Eternal... By Slow Processor.
This blogger is from Mysore, who has the poetic ability and i love her works. and this post comes as a celebration post, following the 555 days of existance in the blog world.

I have no face
Nor you have one
I am a deep sigh
You - a warm touch

Choking a tune of pain
Sat our life
On an ailing bed…

Then came a bouquet of love
I’m your shade
Waiting outside a dream
All stories are the same

In the busy street of life
we could never meet
for, I have no face
Nor you have one

Death never take lives..
Taken away are our masks
it is light ever after
For our souls
alive or not,
All stories are the same!

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SindhuBhairavi said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely... !!!!! Loved it.....!

KParthasarathi said...

beautiful poem

Hasna Fathima said...

Thank u so much dear Shravan..
Thank u KP..
Thanks sindhuchechi..

V Rakesh said...

An interesting take on life itself!

lakshmi said...

How true and so beautifully said,Fatima.
Thanks Shravan

Shravan RN said...

"Death never take lives..
Taken away are our masks"

i loved these liness.. and true it seem to me.. i wanted to be the first one to comment.. but i wasnt home.. scheduled this post before i left homw following the works.

hasna, loved the poem !

and thank you for accepting my invitation and sen'ing me this beautiful piece of work

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

WOW! That's very beautiful...'All stories are the same' - Very True!

Well written fathima :-)

Sudhi|I|സുധീ said...

hey everything is different... a good post... good lines hazna..
Keep blogging shravan.. all the best for your 555th day ;)

റെമിസ് രഹനാസ് | Remiz Rahnas said...

wow this was great..
I'm loving it

Hasna Fathima said...

I am a confused girl blabbering about life ..i am still in a process of learning and you can see it in the confused words..

I am happy that all of you loved these lines..
Thanks a lot Shravan..

Thanks Rakesh, Lakshmi,Manivannan,Remis and sudheesh..

Jinju said...

Lovely lines on mortality and the universal nature of human existence.... Good work, slow processor! And thanx, shravan, for introducing me to a budding poet thru ur guest post section :)

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