What a day !

College reopened.. it was fun to see the teachers, and to be with friends, talk, chat, flirt and move around, the canteen, the food, the lime juice and interval, and then the walk to the bus stop in the noon.. yes yes, first day and the college functions till noon only.. meeting the juniors, talking to them about their exams, the rain, the bus stop chat, the bus fun, the town talk, town walk and later back to home in another bus, half sleeping since i woke early in the morning, reaching home, having lunch, watching tv, now typing this..

i want to go on and on like this.. and what you read till now, are just my word plays.. True that the college has reopened but the rest of the things must have happened with my friends, and definitely not with me. no no dont cast me that look again.. yes i BUNKED ! choco my dear friend, what did you say in the last comment, now you will be smiling right?(if you are here and reading) i bunked and had fun at home..

not again, not that look on me.. i know it was the first day, i was supposed to be there.. guess what? i had guests at home.. the newly wedded couples, the two couples were home, and i had 2 take them to relatives' homes. true, there is no joint family system now, but i feel like there is now the birth of a complex family.. for those who dont know or dont understand what i am saying, a complex family, i mean where a joint family splits up, and sets up their homes, inside a huge plot, and they have their own freedom, but they are still together.. and that is the way we, i mean my family live here. my home at a corner, my uncles home at another corner, then the old big house and another uncles home at another corner.. we are seperated, but still we are together..

yeah, so i had to take them to those homes, "feed" them the break fast, play the host-ghost role, and with the help of the sissies, all it went fine.. actually they played the host and i played the ghost.. they were anyhow supposed to do it, coz mom said feel like home :) and then they left with all smiles.. and what a concept.. marriagee.. two families unite and they adjust to live, two individuals, shared their dreams and hopes, know eachother, care love and feel for each other, and look at the girl.. what adjustments she had to make.. she gets seperated from her family and home, and goes to a total new environment, and the only person who she could talk is her husband.. after all the family is big noww..

after sending them home, all i had to do was come online for a while, then make a cup of coffee for me, and the make lunch for my brother.. yeah yeah, i made it today, for me and my brother.. mom, she went to school..she works ! and she works shift at school and she teaches in the morning shift.. she had to leave my 7 45 and what a lunch we had !! i make an awesome cook, though not a great foodiee.. i eat less :)

and then went to my bed, i missed it yesterday, had to adjust for the couples, changed the positions and sheets in the way i like it.. and wow slept like dead.. woke up now, and nothing to do, and this post i wrote, and what now, a quick shower,oh no, a shower that would last of another 30 minutes, watch tv for some time, iron uniform for tomorrow, yeah i have uniform at college, it sucks, at the same time, i am loving it.. i dont have to shop every now and then, and worry about the dress anc shades and all.. and i all have to do is put on the black pant and the blue white shirt on all days except for wednesday.. and then watch to nights india vs newzealand cricket for some time, and its sleeping time for my mobiles today, no calls will be attended from 11 pm to 7 am tomorrow.. watch tc till i feel like sleeping, go to bed and sleep like dead again, wake up in the morning around 5, come on, i need someone to wake me up at 5.. its been ages that i saw 5 am in my clock.. with the holidays on, i slept adn 3-4 am and woke up around 11-12 and all godd.. how am i to make it to college tomorrow and i need 2 leave by 7 30..

phew.. that sums it up :) i know i bored you, and i knowingly did that.. i cant be that serious individual as someone thinks and says always.

PS : the me in blogger and the me in real are two individuals, and i bet on that ! but the core is the same !

PPS : at times you need to read inbetween the lines !

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Praveen said...

surprised to see someone having the same blog template as mine:D
and that too a malayali:)

college re opening and stuff..missing it all...:(

The Pink Orchid said...

I knew most of it already...yayayyaayaya :P

anupama said...

dear shravan,
interesting.hey,you are still in uniform and talking big things of marriage,new bride,union of families...........so,thoughtful:)
even i'm relaxing .....few more days to go.
before hitting bed,tell ten times to yourself,''i will get up at 5a.m''.
keep writing.daily happenings are cool.
i would like to taste yoor coffee:)

മാളുക്കുട്ടി said...

shravan,good post.:D

Shravan RN said...

@ Praveen
same here :) and welcome :) your photography blog is lokin good :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal Chechi
i bet you dint know that i would do this here :) and the joint -nuclear-complex family stuff as well :) :D :P

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
welcome :) uniform is not my fault :) thoughtful? thank you, but it took only 10 mins to do this all together :D i relaxed for enought :) coffee, bru or nescafe? and when n where? :P

i love your way of ending a post or a comment.. "sasneham".. it feels good :)

Shravan RN said...

@ maalukkuty
:) thanks, and am waiting for your diary entries to come :)

The Pink Orchid said...

that's why i said 'most of it' na monu? :P I love the way you explained the new bride new home..and complex family set up.

Shravan RN said...

@ Chechi
hmmm.. keepin an eye on your bro ha? :D :D

The Pink Orchid said...

na na not at all .. :D

Shravan RN said...

@ Chechi
:) :D

Sneha said...

Throughout reading your post I smile.:)
have a nice day ahead.:)

lakshmi said...

WOw Shravan......though you missed the first day at college.......you seem to have had a remarkably challenging and wonderful day.......

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

So enjoying college life at home ;D

Have a wonderful time mate!


Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
:) had a great day till now !

Shravan RN said...

@ lakshmi akka
yes i did :) how are you akka?

Shravan RN said...

@ Mani
:) :D cheers to you as well :)

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