I Have No Words, Yet

Today as i am living my 555th day here, in the blogsphere, i have no words to express how and what i feel.. but i know, i feel so accomplished. when i read and move from blogs to blogs, i know how well people are dedicated to this space, each day they come up with new thoughts, posts and discussions. they read and encourage people. i am obliged. i hope that people know that i don't read any published authors, i keep myself engaged by reading the posts in blogs, and they are worth reading and spending the time on. it feels so odd and bad when some one asks me have you read this book by this person and i smile at them and say, sorry i i didn't read as i didn't have a library membership. did i ever bother to get one? no i didn't. even after three years of moving to this place, i didn't bother to go and make a library membership

wondering why this blabbering? i just want to thank all you people, who read what i write, who stand by me, who encourage and support me, who wants me to write well. without your support and kind words, a lazy kid with no reading skills and no exposure to the literature world like me, would have lived a 555days, noticed by a few bloggers. true that you can live a 1000 days without being noticed, but i feel so accomplished as you did notice me, you did read me, and more than that you encouraged me.

As i complete this milestone, let me look back, i came to this place in 2007 December, and started the whole lot of myself, tagged them poems, and published, now i know, i don't write poems, i just try to write them, thanks to those people who are really talented, for those people who made me know what real poetry is all about.

Some names to mention as i quit blabbering now,

Rugma, dear lady without you being the first person to read/comment, i wouldn't have written in the initial stages, this place would have died an easy death.

Parthasarathi or KP Sir, as i call him, you are a source of inspiration.Without your comments and your mails that encourage, i wouldn't have dared to think, think and the write

Lakshmi or Lakshmi akka, You made me smile with all your comments, and ever since you came across this place, i knew that i will have one reader, who will always appreciate what i write. thank you for that akka.

Saji, this man from UAE, basically from kerala is another source of inspiration, every time he catches me online, me make me thing, me encourage me to write and read, yes read the publish authors and his comments make me feel good.

Ayesha, i remember all the comments and chat sessions we had, and with your around, i knew what devotion and dedication is all about.

Vim 3, her existence in the blogsphere didn't last for long, and she is not seen around this place these days, when she was around, she made me know she was.

Sneha, your comments and posts make me smile.

Jinju, i know i met this amazing blogger a little late, but ever since i knew her, she made it sure that i write original.

Manivannan, he has always appreciated what i do, and i am so so so thankful to you.

Dubu, the story teller, he blogs very rarely, but every time he came, me let me know that he was around.

Zenana, Jasmine and Maxcely, for reading what i write.

Amritorupa, Mahesh, Rakesh bhai, Rakesh Divakar, you people made your presence count with the comments.

Bindhu unny, i loved your English verses and the occasional comments.

Slow Prpcessor and Sindhu Bhairavi, you people came at the same time almost, and still remember what you both said on the other blog, which is almost dead now, not to write things with sorrows in it, but i am really sorry, without sorrows and pains, i havent written much, and i am extremely glad that even though sadness and pains were/are the main themes i mainly deal with, you both still read, comment and encourage.

Sudheeshettan and Sreehari mash, what do i have to tell you, it feels so good to chat with you people and sreehari mash, i like your posts and the occasional comments.

Kajal, and Neelima, you both make my virtual sisters,and i feel soo good to have you both around, and Kajal, i still remember your patience to listen on that day, and neelima, i still remember the courier bomb :D

Pulkit, for the visit, i hardly read you hindi posts, cause my command over the language is ..

Anupama, for the well said comments and encouragement, for the words exchanged in the comments sections, and caht boxes, for saying that i am real talented

Miss Sunshine or Apurva and Crystal, i love the comments you make.

every names, mentioned as in the order as you entered this place.and one or two may be not in the order,
and i am thankful to all you people, and if ever i missed out some one, i apologise.

its shravan signing off, humming my favourite song, and the last lines,

special dedications, for Ambili, for making to write, for saying that i have the talent, and with out those words, i wouldnt have stepped into the blogsphere. for Amrutha, with out the letter exchanged, i would have polished my writing skills, and you shall always be remembered.

and, if ever in these 555days, i hurt any of you by any means, i apologize with an open heart.. i am sorry. and i know i have hurt some people beyond forgiving, i have hurt some peoples feelings and emotions, i am sorry, i hope time will heal everything.

part two

the book worm is me is still still alive. i realized it today. yeah, yesterday noon when i was busy proof reading and correcting the articles for the college magazine, away from my home, i got this call from the courier office, saying i have a courier. i had no options to go and retrieve it then, and all i had to do was to call Hafis, a college mate of mine, man you drive well ! in just an hour i got the courier and i returned to my "work space"

as i signed up papers at the courier offices, the urge was on for me to know that the courier carried, and in no time less that a 3o seconds, i opened the courier, found this great book by India's best selling author, Chetan Bhagat, "One Night @ The Call Center". and this time also, the courier was sent by the same person who sent the chocolates as a part of this days celebration. i am obliged to you, or rather i feel so.

didnt i say that i realized that the book worm in me is still alive? believe me when i say, i finished reading the story, and just 3 stretches. i didnt get time to read the book yesterday, reasons in part 3. this moring, as i woke up and had nothing else to do than the editing works for the magazine, i felt bored and i opened this book, and started reading, after 4 long years of being seperated from the books, it wasnt that easy for me to read, but with every line read, it was back, the urge, what next, the feelings and the guest was back.. the first stretch lasted for a 44 page read..

and then the second reading stretched till page 96, and then came the final stretch, which finished at aroun 11.03 pm in my clock, i finished the book in just a day, and, let me say, i loved the book, and i would term the book as romatic, leaving all other elements behind.

i am no good at book reviewing, i never had a chance, and even now i dont intend to take up that challenge. but still i would like to have some say on it.

i loved the book, and i loved it for the romance in it. and Bhagat's way of story telling is real cool n calm, he is emotional ! look at the way he plotted the emotions of vroom, yeah i found him emotional, he is similar to me, i tend to shed my anger in the same way as he did, break the moniter the pen :)

so the story comes great when you have the simplest of idea applied on it. you sneak in to your managers cabin, type mail from his id and sent it to people and finally threaten him , all for a good cause though. this book made me smile too. the god part you see in the book is another variety from usual ways for writing, and it is awesome work. and to sum up, this story is plotted at and around the lives of 6 people

1. shyam

2.vroom or varun




6. military uncle

the manager bhakshi is just a parasite as the character says at him. and again, the character of military uncle didnt get due importance. for me i felt the story rather oriented on shyams and priyankas life. but again, you cant neglect the other persons, as the represent the society. esha represents that risk taking person who want to reach good heights in careers and one who finally messes things for no fault of her, vroom is just the example of angry youth with true feelings and emotions and good deeds. radhika personifies the womanhood who suffer at their homes, and military uncle has no say, expect for the ill treatment old people get from their siblings. and priyanka is the example of that female who wants to have her own money to do the higher studies, to say the least. i am not going to analyse her, its beyond me. and shyam personifies the you and the me who at times rate ourselves good for nothing individual, but when motivated, can go on a winning streak

all together i rate this book and 9.5 out of 10, ofcourse personal feelings involved, this is the first book i seriously read after 4 long years.


part 3

stop using pain killers. man i had to take one pain killer yesterday morning to make myself stable to work with the magazine issues. i took just one pill in the morning and now i am in all troubles with the side affects. a fever hit me, i lost my tastebuds working, it burned my stomach, abdomen and even a**. it made me lose my sleep with the pain and dehydration, it put me in hell. say no to pain killers

love shravan.

off section: i am sorry to sent you away from talking to me, even after knowing that you meant good, but the person in you is beyond the level of acceptance for me. i am sorry.

PS : check the preview post to see the guest post [highly recommended]

32 Shared Thoughts:

Sneha said...

glad to know that my comments and post bring smile on your face.:)

keep writing.:)

SindhuBhairavi said...

Congrats on the 555th day Shravan! .. Reading u have always been a treat.. i remember the first time i visited your blog.. u made me cry with some poems and writings.. they were packed with emotions.. u have made me cry, and smile and laugh as well . thanks for everything..

This post made me smile :)

u write well.. keep writing..
and yes.. thanks for introducing that book.. the review was good!!! :)

take care..

KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations on reaching this milestone.You are highly talented,versatile and creative.Little wonder your blog has wide following and read avidly.If a gallup poll were to be taken amongst the blogs I follow and see, you will easily win as the most popular.I wish you all the best in the coming days both in blogging and in your studies.

Rush said...

555th day..i stop there!!
good work at keeping track!!

Rush said...

p.s. i forgot to congratulate!!
good going..first time here and hope to keep coming!!

anupama said...

dear shravan,
hearty congrats!great going!keep it up!
really wonderful reading your posts!books,the best friends always!get back to reading!who knows,you will be another poular writer in future. :)u ve the potential.thanks for the good words even though i don't deserve.
and i do apologise for disgracing your marvellous page on the special occasion of 555th day,celebrations,but a black mole is needed ---------najar legne se bach jayenge........
big god bless!

V Rakesh said...

Goodluck Shravan! Wishing you a very eventful life ahead in blogging and outside of it!

Thanks for mentioning me!

Warm Wishes


Cяystal said...

ThankYOU so much! =)
Congratulations for 555th day :D

Btw. Have read One Night @ the call center.. one thing about Bhagat is he knows how to get his msg across with humour..though on reading the book once I felt frustrated at the 15 page long accounts of "My dates with Priyanka" and how her nose ws cute :|..bt then I realized..we all have a Shyam inside us, and on re-reading it when I was down..it felt good.. BTW. I <3 Vroom's sense f humour and character :D

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hey Shravan,

CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, I too remember our chat sessions and most of your appreciative comments full of encouragement.

Am still on vacation and have irregular access to the net...Will catch up in July, God-willing.

Take care, and all the best to you :)


lakshmi said...

Congrats Shravan
your blog is one that fills the readers with all kinds of feelings/emotions.
Glad that I came across ur blog. and your postings sure merit the appreciations..........great going

Miss Sunshine said...

aww, u remembered me.. hehe :)
thanks. and congratulations! You've come a long way I must say. :D

Hasna Fathima said...

Congrats Shravan...
Your posts give a different feeling always..
thats special about you..
I really wish to be here to see you growing higher and higher..

This time I am waiting for stories too..
with best wishes..
Pathu chechi.

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
:) thank you for the smiles you bring, and I hope you will ever :))

Shravan RN said...

@ SB
You you have made your presence count always, I love the way you write in your space :) book and review, thanks to that one person who sent me that.

Shravan RN said...

@ KP Sir
I am left with nothing to say :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rush
Thanks and your visits shall ever be appreciated and more than that, valued :) hope to see you around.

Shravan RN said...

@ Anupama
I agree, najar lagne se bach jayenge :D and no apologies at this space. Everything is fine at this place unless its personal :) and you are a dreamer. I don’t even dream of being a published author. I am still that novice in this area :) you own the magical talent :) and good words, everyone deserves it here :) for you all made me the me :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh bhai
Thanks bother, and you are worth mentioning

Shravan RN said...

@ Crystal
Friends or not?
Again a thank you and we will see :)
And thank you for the info in 1N@ACC I agree, that bhagat knows to use his pen, and my dates with priyanka, I loved the emotions there. May be I saw myself and my almost ex there :) and I must re-read the book !

cALviN::കാല്‍‌വിന്‍ said...

Congrats buddy!
Wish you all the best to complete thousands and thousands of days... :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Ayesha
:) have fun. Miss reading your posts though.

Shravan RN said...

@ Lakshmi akka
Shravan is emotional, more than enough :) miss reading you these days akka :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Miss Sunshine

Yeah I did, many more miles to go before I SLEEP!

For you,

There will be a day
When I shall sleep
With no dreams
No nightmares
And no fear of failure
Nor will I triumph
On my victories
I will sleep
with all peace,
And thus,
Eternal my soul would turn.

Shravan RN said...

@ Slow Processor
Omg !! one more chechi for me? Blessed I am then. My posts on almost all occasions contain the very mental state of mine, or, this place resemble me. My moods, my emotions, my thoughts, everything :) and the stories, I hope to do them, still stuck with part one !

Shravan RN said...

@ Calvin | Sreehari
:) together we will celebrate :)

Rakesh said...

congrats bro.keep writing.
all the best

Rakesh said...

and...thanks for mentioning me pal...:) :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh Divakar
:) cheers buddy :)

Pink said...

555 is quite an achievement... :D congrats Monu...and it was really nice of you to have mentioned me.. :D Happy to have you around.

saji said...

dear Shravan
thanx for mentioning my name here at the time of your 555th celeberation

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal Chechi
:) u forgot to switch the accounts chechi :) and you are worth mentioning, after all monu missed u:)

Shravan RN said...

@ Saji
you deserve it all man :)

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