Last Day Of My Teenage

And that’s it… end of the so called teenage... and now it’s all over... I ma going to miss these years now... I have had everything that one could have in the teenage... a flash back, and let me see

At the age of thirteen, I made a good son and a good student... and the age of 14, as all teens, I too was worried about the changes happening in me... I was curious of the other sex, and at the age between 13 and 14, it was my first crush over her, who now is one good friend of mine... and then 15 16 and 17 went just like that.. And 18 and 19 made the best years of my life... college fun, affairs, drinks, smokes, failures, fights, arguments, patch ups... that was all fun...

[Rahul Shravan,Sanju and Arjun]

I feel accomplished as teen... I feel like have done almost all stuffs like the rest has done... rules broken, heart breaks, off the beats, off the tracks, everything and everything. I did try my first some and choke, then learned the act and later gave up, drank the first cup and burnt my chest and gave up that too... broke the rules and went round with friends... watched porn and later felt ashamed of.. Read books, travelled to places... friends, fun, class bunks... library visits, internet cafes, waiting for results... getting hair make overs to impress her...alter the dressing styles.. Argue with mom n dad for unwanted stuffs... love my brother, cousins and sisters... know that I have a family, being with them... chatting with friends, hanging up over the phone till the morning... breaking my leg head and knee.. Academics... everything and everything...

Finally, finally, I wanted to live the last day of my teenage with all fun, and merry and what I did was to be at home, take bed rest, go online and update blog, read mails chats, and take medicines. And my plan of the tour to Bangalore ruined... all I wanted to do today was to have a trip to the drive in beach near by, spent my time there with my friends, and have my final cup of drink and smoke and give it up forever, dance sing and spent the night there, and then a long drive back home in Dan’s car… eat from outside… go to the cage sit there and watch.. Spent some time peacefully, blast the day out... Visit the rest of friends in the morning go the book stall and purchase those two books that I wanted to purchase [name not mentioned for good], purchase the dress, plan tomorrow’s party since I am home, and in the evening go to the temple and have some peaceful moment there..

And what I did today? Nothing... woke up by around 7 30, switched on tv and swapped the channels before I even brushed up, and the went online, caught up with the mails and offlines, and the temperature was damn too high on me, took medicines, stayed online till 11.30 then brushed up and took breakfast.. Roamed around... went to see grandma and cousins… came back, rested in bed, took one more pill went online.. Took my bath... slept till 7, texted friends, talked to them, fought with brother for no reason, then argued with mom and now watching ipl and typing this text... and the last day of my teenage... Ruined like hell...

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Sudhi|I|സുധീ said...

Hii! So Wish you a wonderful day tomorrow!

It was nice to read, good flow as usual..!

"purchase those two books that I wanted to purchase" Hey watz dat special book! Tell me, let me also purchase that :D :D

And.... A lovely B'day Wish... Best of Luck bro!

The Pink Orchid said...

awwweee big hug to you Shravan.. get well soon alright.. health comes first.. if you are not feeling better today you are not going anywhere- take it as an order from someone elder - oh yes i was done with my teen ages ago..

but your post reminded me of my teens..except that drinking and smoking.it is dot same.. so that makes this post very very special..

now it is 5 minutes to 12 in my watch! :P happy birthdaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! its 12 in my watch!
god blesss! :)

all my best wishes are with you Shravan...may you reach those heights success and when you reach there may you still have yourself with you!

dont change for anything.. !

cALviN::കാല്‍‌വിന്‍ said...

Happy B'day Buddy!
Have a wonderful life ahead!

Shravan RN said...

@ Sudheesh
thanks and i hope now you know the books :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Kajal
:) i went nowhere :) and the points noted!

Shravan RN said...

@ Calvin alias Sreehari
:) thangyu

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