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bsnl broad band connection sucks big time. with just one rain or a wind, my connection is all gone and the tele lines are dead.

shravan has multiple personality disorder. the shravan who is a blogger and the shravan who is in real life. listen if you are reading.. here you are seeing the softer side or shravan, who is open frank emotional and almost mean. but on the real edge, its not the case. he is a holy piece of nonsense!! he doesn't like people getting into his life without letting him know who they are and what they are !

and to wind up, blog is blog and personal life is personal life. i am not more letting people to talk to me unless i feel them genuine ! and yeah, i no more encourage personal questions in comment section. excused are those who read me till this moment, and any new one, please please note the point !

i will no more have my phone no and address to some stranger until i feel then genuinely genuine !


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