My First Guest Post

Miss Sunshine invited me to do a guest post at her place as a part of her 100 posts celebrations. and yeah, it marked my first guest post.. sadly, she tagged me at the wrong time, but yeah, i had to do it, and its done. a small, not a great deal video cast for her. here is the link. hope you like it.
love shravan.

PS: Nearing 200 posts :)

Philosophically Me

certain things happen in life that they change the way you live around, the way you think and the way you dream. Certain things happen in such a way that it change the way you live even.. the concepts of living, the future, the relationships.. everything may change, that too in just fractions of seconds..

on a certain day we live for one, we aim one, and we love, care, think of one, on certain days we dream, we hope, we pray, and on certain days, we think of the past, the love of mother, fathers advices, brother and sisters pranks.. on certain days we go thoughtless..

what a week so far for me. fell ill for the third time in a stretch.. and wow.. being at home for 2 days made me think.. read and not to write... yeah am missing that ability of mine.. on a serious note i hate to live my life based on time tables.. and damn that's how i am living now.. the tablets.. the timing.. crazy the docs are.. yeah you are right.. finally finally i visited a doc.. and all he had to do was see my temperature, check my BP and ask me to cut down the amount of junk food i eat.. damn he even prescribed me tablets, with timings.. one tablet 30 mins before breakfast lunch and dinner.. and one 10 mins after dinner and another one another 5 mins after it. man you are really crazy.. know what? i forgot about the tablets this noon :)

BTW i realised certain things.. all i had to do in these two days was be at home, sleep and rest.. and think.. realisations.. i love the cats at home.. i really love the two kittens.. i haven't always loved having pets, but my mom loves the cats, and yesterday night, babe, you made me cry.. moms poor lil kitten jumped into the well.. she was intelligent but.. climbed and stood on the side step till this morning.. seriously i love these two kittens.. realisation 2.. its better to love animals than to love humans.. when you licked my hand this noon, i felt your love.. i know i never fed you, never talked to you like mom, but today, i just fed you with milk and covered you in cloths to make you warm, and you loved me, you jumped over me, licked me and then played with me..

pinky and neeli, yeah the kittens, i am loving you both.. i still remember the time you were born and that time, all i had to do was pursue mom to keep you both at home.. the personal sentiments had made me go mad then.. and i wanted to get rid of that.. you both made me laugh.. played with the tennis balls and made me smile.. your lil fights and the hugs soon followed, made me smile.. i cared for that human like my blood, and now i feel the emotional void, but dear pinky and neeli, thanks to you, i kept my normality.

realisation 3.. i am really really single now.. my relationship with her is official over, though with mutual consent.. it took 2 long years for us to make out that we are not the ideal matches.. but still, girl i loved you smile, the songs you sang for me, the 5 dates i had with you, your innocence and you love... i know i broke your heart a couple of times, but in the end its all fine and square now.. you shall always be remembered

realisation 4, at this right moment, i am making you bored, and here is the last one, i lack my skills [if ever i had] of writing these days.. i am broken, i am down, and i know i have things to write, but i tend to be afraid of going back to the same old emotional stuffs.. and here is the final realisation, I MISS ME.

PS : the title has, i hope, nothing to do with the post.


Amazed at the way people could change, he sat,in his room..
his eyes closed and wet. the faces still remembered..
all he had to think was about the past.
the happy days, the fun shared..
the canteen chit chats, the coffee and
ice cream hang outs, the movies and the musics listened together..

[original image :link]
Three months since and his life has changed amazingly.
From a student to a technocrat..
all friends now history..
all fun now memories.

The Dedication

He knew it was 5 am when his mobile played the prayers... he opened his yes to the brighter day, moved around his left and right for a few seconds and then the day began for him.. Amongst the crowd, known and unknown to him, there he stood, at the bus stop, his head buried in his mobile phone’s screen. He moved towards a corner and then his phone rings. As the talking progressed, he walked towards the nearest taxi stand... His facial expressions varied from moment to moment, the loving smile on his face has now completely vanished… soon, the black and yellow painted cab left from the stand leaving behind only the red trails.

She walked impatiently in front of the ICU doors of the hospital. Then worry and tension was all seen on her face... her eyes reflected fear... The cab stopped at the parking lot with a scream and stretch… opening the door and after a few seconds, he hurried through the entrance doors… he was the same man, dressed in his blue jeans and black shirts, his lengthy hair all tangled and wet with sweat. As he hurried towards the reception counter, his mobile phone rang again, and this time the call did not last for even 30 seconds... He talked to the receptionist and then was guided to the lift room by the man stood there… he pressed the zero / ground button and waited impatiently...

As the lift emptied he entered it and pressed 5. The lift moved upwards and reaching 5th floor he ran towards to ICU. She was all tears when their eyes met... he walked towards her, talked to her, and made her sit in the cushions. Soon after that the door of the ICU opened, a nurse dressed in her white officials came out and called “any one for Usha?”

He stood up and walked towards her saying “Yes”. The nurse asked him to follow her, to the ICU. She also woke up to go inside, but the nurse said one at a time. He went inside to ICU along with the nurse, while she retired to the cushions. The ICU was accessible from the specialist doctor’s cabin as there was a second door. The nurse walked past a couple of doors and finally knocked the door with the board written Dr. Sanjay Aacharya. Come in, a voice was heard then.

There sat a man in his mid forties, his face fixed on the display screen in front of him, with a neatly trimmed facial and spectacles... He turned around the table as Niranjan sat down in the chair. Dr. Aacharya greeted him good morning with a smile and then soon the emotions altered like a professional doctor. He started talking Niranjan.

Mr.Niteesh, oh sorry, Mr. Niranjan, her condition is still critical, we must wait for Dr. Prasanna of AIMS hospital to visit her tomorrow. “Niranjan, we will have one more meeting if it is necessary before Dr. Prasanna is here. Niranjan smiled at him, though not sure about that words said, and then walked towards the door and headed towards Nita, who waited impatiently for him, and told her about Dr. Prasanna’s visit and together they went downstairs to the reception to know who Dr. Prasanna was. The Nurse on duty there said that Dr. Prasanna was the Senior Cardio Vascular Surgeon at AIMS hospital, who is known for his surgical records and trust. She, said, he was devoted to the profession, and never moved away from medical ethics.

Usha was taken to the hospital by Nita, her daughter two days ago following a chest pain, which on detailed examination and analysis proved to be a clot of blood. Usha was nearly 80 years old. Ever since, Usha was under close observation.

An hour later, Niranjan was called to Dr. Aacharya’s cabin for another meeting. Dr. Aacharya informed him that Dr. Prasanna would visit Usha next day, and she must undergo a major surgery, if possible tomorrow itself. He also informed that, Usha being aged, and with such a weak body, the chances of her survival is just 40-60.”. . Niranjan, understanding the emergency, moved out of the room with the official papers. Nita signed out the papers to carry out the surgery. It was only then they doctors told them that the cost of surgery and the hospital rents would finally come around Rs.8 lakhs.

Nita and Niranjan sat in silence for some moments hearing the cost, and Nita told, “Where do I go for such a huge money? Niranjan, if the chance is 40-60, why should we take the chance here, we can move her to the government hospital near by, how are we going to manage such a huge amout and that too by tomorrow”.Nita was in all tears and prayers then. Niranjan the told her, “this is the best hospital crew we could ever get in this place, and I don’t want your mom to be shifted from here, after all she is my mother too”. Nita has now known Niranjan for 2 years. She first met him in her office, The Zabre publishers. Niranjan was doing a press conference after the success of his first book titled “In Memories” which was a tribute to his mom who lived no more. It only adds to the writing craft of Niranjan that the book became the best seller in India.

Niranjan, after his mother's death, with his family’s burden on him, had to seek for a job though his writings earned him enough money to marry his sister to the man of her choice. And all he could thus save was the love of Nita. And finally Niranjan made Nita to agree to carry out the operations, though after signing the papers it was legally allowed. But she still worried about the amount needed, and they failed to figure out any possible means. Nita thought of selling their personal property, but later remember that it was in the bank, on account of the loan they borrowed.

The next morning Dr. Prasanna, a man nearing his fifties, reached the hospital by around 9 am. Niranjan was called into doctor’s cabin and after that meeting, Usha’s Surgery was scheduled on that same day at 11.30 am. An hour later Usha was shifted to the operation theatre. Niranjan and Nita stood outside the theatre as Dr. Aacharya and Prasanna went inside. It was then that the nurse informed them to pay a sum of 2 lakh rupees at the cash counter before the surgery begins. Niranjan and Nita was shocked to hear this then as they didn’t give out any means to make the money. Niranjan called his office and asked his office staff to see his savings till then in the credits. It only counted a sum of 80,000 rupees. All their hopes were shut then, and Nita fell into tears. Niranjan reclined to the cushions for some time and then stood up, took his mobile and dialled some numbers and talked. Those sources of Niranjan too failed to give the money they needed.

It was then that Niranjan got a call and he in a hurry left the hospital wings to the hospital taxi stand. Niranjan told the driver “Athul Publishers”. The car stopped at the athul publishers gate and after 30 minutes, he came out with wet eyes and a bag in his hands. The car left back to the SIMS hospital. Niranjan walked towards the counter and paid the amount there, and received the paid slip. He hurried up the stair ways to reach the operation theatre. He handed over the copy of the pay slip to the doctor’s assistant. It was almost 11.15 then.

Usha’s health was too weak that day that then the doctors had to postpone her surgery by one more day. This added to the worry of Nita and Niranjan. All they had to do then was pray to the almighty with all their heart. As it was the second day for them at the hospital, and having eaten only the food from the canteen, Niranjan sent Nita home to fresh up and apply for her leave… Nita, though she first hesitated to leave the hospital seeing her mother in serious condition later agreed to his loving order. She went to the bus stop, boarded the bus and on her way, as always the bus was hit by the road blocks. As she watched out of the window, she saw a Ganesha temple and all she had to do was to pray for her mother’s health. Reaching home, she freshened up and left to the hospital with fresh pair of dress for her mother and some home made food.

The first news she heard reaching the hospital was that her mother condition was a lot better and the doctors were thinking of bthe surgery that day itself. And in the noon, the surgery was carried out. It took 3 hours for the doctors to do the surgery. The doctors after the surgery didn’t give a clear picture of usha to them, and the only thing told was “she is still in critical conditions”. Three days passed and then on that Saturday evening, Usha opened her eyes to see her daughter. All their prayers were answered and after a couple of days she was moved to the general ward.

Niranjan stood by Nita and took care of her mother as it was his mother, and it was decided that they both will get married as soon as Usha was out of hospital wing. One more week at the hospital and then Usha was released from the hospital to their house. And the pending 6 lakh bill was settled by Niranjan on that day. The next Sunday, Nita was married to Niranjan in the presence of all their relatives at the same Ganesha temple she prayed for her mother.

On their first night after marriage, nita asked him, “Niranjan, how did you manage to find the money for momma’s surgery? All he did was to smile at her, and then the naughty romantic girl in Nita pleaded to her sweet heart, who confessed, “ I sold the authority and publications rights of all my books to Athul Publishers that night “.

An episode taken from
------- A Biography of Niranjan Jha, written by Nita Niranjan.

The dedication said
“ to my beloved husband who left me after these many years, who wanted me to smile always, I dedicate this book, with all my love.”

PS : My First Story Completed, with all helps from the man of stories, and thank you so much sir.


There will be a day
When I shall sleep
With no dreams
No nightmares
And no fear of failure
Nor will I triumph
On my victories
I will sleep
with all peace,
And thus,
Eternal my soul would turn.

O foolish mind !

O foolish mind! By Manivannan S. i do not know to introduce this amazing blogger, infact he doesnt need any introduction. when his pen make poems, there is devotion, when its text the is the true words and emotions.

When everything is bestowed unto you...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to say I and mine?

When moon, sky, stars and sun belong to you...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to build homes?

When mountains, rivers, trees and flowers welcome you...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to live within locked doors?

When earth, water, air and space are for free...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to trade?

When you can take nothing with you...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to accumulate?

When happiness and joy are your very nature...
Where did you learn, O foolish mind, to lead a life of misery?

I Have No Words, Yet

Today as i am living my 555th day here, in the blogsphere, i have no words to express how and what i feel.. but i know, i feel so accomplished. when i read and move from blogs to blogs, i know how well people are dedicated to this space, each day they come up with new thoughts, posts and discussions. they read and encourage people. i am obliged. i hope that people know that i don't read any published authors, i keep myself engaged by reading the posts in blogs, and they are worth reading and spending the time on. it feels so odd and bad when some one asks me have you read this book by this person and i smile at them and say, sorry i i didn't read as i didn't have a library membership. did i ever bother to get one? no i didn't. even after three years of moving to this place, i didn't bother to go and make a library membership

wondering why this blabbering? i just want to thank all you people, who read what i write, who stand by me, who encourage and support me, who wants me to write well. without your support and kind words, a lazy kid with no reading skills and no exposure to the literature world like me, would have lived a 555days, noticed by a few bloggers. true that you can live a 1000 days without being noticed, but i feel so accomplished as you did notice me, you did read me, and more than that you encouraged me.

As i complete this milestone, let me look back, i came to this place in 2007 December, and started the whole lot of myself, tagged them poems, and published, now i know, i don't write poems, i just try to write them, thanks to those people who are really talented, for those people who made me know what real poetry is all about.

Some names to mention as i quit blabbering now,

Rugma, dear lady without you being the first person to read/comment, i wouldn't have written in the initial stages, this place would have died an easy death.

Parthasarathi or KP Sir, as i call him, you are a source of inspiration.Without your comments and your mails that encourage, i wouldn't have dared to think, think and the write

Lakshmi or Lakshmi akka, You made me smile with all your comments, and ever since you came across this place, i knew that i will have one reader, who will always appreciate what i write. thank you for that akka.

Saji, this man from UAE, basically from kerala is another source of inspiration, every time he catches me online, me make me thing, me encourage me to write and read, yes read the publish authors and his comments make me feel good.

Ayesha, i remember all the comments and chat sessions we had, and with your around, i knew what devotion and dedication is all about.

Vim 3, her existence in the blogsphere didn't last for long, and she is not seen around this place these days, when she was around, she made me know she was.

Sneha, your comments and posts make me smile.

Jinju, i know i met this amazing blogger a little late, but ever since i knew her, she made it sure that i write original.

Manivannan, he has always appreciated what i do, and i am so so so thankful to you.

Dubu, the story teller, he blogs very rarely, but every time he came, me let me know that he was around.

Zenana, Jasmine and Maxcely, for reading what i write.

Amritorupa, Mahesh, Rakesh bhai, Rakesh Divakar, you people made your presence count with the comments.

Bindhu unny, i loved your English verses and the occasional comments.

Slow Prpcessor and Sindhu Bhairavi, you people came at the same time almost, and still remember what you both said on the other blog, which is almost dead now, not to write things with sorrows in it, but i am really sorry, without sorrows and pains, i havent written much, and i am extremely glad that even though sadness and pains were/are the main themes i mainly deal with, you both still read, comment and encourage.

Sudheeshettan and Sreehari mash, what do i have to tell you, it feels so good to chat with you people and sreehari mash, i like your posts and the occasional comments.

Kajal, and Neelima, you both make my virtual sisters,and i feel soo good to have you both around, and Kajal, i still remember your patience to listen on that day, and neelima, i still remember the courier bomb :D

Pulkit, for the visit, i hardly read you hindi posts, cause my command over the language is ..

Anupama, for the well said comments and encouragement, for the words exchanged in the comments sections, and caht boxes, for saying that i am real talented

Miss Sunshine or Apurva and Crystal, i love the comments you make.

every names, mentioned as in the order as you entered this place.and one or two may be not in the order,
and i am thankful to all you people, and if ever i missed out some one, i apologise.

its shravan signing off, humming my favourite song, and the last lines,

special dedications, for Ambili, for making to write, for saying that i have the talent, and with out those words, i wouldnt have stepped into the blogsphere. for Amrutha, with out the letter exchanged, i would have polished my writing skills, and you shall always be remembered.

and, if ever in these 555days, i hurt any of you by any means, i apologize with an open heart.. i am sorry. and i know i have hurt some people beyond forgiving, i have hurt some peoples feelings and emotions, i am sorry, i hope time will heal everything.

part two

the book worm is me is still still alive. i realized it today. yeah, yesterday noon when i was busy proof reading and correcting the articles for the college magazine, away from my home, i got this call from the courier office, saying i have a courier. i had no options to go and retrieve it then, and all i had to do was to call Hafis, a college mate of mine, man you drive well ! in just an hour i got the courier and i returned to my "work space"

as i signed up papers at the courier offices, the urge was on for me to know that the courier carried, and in no time less that a 3o seconds, i opened the courier, found this great book by India's best selling author, Chetan Bhagat, "One Night @ The Call Center". and this time also, the courier was sent by the same person who sent the chocolates as a part of this days celebration. i am obliged to you, or rather i feel so.

didnt i say that i realized that the book worm in me is still alive? believe me when i say, i finished reading the story, and just 3 stretches. i didnt get time to read the book yesterday, reasons in part 3. this moring, as i woke up and had nothing else to do than the editing works for the magazine, i felt bored and i opened this book, and started reading, after 4 long years of being seperated from the books, it wasnt that easy for me to read, but with every line read, it was back, the urge, what next, the feelings and the guest was back.. the first stretch lasted for a 44 page read..

and then the second reading stretched till page 96, and then came the final stretch, which finished at aroun 11.03 pm in my clock, i finished the book in just a day, and, let me say, i loved the book, and i would term the book as romatic, leaving all other elements behind.

i am no good at book reviewing, i never had a chance, and even now i dont intend to take up that challenge. but still i would like to have some say on it.

i loved the book, and i loved it for the romance in it. and Bhagat's way of story telling is real cool n calm, he is emotional ! look at the way he plotted the emotions of vroom, yeah i found him emotional, he is similar to me, i tend to shed my anger in the same way as he did, break the moniter the pen :)

so the story comes great when you have the simplest of idea applied on it. you sneak in to your managers cabin, type mail from his id and sent it to people and finally threaten him , all for a good cause though. this book made me smile too. the god part you see in the book is another variety from usual ways for writing, and it is awesome work. and to sum up, this story is plotted at and around the lives of 6 people

1. shyam

2.vroom or varun




6. military uncle

the manager bhakshi is just a parasite as the character says at him. and again, the character of military uncle didnt get due importance. for me i felt the story rather oriented on shyams and priyankas life. but again, you cant neglect the other persons, as the represent the society. esha represents that risk taking person who want to reach good heights in careers and one who finally messes things for no fault of her, vroom is just the example of angry youth with true feelings and emotions and good deeds. radhika personifies the womanhood who suffer at their homes, and military uncle has no say, expect for the ill treatment old people get from their siblings. and priyanka is the example of that female who wants to have her own money to do the higher studies, to say the least. i am not going to analyse her, its beyond me. and shyam personifies the you and the me who at times rate ourselves good for nothing individual, but when motivated, can go on a winning streak

all together i rate this book and 9.5 out of 10, ofcourse personal feelings involved, this is the first book i seriously read after 4 long years.


part 3

stop using pain killers. man i had to take one pain killer yesterday morning to make myself stable to work with the magazine issues. i took just one pill in the morning and now i am in all troubles with the side affects. a fever hit me, i lost my tastebuds working, it burned my stomach, abdomen and even a**. it made me lose my sleep with the pain and dehydration, it put me in hell. say no to pain killers

love shravan.

off section: i am sorry to sent you away from talking to me, even after knowing that you meant good, but the person in you is beyond the level of acceptance for me. i am sorry.

PS : check the preview post to see the guest post [highly recommended]


Eternal... By Slow Processor.
This blogger is from Mysore, who has the poetic ability and i love her works. and this post comes as a celebration post, following the 555 days of existance in the blog world.

I have no face
Nor you have one
I am a deep sigh
You - a warm touch

Choking a tune of pain
Sat our life
On an ailing bed…

Then came a bouquet of love
I’m your shade
Waiting outside a dream
All stories are the same

In the busy street of life
we could never meet
for, I have no face
Nor you have one

Death never take lives..
Taken away are our masks
it is light ever after
For our souls
alive or not,
All stories are the same!

Blog Policy 2

bsnl broad band connection sucks big time. with just one rain or a wind, my connection is all gone and the tele lines are dead.

shravan has multiple personality disorder. the shravan who is a blogger and the shravan who is in real life. listen if you are reading.. here you are seeing the softer side or shravan, who is open frank emotional and almost mean. but on the real edge, its not the case. he is a holy piece of nonsense!! he doesn't like people getting into his life without letting him know who they are and what they are !

and to wind up, blog is blog and personal life is personal life. i am not more letting people to talk to me unless i feel them genuine ! and yeah, i no more encourage personal questions in comment section. excused are those who read me till this moment, and any new one, please please note the point !

i will no more have my phone no and address to some stranger until i feel then genuinely genuine !


I Am Left With Nothing to Say

Next Monday, its my 555th day in this space, and someone wants to make it bigggg.. and the person has made it real big by sending me a gift that is worth loving and sweet.. if it wasn't the sweet i would have kept it with me till i die and then i would have got it buried or burned with me. this is the most treasured gift that i ever received.

and now to wind up things, here is it, my second video cast, this time with music on.
File size : 30 MB
Camera unit : Sony DCR SR 300
Resolution : 6.1 MP Optical zoom
Video Editor : Windows Movie Maker
Audio : Mixed
Total Time : Around 1.5 minute
Location : My Room
Shoot Mode : Self


Something About My Place

yeah, i know i am too random, i am too disoriented.. yesterday i said i am taking my leave from blogsphere till Saturday.. i had my words of apology for Anupama, who gifted me a wonderful post on this special day, which is my birthday as per the Malayalam calender and the star signs.[link].Anupama, that was real sweet of you. i loved that post. and now you know why i am here, back again, as the real shravan. its my birthday, yeah second celebrations and if you feel like wishing me a happy birthday, you can do it here[link].. and today, unlike the gone days of this month, i am feeling real joy and happiness..

I remember, the title is Something About My Place.. so here i start, for first timers here, and for those who have no idea about the place i live its Kannur, which means abode of the god Shree krishna, and to validate[not the right word i guess] that name, there are a no of Krishna temples here.. and to speak particularly about my place, Chirakkal, its at around a 5-6 Kms away from kannur town.. and my place too has this, that there are temples near by.. believe me when i say my house is surrounded by 7 temples.. and if you are wondering now, why i am talking about the temples, i was there today, i wanted to go to 5 temples following the birthday, and now i know, some people will be wondering, shravan to temple? i never said i hate temples.. i said i don't believe in stone idols.

What i wanted to do this evening was to visit the temples, and that is what i did today.. i charted to visit 5 times, but could cover up only 3 temples as the other two temples closed after the prayers.. so the 5 temples i wanted to go are
1. Kizhakkekkara Shree Krishna Temple
2. Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple
3. Siveshwaram Shiva Temple
4. Dhanwanthari Temple
5. Shree Durga Temple

and i covered the first three temples.. and now, something about these temples

1. Kizhakkekkara Shree Krishna Temple
this temple is supposed to be build some 1400 years ago according to my father[clarification needed], and is one of the oldest of temple to be built anywhere. it is said that the famous saint, Vilvamangalam Swami [details,link]was here once, in the olden days. the temple is known for the mural paintings their which are now being forgotten and getting damaged.. the main idol here is the Lord Krishna.

2.Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple
this temple is supposed to be the place where Cherusseri[detail,link,link2] wrote his Krishnaghada, which is the poetic version of the life of Shree Krishna. this temple has this beauty and serenity and people will love to be there, and what makes Kadalayi Shree Krishna Temple famous is the annual festival there, the annual festival at this temple lasts for a week's time and is indeed a visual treat to the people.this temple is supposed to be built some 400-450 years ago.[clarification needed] this temple is regarded as the Guruvayoor[link] of north kerala. the idol worshiped here is supposed to be bought from Dwaraka, the place where Lord Krishna lived and is supposed to be worshipped by Sathyabhama

another name to come into memory associated with this temple is the Chirakkal Chira[link], the pond, which is the largest and biggest man made water resource, with an area of 14 acres. sad to say now, this water body is not going to live for long now. due the pollution and carelessness, this water body is dying everyday..

3.Shiveshwaram Temple
this temple is the abode of Lord Shiva, and this is one of the primitive temples, like the Kadalayi Temple.. this temple is also supposed to be built before some 400-450 years ago, but i suppose it to be more than that. this temple is regarded as one among the 108 temple where it is prayed " yathra yathra shivakshethram, thatra thatra namagraham"[Malayalam/Sanskrit, clarification needed].often the Kadalayi Krishna temple and the siveshwaram temple are visited together by devotees.

4.Dhanwanthari Temple
Lord Dhanwanthari is considered as the god of ayurveda and good health, and this temple is one of the rarest Dhanwanthari temples to have found.. very primitive alike the rest,and has a very calm atmosphere, that will make the devotees sit and pray and come back again.

5. Durga Temple
Durga, the goddess, is the main idol here. Durga Temple and the Dhanwanthari temple are supposed to be built around the same time, because of the same architectural structures used.[clarification needed]

now thats is about the temples at my place, there are some more to be said, but later some times..

today i felt real good visiting the temples, the disturbed mind of mine is now all calm and quite, i am loving this change in me, i have always loved the silent atmoshpere at the temples.. and now to wind up, i talk about the Kerala Folklore Academy.

The Kerala Folklore Academy,is just 5 minutes away from my home.. so what is Kerala folklore academy? Kerala Folklore Academy, an autonomous center for cultural affairs, is located in kannur . The institution was constituted by the Government of Kerala and works under the Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Kerala. The institution provides economic aid to financially and physically weak artists. Economic aid programs and academic councils are conducted to promote the traditional Kerala art forms. The institution aims to promote and preserve the traditional art forms of Kerala.

the kerala folklore academy is getting a make over now, and it made me laugh.. its supposed to take of that building that its working now, the old naalukettu[link] and now they are reconstucting it, and i am feeling sick about it..

that is all, and if you read the post till the end, i am thankful to you. i know this is not my way of writing things, but i felt like writing this one. comments welcome.

PS : i am sorry for making this post text only, and i promise you to have the pics of these temples posted in this post, soon, all from my Camera.

Video Casting

inspired by Calvin's podcasting, here i cast my first video.. first attempt, mistakes are there.. hope you bear..
File size : 10 MB
Camera unit : Sony DCR SR 300
Resolution : 6.1 MP Optical zoom
Video Editor : Windows Movie Maker
Audio : Muted [personal talks were there]
Total Time : 44 Seconds
Location : The temple pond at my mom's sisters place.. :)

If you watch this, please please leave a comment on this.. so far i havent been so particular about the comments, but this time, this is my first attempt and pleasee...
Update 06: 20 PM : i am going away for a couple of days.. will be back for the 555th day celebration on next monday,15th of june 2009, with some original works..
and before i leave, a final word, for last 9-10 days, you didn't see the real me.. i kept the true side away, as i didn't want to bring any kind of emotional unstablity of mine to this place for that moment.. and the previous post was just as fake, which is removed now, with due respect to all of you, and all your comments, and Jinju, thanks a lot, for the words you said.no more of those stuffs here. here after its all plain and clear from me :) original ! i loved it..

Writing too Casually

Answering, what happened to my right eye, I met with a small accident. But still I am not able to understand how the hell these glass pieces hit my eyes, that too not just one, but three pieces.. As always, I was travelling in my friend’s vehicle, and over speed, no helmet, music in ears, and then had a sudden brake because there was an accident in front of us.. and I suppose its from where the glass piece came to my eyes. But still I am not able to figure out the way the glass piece from the auto’s mirror glass travelled to my eyes :(

Ok now.. today was an awesome day.. it rained !! it rained here.. actually, it was raining from the morning and even now, when I type this, its raining.. finally, monsoon has come :)) and the rains made me wet.. evening, in bus, and the the phone rang, “ dude am driving in the rain, do you wanna join me?”.. whoilaaa.. I was waiting for that.. and I got down at the next bus station.. and I joined him for the rain drive.. and it proved crazy.. the road was too slipping and the brake was too gripping.. reaching the bus station next, I got down and started walking..

I had my umbrella in my bag, but I preferred to keep it dry and thus, I walked and walked in the rain, eating the ground nuts, listening to the music.. it was fun !! wet dress, wet books, and the rain.. it first came down lightly, and then gained the momentum :D physics :) and then it started pouring down so heavily on me.. and I loved it, I loved it and I loved it

When I now cough and sneeze, I know, I have felt the monsoon coming..

Yeah, I am cleared to write, read, travel and anything, my eyes are just fine with the scars in the iris :) this time, they are permanent.

and the doctor did an awesome job with the microscope, the needle and the buds to get the pieces out of my eye, without hurting me :)

Where is the leave letter, Shravan?

yes yes, that is the first question i heard this morning at college.. and all i had to do was smile wink and smile.. tomorrow maa'm :) settled..

and yes, went to college today.. and guess what? college has got a make out.. new paints and new shades.. and its looking cool.. but the white is going to turn brown soon.. and guess what? 3 more courses.. man my college is growing.. but its my last year there..i havent loved that place for the last two years, but this time around, i am going to try and love my college, after all its going to be my last study at this place hopefully..

and the college.. thank god. i didnt have any interview and questioning sessionss.. the day was merely a waste day.. the first 3 hours till now, ggod i had computer science lab and i still dont know how me n rahul spent the 3 hourss.. phewww!! went to the canteen.. ate the canteen food today was too oily.. :( and then in the 4th hour HOD came to class, she is the class tutor too.. attendance and then.. shravan... where is the leave letter? :D and then she took the class.. and the last hour, praveen sirs hour.. went fine as always..

the way back home, had to purchase the books and thank god the books are out of stock ! :D i dont have to write the notes..:) and then i had to get that ganesha picturee from the shop.. and if you dont know, the god, that i keep in my home is ganesha..:) there are the pics of many other gods too..
why in this world to people pray looking at drawn pictures saying he/ she is god? come on people, if there is god, the resides in your inner sense..in you, in your thoughts.. and the way you see and love the rest. :)

and i witnessed an accident.. the lady was too careless to run across the road.. and you you the people put your hands on the biker.. it was no fault of his.. he was not doing a last lap ride like Rossi, Valentino. he was slow, very slow, due the traffic block.. lady nothing happened to you and you still made that man say sorry and you people beat him around.. it was no fault of his !

and finally before i quit for this day, suggested readings :
1. Pentegram .. i loved that post !
2. My take on praying to god.

PS: i know, there is nothing in it for now :)

What a day !

College reopened.. it was fun to see the teachers, and to be with friends, talk, chat, flirt and move around, the canteen, the food, the lime juice and interval, and then the walk to the bus stop in the noon.. yes yes, first day and the college functions till noon only.. meeting the juniors, talking to them about their exams, the rain, the bus stop chat, the bus fun, the town talk, town walk and later back to home in another bus, half sleeping since i woke early in the morning, reaching home, having lunch, watching tv, now typing this..

i want to go on and on like this.. and what you read till now, are just my word plays.. True that the college has reopened but the rest of the things must have happened with my friends, and definitely not with me. no no dont cast me that look again.. yes i BUNKED ! choco my dear friend, what did you say in the last comment, now you will be smiling right?(if you are here and reading) i bunked and had fun at home..

not again, not that look on me.. i know it was the first day, i was supposed to be there.. guess what? i had guests at home.. the newly wedded couples, the two couples were home, and i had 2 take them to relatives' homes. true, there is no joint family system now, but i feel like there is now the birth of a complex family.. for those who dont know or dont understand what i am saying, a complex family, i mean where a joint family splits up, and sets up their homes, inside a huge plot, and they have their own freedom, but they are still together.. and that is the way we, i mean my family live here. my home at a corner, my uncles home at another corner, then the old big house and another uncles home at another corner.. we are seperated, but still we are together..

yeah, so i had to take them to those homes, "feed" them the break fast, play the host-ghost role, and with the help of the sissies, all it went fine.. actually they played the host and i played the ghost.. they were anyhow supposed to do it, coz mom said feel like home :) and then they left with all smiles.. and what a concept.. marriagee.. two families unite and they adjust to live, two individuals, shared their dreams and hopes, know eachother, care love and feel for each other, and look at the girl.. what adjustments she had to make.. she gets seperated from her family and home, and goes to a total new environment, and the only person who she could talk is her husband.. after all the family is big noww..

after sending them home, all i had to do was come online for a while, then make a cup of coffee for me, and the make lunch for my brother.. yeah yeah, i made it today, for me and my brother.. mom, she went to school..she works ! and she works shift at school and she teaches in the morning shift.. she had to leave my 7 45 and what a lunch we had !! i make an awesome cook, though not a great foodiee.. i eat less :)

and then went to my bed, i missed it yesterday, had to adjust for the couples, changed the positions and sheets in the way i like it.. and wow slept like dead.. woke up now, and nothing to do, and this post i wrote, and what now, a quick shower,oh no, a shower that would last of another 30 minutes, watch tv for some time, iron uniform for tomorrow, yeah i have uniform at college, it sucks, at the same time, i am loving it.. i dont have to shop every now and then, and worry about the dress anc shades and all.. and i all have to do is put on the black pant and the blue white shirt on all days except for wednesday.. and then watch to nights india vs newzealand cricket for some time, and its sleeping time for my mobiles today, no calls will be attended from 11 pm to 7 am tomorrow.. watch tc till i feel like sleeping, go to bed and sleep like dead again, wake up in the morning around 5, come on, i need someone to wake me up at 5.. its been ages that i saw 5 am in my clock.. with the holidays on, i slept adn 3-4 am and woke up around 11-12 and all godd.. how am i to make it to college tomorrow and i need 2 leave by 7 30..

phew.. that sums it up :) i know i bored you, and i knowingly did that.. i cant be that serious individual as someone thinks and says always.

PS : the me in blogger and the me in real are two individuals, and i bet on that ! but the core is the same !

PPS : at times you need to read inbetween the lines !
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