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yeah, i know i am too random, i am too disoriented.. yesterday i said i am taking my leave from blogsphere till Saturday.. i had my words of apology for Anupama, who gifted me a wonderful post on this special day, which is my birthday as per the Malayalam calender and the star signs.[link].Anupama, that was real sweet of you. i loved that post. and now you know why i am here, back again, as the real shravan. its my birthday, yeah second celebrations and if you feel like wishing me a happy birthday, you can do it here[link].. and today, unlike the gone days of this month, i am feeling real joy and happiness..

I remember, the title is Something About My Place.. so here i start, for first timers here, and for those who have no idea about the place i live its Kannur, which means abode of the god Shree krishna, and to validate[not the right word i guess] that name, there are a no of Krishna temples here.. and to speak particularly about my place, Chirakkal, its at around a 5-6 Kms away from kannur town.. and my place too has this, that there are temples near by.. believe me when i say my house is surrounded by 7 temples.. and if you are wondering now, why i am talking about the temples, i was there today, i wanted to go to 5 temples following the birthday, and now i know, some people will be wondering, shravan to temple? i never said i hate temples.. i said i don't believe in stone idols.

What i wanted to do this evening was to visit the temples, and that is what i did today.. i charted to visit 5 times, but could cover up only 3 temples as the other two temples closed after the prayers.. so the 5 temples i wanted to go are
1. Kizhakkekkara Shree Krishna Temple
2. Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple
3. Siveshwaram Shiva Temple
4. Dhanwanthari Temple
5. Shree Durga Temple

and i covered the first three temples.. and now, something about these temples

1. Kizhakkekkara Shree Krishna Temple
this temple is supposed to be build some 1400 years ago according to my father[clarification needed], and is one of the oldest of temple to be built anywhere. it is said that the famous saint, Vilvamangalam Swami [details,link]was here once, in the olden days. the temple is known for the mural paintings their which are now being forgotten and getting damaged.. the main idol here is the Lord Krishna.

2.Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple
this temple is supposed to be the place where Cherusseri[detail,link,link2] wrote his Krishnaghada, which is the poetic version of the life of Shree Krishna. this temple has this beauty and serenity and people will love to be there, and what makes Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple famous is the annual festival there, the annual festival at this temple lasts for a week's time and is indeed a visual treat to the people.this temple is supposed to be built some 400-450 years ago.[clarification needed] this temple is regarded as the Guruvayoor[link] of north kerala. the idol worshiped here is supposed to be bought from Dwaraka, the place where Lord Krishna lived and is supposed to be worshipped by Sathyabhama

another name to come into memory associated with this temple is the Chirakkal Chira[link], the pond, which is the largest and biggest man made water resource, with an area of 14 acres. sad to say now, this water body is not going to live for long now. due the pollution and carelessness, this water body is dying everyday..

3.Shiveshwaram Temple
this temple is the abode of Lord Shiva, and this is one of the primitive temples, like the Kadalayi Temple.. this temple is also supposed to be built before some 400-450 years ago, but i suppose it to be more than that. this temple is regarded as one among the 108 temple where it is prayed " yathra yathra shivakshethram, thatra thatra namagraham"[Malayalam/Sanskrit, clarification needed].often the Kadalayi Krishna temple and the siveshwaram temple are visited together by devotees.

4.Dhanwanthari Temple
Lord Dhanwanthari is considered as the god of ayurveda and good health, and this temple is one of the rarest Dhanwanthari temples to have found.. very primitive alike the rest,and has a very calm atmosphere, that will make the devotees sit and pray and come back again.

5. Durga Temple
Durga, the goddess, is the main idol here. Durga Temple and the Dhanwanthari temple are supposed to be built around the same time, because of the same architectural structures used.[clarification needed]

now thats is about the temples at my place, there are some more to be said, but later some times..

today i felt real good visiting the temples, the disturbed mind of mine is now all calm and quite, i am loving this change in me, i have always loved the silent atmoshpere at the temples.. and now to wind up, i talk about the Kerala Folklore Academy.

The Kerala Folklore Academy,is just 5 minutes away from my home.. so what is Kerala folklore academy? Kerala Folklore Academy, an autonomous center for cultural affairs, is located in kannur . The institution was constituted by the Government of Kerala and works under the Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Kerala. The institution provides economic aid to financially and physically weak artists. Economic aid programs and academic councils are conducted to promote the traditional Kerala art forms. The institution aims to promote and preserve the traditional art forms of Kerala.

the kerala folklore academy is getting a make over now, and it made me laugh.. its supposed to take of that building that its working now, the old naalukettu[link] and now they are reconstucting it, and i am feeling sick about it..

that is all, and if you read the post till the end, i am thankful to you. i know this is not my way of writing things, but i felt like writing this one. comments welcome.

PS : i am sorry for making this post text only, and i promise you to have the pics of these temples posted in this post, soon, all from my Camera.

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Abhinav Sunder Nayak said...

gud one buddy!! post d pics...

anupama said...

dear shree,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!what a change,shree!hey,overnight you changed?great!you are highly talented and to reach greater heights!realise it at the earliest!
when the whole world has turned to be silent,
a small prayer someone chants for you,
it's for your happiness and peace,
and she is asked to give back her peace!
readily she agreed wholeheartedly,
as you meant the world to her!
great shravan,your birth is,
an unknown hand waits for the grip!
spread cheer andbe good1
hearty congrats for the temple post,and i just love to be there right now!

Sam said...

Dear shraven...
i dont mean to argue...but if you do not belive in Idols..what is the point in going to a temple...let me be more precise...You said you do not belive in idols ,so in short God does not reside in them..so what is the purpose....are u contradictin yourself...beside that..lovely article...lovely blog...

V Rakesh said...

I'm awed by this post! I did not know that Kannur meant home of Lord Krishna!

I can say that this place has had a very profound effect on me and I have always loved staying there.

I have also been to some of the temples that you have mentioned!

Deep inside, I long to go to Kannur and stay disconnected from this maddening world of mine where I stand sandwiched between computers, consultants and cases, the 3 Cs of my life that drain me every single moment!

I miss Kannur and cannot stop echoing my feelings for this marvelous place...... Thanks so very much for this wonderful piece that made me instantly connect to my past and perhaps my destiny itself!

As Always!


Cяystal said...

Oh!..missed your birthday..Happy Birthday budddy!
And ya..good one..waiting for the snaps!

Shravan RN said...

@ Abhi
this visit is a surprise abhi :d thanks, n the snaps will be there soon !

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
:) you have left me with nothing to say. not even a thank you for the comment, that will be total unjustice to say just a thank you :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sam
God doesn't reside in them. and i am no atheist even.. i love the calm n cool atmoshpere at the temple, and thats what takes me to there.. i thought i mentioned it somewhere in the most, and now, i am sorry.. i hope its clear now.

Shravan RN said...

and sam, thank your for the comment, and for the visit. hope to see yor around. cheers :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh bhai
i know that you love this place.. last time also you said it, and come over here brother :0 the 3 C's are interesting.. you must be bored now ! :D thank you for the comment brother.

Shravan RN said...

@ Crystal
thank you :D cheers :)

Sneha said...

Nice description.

Post some pics.:)

..Rugma.. said...

waitin for da pics shravan...and you hav rot it really well....
i thnk i havnt been 2 sum of these temples....wil make sure dat i visit thm,....
hope evrythng is goin gud wid u....takecare...

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
will do it soon :) waiting to get some time to visit the places again.

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
surpise Surprise.. :D for me :P.. will post the pics soon :)

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