Where is the leave letter, Shravan?

yes yes, that is the first question i heard this morning at college.. and all i had to do was smile wink and smile.. tomorrow maa'm :) settled..

and yes, went to college today.. and guess what? college has got a make out.. new paints and new shades.. and its looking cool.. but the white is going to turn brown soon.. and guess what? 3 more courses.. man my college is growing.. but its my last year there..i havent loved that place for the last two years, but this time around, i am going to try and love my college, after all its going to be my last study at this place hopefully..

and the college.. thank god. i didnt have any interview and questioning sessionss.. the day was merely a waste day.. the first 3 hours till now, ggod i had computer science lab and i still dont know how me n rahul spent the 3 hourss.. phewww!! went to the canteen.. ate the canteen food today was too oily.. :( and then in the 4th hour HOD came to class, she is the class tutor too.. attendance and then.. shravan... where is the leave letter? :D and then she took the class.. and the last hour, praveen sirs hour.. went fine as always..

the way back home, had to purchase the books and thank god the books are out of stock ! :D i dont have to write the notes..:) and then i had to get that ganesha picturee from the shop.. and if you dont know, the god, that i keep in my home is ganesha..:) there are the pics of many other gods too..
why in this world to people pray looking at drawn pictures saying he/ she is god? come on people, if there is god, the resides in your inner sense..in you, in your thoughts.. and the way you see and love the rest. :)

and i witnessed an accident.. the lady was too careless to run across the road.. and you you the people put your hands on the biker.. it was no fault of his.. he was not doing a last lap ride like Rossi, Valentino. he was slow, very slow, due the traffic block.. lady nothing happened to you and you still made that man say sorry and you people beat him around.. it was no fault of his !

and finally before i quit for this day, suggested readings :
1. Pentegram .. i loved that post !
2. My take on praying to god.

PS: i know, there is nothing in it for now :)

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anupama said...

dear shravan,
really cool!
i really wish one day you won't ask,why don't you pray wholeheartedly....[i have a forwrded mail with me to answer].......
start feeling the bricks that built the building,the trees around,the atmosphere,the depts,the friends,the faculty and don't forget the nice people who keep the premises clean!smile at them daily.
hope the books reach the shops soon.[be serious right from the beginning].:)
hey,i'm so sad,my post is not there in the suggested reading......[read and decide.....]
then, the coffee,bru,in your kitchen:)
thanks for my 'sasneham'.
keep writing.......

Shravan RN said...

@ anupama
:D i have already said that i am no atheist even! and you can forward me that mail :D the id is here ! and yes, what you said about college and the atmosphere is too cool :D.

suggested readings are too random dear..i picked the post published on today for that, and the 2nd suggestion, i gave to as i said something on praying in the post.

and now i hope that you have a smile on your face.. and come over here, will prepare the coffee for you, and will serve not in the kitchen, but in the visitors room or dining room. lolz..:) cheers !

The Pink Orchid said...

i loved the way you talked of god..

cALviN::കാല്‍‌വിന്‍ said...

Leave letter? !!!
that too in a college :P

I never used to give one... When I had to take some long leave (1 week or so), my father compelled me to give a letter in advance, but I wouldn't... Why making such habits???

Anyways nice post Shravan ...


Cяystal said...

You have something like a leave letter in college? ZoMg! =D
Anyway..thanks a ton for recommending my post to your readers..=)
And like the way you talked f God.

Shravan RN said...

@ kajal Chechi

:) get well soon :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Calvin
it sucks !! big time !! but there is no other alternatove at this college :( i would say, its rather a jail than a college :)

@ my collgee officials : no no its heaven :P ( smiles at your back ) :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Crystal
:D i liked your post :)
leave letter in nursary you can say :D (read reply to calvin)

SindhuBhairavi said...

hmm thanks.. this made me smile! :) sentiments mothakachavadam avasaanicho?? aaashwaasam! :)

u are happy that the books were out of stock u naughty kid!!

what u said about god is true.. i agree...

ur question or rather words to the lady made me smile! :)

keep writting shravan..

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