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certain things happen in life that they change the way you live around, the way you think and the way you dream. Certain things happen in such a way that it change the way you live even.. the concepts of living, the future, the relationships.. everything may change, that too in just fractions of seconds..

on a certain day we live for one, we aim one, and we love, care, think of one, on certain days we dream, we hope, we pray, and on certain days, we think of the past, the love of mother, fathers advices, brother and sisters pranks.. on certain days we go thoughtless..

what a week so far for me. fell ill for the third time in a stretch.. and wow.. being at home for 2 days made me think.. read and not to write... yeah am missing that ability of mine.. on a serious note i hate to live my life based on time tables.. and damn that's how i am living now.. the tablets.. the timing.. crazy the docs are.. yeah you are right.. finally finally i visited a doc.. and all he had to do was see my temperature, check my BP and ask me to cut down the amount of junk food i eat.. damn he even prescribed me tablets, with timings.. one tablet 30 mins before breakfast lunch and dinner.. and one 10 mins after dinner and another one another 5 mins after it. man you are really crazy.. know what? i forgot about the tablets this noon :)

BTW i realised certain things.. all i had to do in these two days was be at home, sleep and rest.. and think.. realisations.. i love the cats at home.. i really love the two kittens.. i haven't always loved having pets, but my mom loves the cats, and yesterday night, babe, you made me cry.. moms poor lil kitten jumped into the well.. she was intelligent but.. climbed and stood on the side step till this morning.. seriously i love these two kittens.. realisation 2.. its better to love animals than to love humans.. when you licked my hand this noon, i felt your love.. i know i never fed you, never talked to you like mom, but today, i just fed you with milk and covered you in cloths to make you warm, and you loved me, you jumped over me, licked me and then played with me..

pinky and neeli, yeah the kittens, i am loving you both.. i still remember the time you were born and that time, all i had to do was pursue mom to keep you both at home.. the personal sentiments had made me go mad then.. and i wanted to get rid of that.. you both made me laugh.. played with the tennis balls and made me smile.. your lil fights and the hugs soon followed, made me smile.. i cared for that human like my blood, and now i feel the emotional void, but dear pinky and neeli, thanks to you, i kept my normality.

realisation 3.. i am really really single now.. my relationship with her is official over, though with mutual consent.. it took 2 long years for us to make out that we are not the ideal matches.. but still, girl i loved you smile, the songs you sang for me, the 5 dates i had with you, your innocence and you love... i know i broke your heart a couple of times, but in the end its all fine and square now.. you shall always be remembered

realisation 4, at this right moment, i am making you bored, and here is the last one, i lack my skills [if ever i had] of writing these days.. i am broken, i am down, and i know i have things to write, but i tend to be afraid of going back to the same old emotional stuffs.. and here is the final realisation, I MISS ME.

PS : the title has, i hope, nothing to do with the post.

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Shravan RN said...

image from :

:) smiles now :)

KParthasarathi said...

I enjoyed reading the post.I think cats get attached to the house and not to the people unlike dogs.They are cunning too belying their cute appearance.
Get well soon,Shravan

lakshmi said...

Hi Shravan

this too shall pass soon

have a speedy recovery

Smile smile smile each day
and see the sadness go far away.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm..that was a good part of one's philosophy i read it in long time...

Cats are simply cute..

yeah no relation with title...:-)


divya said...

nice post:)....nd the cats r really really cute man!! :)

anupama said...

dear shravan,
hope the time table and the medicines brought you back in the pink of your health.
life is full of ups and downs!cheer up!you have the marvellous skill of writing!be grateful!
we have miles to go before we sleep;so why not with a smile?

Shravan RN said...

@ K P sir
am glad that you enjoyed reading me sir. and thats a new info about the cats :) thank you sir

Shravan RN said...

@ Lakshmi akka
:) smilesss

Shravan RN said...

@ Mahesh
cheers buddy :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Divya
thanks, and the cats pic from the net.:) see first comment dear

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
good to see you here :) and yeah, am all fine and fine.. n yeah, facing with smiles :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Shravan,

Have a full recovery and cheer up. Love the picture of your kittens.


Shravan RN said...

@ Ayesha
its all fine. and you might want to see the first comment !

Anubha said...

Oh well, there are sevral such times in everyone's life! We feel down and the worst part is when you wanna feel the same way as before and simply cant!
But I'll tell you what- even this too shall pass! Trust me, it will.
Every cloud has a silver lining- remember?

Anyways, nice posts you have there. Get well soon!
& Take care!


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