like it, though at least for some months.

2. Earn a job and get settled... preferably outside India, but with the academic profile I own, the chances are below negative.

3. Read a lot of books... it hurts when you say, sorry I haven’t even heard about that book when your friends ask you... read anything possible, and read it well

4. Build my language and vocabulary... yeah, another dream of mine... to enrich my knowledge and empower my vocabulary... it stings when you fail to find a synonym for a common word.

5. Buy a DSLR camera and click a lot of images... I am not talking about the basic camera... am talking about the advanced one with a lot of options...

6. With my desire to shoot being said, another thing associated with it, travelling... obviously I want to travel to known and unknown places... meet people and enjoy...

7. Get Settled the family way... take care of mom n dad... so far they looked after me, now its time that I do my side to them...

Ok now... now, let me dream… let me dream about things that I want to do in my twenties...

8. Buy a four wheeler... moderately luxurious :D a home with a porch to park it... a home built on my likes, and my plans, at my country side... with at least 4 rooms in it, the old fashioned way :D, just like this.

9. Give my family a wonderful life, with all the luxuries possible... have enough money that I can spent without bothering about my bank balance

10. Travel around the world...

11. Be happy whatever the conditions around me may be.

12. Give them a reason to smile... or at least give them a reason not to cry :D

That’s all I could find now... Anything else? I so so so wish if I could get my mobile repaired with all its data safe and its internal memory increased by at least some 10 MBs.. and also I wish if I could time travel, go back to the past and correct just 3 mistakes of mine... :) call it three mistakes of my life :P

So the rule says, I must tag some one else.. and phew.. with the kind of life I live here in this virtual space, I know I cant count on all to take up the tags, and hence, its open to all visitors, followers and everyone who read this, if you really want to think and write.. all the best.. and I personally hope and
Slow Processor, Jinju, Mahesh, Rahul and Veda accepts this tag :D but the choice is yours :P

Guiding Light

Cold, dark and isolated
the way forward
hardly could i see
a step ahead
yet my desire to continue
draws me to that own path
i walk, i stumble
i fall, but i never quit
it pains, it bleeds,
i struggle, yet i go on
nothings stops,me from the move
all i have, in me, to hold,
the faith in Him, unseen and
the hopes in me, unburned,
and many a dreams to fulfil
I walk, guided by the light you show,
my inner self.

Hasna, this is for you.. Remember you asked me to write on anything other than Death, Love, Loss, Pain.

A Crushed Dream

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her smile.. she a total stranger, dressed in blue jean and white top.. he gazed at her to find an angelic face.. he looked to himself to see if he dressed properly or not as he found no other reason for her to smile at him.. finding himself neat, he looked at her again, and gosh.. the same smile with more intensity.. their eyes met.. winked for a while and then they passed each other..
at the turn he looked back, following the noise heard..
there she was, talking to a handsome..
and then his heart missed another beat.

PS : poor me.. i thought she was smiling at me and i fell i love with her, first sight .. and broke my heart instantly..


After so long, a photo post.. and i am loving it.. and today, "modeling" of me, my lil cousin achu and her elder sister anjana.. not a prepared shot.. they were home after the temple visit, i liked their dress and shade, i had the camera. and shot it. then only did i realise that the color was too bright..




Archana and Anjana

I loved shooting this..and woww.. i had a good day.. :)

Malayalam Blog Update : Photo Post [link]

all images © Shravan Raghunath.
Unauthorised copying and usage is offensive.

My Journey

alone, i started my journey
took so long for you to come
yet, i don't remember when,
you came, held my hands.

hastened us, together
the route, so isolated
the shades, the rains
the lights, and the winds.

a new horizon seen,
one day; a new break.
new world, new people,
new places, and new life.

my destination, yet not reached
you, thought, your did.
left me alone, and you walked,
to the new sun rise seen..

all alone, i pursue my journey
many come, many leave,
yet, me all alone, transverse.
knowing not, its to divinity.

you came, you left,
two drops of tear, i shed.
no time for me to mourn
nor do you deserve that..

all alone did i begin..
all alone shall i end.. 

and happy birthday nikhil, or as we all call, kuttan.. turning 16, and may you live for long, and may you fall in love, and break your heart once, to know, what love is and may all your dreams come true. God Bless You dear brother.. love ya :)

oh, i forgot to say about my day, nothing great.. had class till noon, had lunch from the hotel, precisely, Indian Coffee House, and realized how worse a place is that to have food.. you dont even clean the glasses you serve.. and the place smells bloody so foul..

Geetz, i have heard your words for a poem.. here is all that i could do.. i hope you like it. and its dedicated to you :)

posts i liked for the day : [Jinju's] [Ayesha's] [Slow Processor's]

Blog Policy

i offer you no quality stuff to read or discuss..
i offer you no great deal of posts..
but i have in store for you,
a friendly hand to extend,
a true self to reveal and
many a days happening to ramble.

but before you move on with me, there are something that i want you to know.

firstly, this is my place.. this is my virtual existance.. when i write, i write it for me, but when i post it, its all yours, you read, you comment, i accept.. any thing goes well..

secondly, i would rather have 5 followers and 3 commenters who would read what i write, respond to me, positively or not, than having a 10 followers who doesn’t even bother to read.again, there is no quality stuff for you to read here. so please don’t bother following, unless you really mean to do.

thirdly, i reciprocate. but then, i didn't comment on your post never mean that i failed to read it, but there may be something that offends me, and when i fear if my words on that offense would create offense on you, i rather keep my mouth shut. and when i comment, i really really make it short. i love it that way. i just express my thought.. and it never mean that i have not read your article fully.

fourth, when i blog roll you, i know that you deserve it, and when i say, i love your blog, i mean it. and when i do follow you, i really mean that i want to read more from you..

and finally, i love your stay here, and i love to hear from you. and i am the one who believes that the success and the acceptance of a blog or post happens when the readers say a word.

The Scream

woohoo.. what a day.. the exam.. blahh.. duh... it was tough.. crazy ass.. my instincts served again.. boo... MUX and DEMUX.. yuck !! phew... no lamenting on the turned page.. move on is the word for now.. and tomorrow is a holiday.. its going to be a funny day.. now let me hit the bed, sleep, a sound sleep.. listening to the music.. before that, let me browse for a while...

its her birthday tomorrow.. my dearest sweet lil cousin.. archana..or as we call her achu :) i wish her a happy birthday.. and she is turning 6 tomorrow.. May the Almighty bless my kid to have all the happiness in her life, may she be blessed to have all the smiles and may she live lor long, happily.. Love you achu... and belated birthday wishes to the blogger friend Manivannan S. May He bless you to have all the joys of life, may He keep you safe guarded from all harms.. Live Long..

and today's rambling is

the womb
the scream
the pain
the joy
mother born.
the pain
the tear
the worry
the torture
son lived.

Pessimistic Talks

Sunday.. and its my exam tomorrow.. guess what? i am confused.. totally, out of my mind.. damn.. i don't feel confident about tomorrow lab exam.. i am yet to study the experiments and designs.

err.. do i sound nervous? oops.. well i am..

i am even more worried about my instincts.. my instincts have always helped me, guided me, and on every occasion, it served me well.. last time, for the lab exam, i felt like i will get the full wave rectifier for the exam, and then i told to my friend, and it happened, this time for the model exams of physics and computer science, i felt like i would get circular coil and string and conversion, and i got exactly the same question..

i start to fear now.. damn.. what am i going to feel tomorrow? ouch.. it would come right for me.. its been the same for always.. ah.. am i so tensed? come on now.. i need a sound sleep...

and now its 3 days since my beloved mobile is dead.. poor mob.. its been serving me for the last 4 years.. all the contacts, the text messages, and many of my posts.. it worked like my notepad many times.. i miss using it and i know, i am not going to have you back as you were before.

time to wind up...breathe.. 1..2..3.. ease out.. good night dear all..

and today's rambling is,
one day, you may listen, to me,
but who knows if its my last say.
one day, you may know, me,
but who knows if i am in coffin then.

P S : its only 7.30 PM, i know, but i wont be coming online late night to do a post as i study when the world rests.

Playing Discords

What a day.. it rained.. the power failure a no of times.. yet a fine day.. brushed up in the noon.. designed the header for the blog.. feels so good.. hit the books for monday exam, oh boy oh boy, its gonna be tough.. i must learn to control my anger level.. i must work hard on that.. ah..its time to bid farewell to the not so happening day.. good night and dreams to you folks

and today's rambling is

" നിന്നെ നെഞ്ചോടു ചേര്‍ത്തു പാടാം ഞാന്‍,
എന്‍ ജീവന്റെ പാഴ്സ്വരങ്ങള്‍. "

" Close to my heart you stay,
listening to the discord it played "


Competition For You

It started raining when he boarded the bus…the bus moved slowly and slowly through the roads... The roads all damaged, and it made the journey even more complex... it rained heavily for twenty minutes before it started to pour down slowly.. He got down at his stop and started walking... He took the turn and then found the road too empty and dark... The street lights were all off... The shops were all lit using candles... He moved past the juice shop, said a hi to the owner and took the isolated route to the left... The shops were all closed and it was dark, even more dark... He walked down the roads, flooded in water, and mud... it was hard for him to realise the road and the drainage.. The sky was all dark and cloudy, yet no thunder and lightning... And to his aid, only the mobile phone.. The torch in it, lit up and he walked down, down and down...

continue the story to its ending, post in your blog, link it back to me, or post in my comments section.

P S : all bloggers who reach here, are tagged to write this one :) thanks

Surprise Awaits.

Here I Begin

As the title says, its the daily ramblings, about the happenings in my life, around me, my place and all that is related to me.. Quilling in Blood is the first blog i created, the first blog which gave me my space here, amongst all you people, as a beginner, gave me awesome memories, friends, inspiration, and new lessons of course.. it was heart breaking for me to shut this blog down till today and its that same reason, which made me reopen this blog today.

i offer you no quality stuff to read, i offer you nothing, i offer you no great deal of posts. but i have in store for you, a friendly hand to extend, a true self to reveal and many a days happenings to discuss.. what i am going to write here, is still uncertain for me, as it is with you, but i will have something scribbled here, almost on all days, yeah daily.

and today's rambling is is

it rained,
like tears
beloved dead
broken heart
the sky and
the earth.

Just A Random Thought

thoughts of death come to our mind, only for two reasons
1. you feel extremely happy at that very moment, and thus you want to die in that moment, laughing and seeing the better side of life.
2. you feel damn lost at that very moment, and thus you want to die in that moment, not facing the trouble and hiding your face.

its just a momentary thought to die and then
you never know what the next moment has for you.
live, unlamented, die, in peace.

The Award Shelf

and this is the place where i collect the awards :-) displaying the awards on sidebars, well, i dont feel good doing it.. but as awards come as appreciation and token of recognition, and as at times they make you think and write, you cant say no to it.. so here it is, my award shelf.. guess what? i am gonna pass each and every award i get to persons, randomly selected for some random posts.. cheers now.. now let me get all the awards you gave me..and these awards here are randomly ordered as they are now randomly fetched :-)

from kajal, and awarded to Kajal and Anupama

from ste, and awarded to Kasabian Girl, Anupama, Deepika, Veda, Apurva & Amal Bose

from apurva, and awarded to Zenana, Sujo, Rahul Anand, Aarthi and Rugma

from leo

from nyx

from amal

from amal

from mahesh

from mahesh, but now, am not a daily blogger


from chocolover

from chocolover again
from chocolover again

from choco lover yet again

from Shrijit

from chocolate lover

from chocolate lover and shrijit

thank you so much for all your love and appreciation people :)

നിന്‍ ഓര്‍മ്മയില്‍

നിന്റെ ആത്മവിശ്വാസത്തില്‍ എന്റെ ചങ്കിടിപ്പുകളുണ്ടായിരുന്നു..
നിന്റെ പുഞ്ചിരിയില്‍ എന്റെ കണ്ണീരിന്റെ നനവും.
എനിക്കായി എന്നില്‍ ബാക്കിയായില്ല ഒന്നും,
നിന്റെ ഓര്‍മ്മകളും, സുഖമുള്ള നോവുകളും ഒഴികെ.

Writing For Its Sake

Life has been pretty tough and rough for the last week... didn't even get time to complete the story i had in mind.. seems like the fever is on a high roll here.. i got hit by it four time, brother two times and now mom is still in bed.. life became even more tough having missed 7 working days at college and the notes still pending to be completed.. it became even more tough with issues among relationships and my opting to stay away from commitments at college owing to my friends' response to my absence at college..

Things are good on the positive side too.. after so long, am keeping up with my books, i am doing my part and the electronics labs are now really cool.. counting the days are now a part of my life.. i now need to be in this college for a maximum of 7 months.. and that will be the much awaited freedom release for me..

Getting high on people, i try my best not to get on with any person these days, yet things happen in such a ways that you tend to hit people and argue with them.. damn it really get under the skin and nerves later.. and patching up with old friends has happened.. the issues are all settled and i can now afford to smile..

what a week it was.. recovering from the fever, going back to college, wanting to stay home to see mother as she was ill, and yet leaving to college for the sake of attendance, wanting to eat form outside and yet restraining from it for being under medical care, getting rid of the magazine works finally and waiting it to be published in 3 weeks time, freshers at college and the strict orders from lectures not to meet, rag, torture them, meeting her friend and receiving the smiley.. it made me smile.. it was a week of mixed emotions..

time to wind up this weeks story.. its shravan saying adios to you.. have fun and keep smiling..

P S : 200th post next, no celebrations on this time, hope to complete the second story in mind..

P P S : it never took these many days for me to post a post in earlier days. yes, i am too busy living my life, too busy with academics.

P P P S : You might want to read this post.

Never Ending Love

I come to fight with an empty arsenal
but i am all guared by just one shield
the shield of her never ending love
Penned to Life by Shravan. Powered by Blogger.
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