The Dedication

He knew it was 5 am when his mobile played the prayers... he opened his yes to the brighter day, moved around his left and right for a few seconds and then the day began for him.. Amongst the crowd, known and unknown to him, there he stood, at the bus stop, his head buried in his mobile phone’s screen. He moved towards a corner and then his phone rings. As the talking progressed, he walked towards the nearest taxi stand... His facial expressions varied from moment to moment, the loving smile on his face has now completely vanished… soon, the black and yellow painted cab left from the stand leaving behind only the red trails.

She walked impatiently in front of the ICU doors of the hospital. Then worry and tension was all seen on her face... her eyes reflected fear... The cab stopped at the parking lot with a scream and stretch… opening the door and after a few seconds, he hurried through the entrance doors… he was the same man, dressed in his blue jeans and black shirts, his lengthy hair all tangled and wet with sweat. As he hurried towards the reception counter, his mobile phone rang again, and this time the call did not last for even 30 seconds... He talked to the receptionist and then was guided to the lift room by the man stood there… he pressed the zero / ground button and waited impatiently...

As the lift emptied he entered it and pressed 5. The lift moved upwards and reaching 5th floor he ran towards to ICU. She was all tears when their eyes met... he walked towards her, talked to her, and made her sit in the cushions. Soon after that the door of the ICU opened, a nurse dressed in her white officials came out and called “any one for Usha?”

He stood up and walked towards her saying “Yes”. The nurse asked him to follow her, to the ICU. She also woke up to go inside, but the nurse said one at a time. He went inside to ICU along with the nurse, while she retired to the cushions. The ICU was accessible from the specialist doctor’s cabin as there was a second door. The nurse walked past a couple of doors and finally knocked the door with the board written Dr. Sanjay Aacharya. Come in, a voice was heard then.

There sat a man in his mid forties, his face fixed on the display screen in front of him, with a neatly trimmed facial and spectacles... He turned around the table as Niranjan sat down in the chair. Dr. Aacharya greeted him good morning with a smile and then soon the emotions altered like a professional doctor. He started talking Niranjan.

Mr.Niteesh, oh sorry, Mr. Niranjan, her condition is still critical, we must wait for Dr. Prasanna of AIMS hospital to visit her tomorrow. “Niranjan, we will have one more meeting if it is necessary before Dr. Prasanna is here. Niranjan smiled at him, though not sure about that words said, and then walked towards the door and headed towards Nita, who waited impatiently for him, and told her about Dr. Prasanna’s visit and together they went downstairs to the reception to know who Dr. Prasanna was. The Nurse on duty there said that Dr. Prasanna was the Senior Cardio Vascular Surgeon at AIMS hospital, who is known for his surgical records and trust. She, said, he was devoted to the profession, and never moved away from medical ethics.

Usha was taken to the hospital by Nita, her daughter two days ago following a chest pain, which on detailed examination and analysis proved to be a clot of blood. Usha was nearly 80 years old. Ever since, Usha was under close observation.

An hour later, Niranjan was called to Dr. Aacharya’s cabin for another meeting. Dr. Aacharya informed him that Dr. Prasanna would visit Usha next day, and she must undergo a major surgery, if possible tomorrow itself. He also informed that, Usha being aged, and with such a weak body, the chances of her survival is just 40-60.”. . Niranjan, understanding the emergency, moved out of the room with the official papers. Nita signed out the papers to carry out the surgery. It was only then they doctors told them that the cost of surgery and the hospital rents would finally come around Rs.8 lakhs.

Nita and Niranjan sat in silence for some moments hearing the cost, and Nita told, “Where do I go for such a huge money? Niranjan, if the chance is 40-60, why should we take the chance here, we can move her to the government hospital near by, how are we going to manage such a huge amout and that too by tomorrow”.Nita was in all tears and prayers then. Niranjan the told her, “this is the best hospital crew we could ever get in this place, and I don’t want your mom to be shifted from here, after all she is my mother too”. Nita has now known Niranjan for 2 years. She first met him in her office, The Zabre publishers. Niranjan was doing a press conference after the success of his first book titled “In Memories” which was a tribute to his mom who lived no more. It only adds to the writing craft of Niranjan that the book became the best seller in India.

Niranjan, after his mother's death, with his family’s burden on him, had to seek for a job though his writings earned him enough money to marry his sister to the man of her choice. And all he could thus save was the love of Nita. And finally Niranjan made Nita to agree to carry out the operations, though after signing the papers it was legally allowed. But she still worried about the amount needed, and they failed to figure out any possible means. Nita thought of selling their personal property, but later remember that it was in the bank, on account of the loan they borrowed.

The next morning Dr. Prasanna, a man nearing his fifties, reached the hospital by around 9 am. Niranjan was called into doctor’s cabin and after that meeting, Usha’s Surgery was scheduled on that same day at 11.30 am. An hour later Usha was shifted to the operation theatre. Niranjan and Nita stood outside the theatre as Dr. Aacharya and Prasanna went inside. It was then that the nurse informed them to pay a sum of 2 lakh rupees at the cash counter before the surgery begins. Niranjan and Nita was shocked to hear this then as they didn’t give out any means to make the money. Niranjan called his office and asked his office staff to see his savings till then in the credits. It only counted a sum of 80,000 rupees. All their hopes were shut then, and Nita fell into tears. Niranjan reclined to the cushions for some time and then stood up, took his mobile and dialled some numbers and talked. Those sources of Niranjan too failed to give the money they needed.

It was then that Niranjan got a call and he in a hurry left the hospital wings to the hospital taxi stand. Niranjan told the driver “Athul Publishers”. The car stopped at the athul publishers gate and after 30 minutes, he came out with wet eyes and a bag in his hands. The car left back to the SIMS hospital. Niranjan walked towards the counter and paid the amount there, and received the paid slip. He hurried up the stair ways to reach the operation theatre. He handed over the copy of the pay slip to the doctor’s assistant. It was almost 11.15 then.

Usha’s health was too weak that day that then the doctors had to postpone her surgery by one more day. This added to the worry of Nita and Niranjan. All they had to do then was pray to the almighty with all their heart. As it was the second day for them at the hospital, and having eaten only the food from the canteen, Niranjan sent Nita home to fresh up and apply for her leave… Nita, though she first hesitated to leave the hospital seeing her mother in serious condition later agreed to his loving order. She went to the bus stop, boarded the bus and on her way, as always the bus was hit by the road blocks. As she watched out of the window, she saw a Ganesha temple and all she had to do was to pray for her mother’s health. Reaching home, she freshened up and left to the hospital with fresh pair of dress for her mother and some home made food.

The first news she heard reaching the hospital was that her mother condition was a lot better and the doctors were thinking of bthe surgery that day itself. And in the noon, the surgery was carried out. It took 3 hours for the doctors to do the surgery. The doctors after the surgery didn’t give a clear picture of usha to them, and the only thing told was “she is still in critical conditions”. Three days passed and then on that Saturday evening, Usha opened her eyes to see her daughter. All their prayers were answered and after a couple of days she was moved to the general ward.

Niranjan stood by Nita and took care of her mother as it was his mother, and it was decided that they both will get married as soon as Usha was out of hospital wing. One more week at the hospital and then Usha was released from the hospital to their house. And the pending 6 lakh bill was settled by Niranjan on that day. The next Sunday, Nita was married to Niranjan in the presence of all their relatives at the same Ganesha temple she prayed for her mother.

On their first night after marriage, nita asked him, “Niranjan, how did you manage to find the money for momma’s surgery? All he did was to smile at her, and then the naughty romantic girl in Nita pleaded to her sweet heart, who confessed, “ I sold the authority and publications rights of all my books to Athul Publishers that night “.

An episode taken from
------- A Biography of Niranjan Jha, written by Nita Niranjan.

The dedication said
“ to my beloved husband who left me after these many years, who wanted me to smile always, I dedicate this book, with all my love.”

PS : My First Story Completed, with all helps from the man of stories, and thank you so much sir.

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Cяystal said...

I want to read this, but wrong time I saw it. 11:21..will surely try readin' later!

Sneha said...

Awesome shravan.the emotions and feelings are well captured as well the flow of the story is captivating.

keep up the good work.:)

lakshmi said...

very touching Shravan

Akshay S Dinesh said...

who is this niranjan jha?

KParthasarathi said...

Is this your first story?You have begun very well.Nice one narrated well.Continue to charm the readers with your short stories too.They will provide the variety to your inimitable blog.:)

Shravan RN said...

@ Crystal
when u have time and when u r free :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Sneha
thank you for liking it sneha, and emotions :D plain from the heart.

Shravan RN said...

@ Lakshmi akka
smiless :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Akshay
Niranjan Jha is the winner of Nobel Price, literature 2008. lolz. buddy take care to read the entire stuff before commenting, or atleast pay a look on the comments.

Shravan RN said...

@ KP sir
:) i hope to :)

Akshay S Dinesh said...

Oops! is this fiction?
Actually i had read the whole thing and I really believed it to be true.

If it's all your creation, then hats off to you!

The fact is, i read the article directly coming from sleep and was not sure of what to do, so just did a google search on Niranjan Jha and so many results but not wikipedia links, so thought I would rather ask you and there you are this Niranjan jha doesn't exist at all. You've really did a great work.

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