Congos and Happy Birthdays

The Pink Orchid aka Kajal has become my favourite blogger ever since i found that she writes something from my mind..Ever since i read those posts, her blog became my first check blog. i do not know for how long is it going to be there as my choices are too random and too dynamic. but still that blog shall ever be loved and cheered.

As my favourite blogger celebrates her 100th post and as i miss the celebrations, due to my exams, let me make it simple here, Kajal congratulations and i know that you are to rule here..i always loved her him and her style, her poems and the posts has everything in it.. the true and plain emotions, the outburst, honesty, the fun and everything and everything that you can ask from a blog..
and as she posted her 101th post, Surprises and Some X Factor, that was a pleasant surprise for me to see my name mentioned there, and an award, the Golden Heart Award.. i never did expect this Kajal, and thanks a lot lot and lot.. i accept it with pride.

and here you go..

an exclusive award for my first check blog's author.. this one was planned for 15th of this month as my return post. but couldn't resist the temptation..

Now the happy birthdays..
my dearest lady celebrated her birthday on 21st of april this year, and lady happy birthday to you, may you live long and god bless you..may all your dreams come true
my life time friend shamily celebrated her birthday on 11th of this month, sham, let this friendship live long.. may you be blessed by Him to be this Sweet and Caring person, and may you live long a happy life.
and Sreehari "mash" celebrated his birthday today.. Happy birthday sir..
No gifts to any of you.. i donot give gifts for you to remember me.

PS : thank you Kajal, that is my first award !!
PPS : Last Day On Earth Post is below this, and do have a look.
PPPS : I've my exams tomorrow, but TPO's celebration mattered, well i am out of here :)

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The Pink Orchid said...

omg! Shravan... I read it thrice.. you are making it so special for me... I am so glad you cam across my blog.. I don't know what did I do deserve this love and admiration.. I am really touched Shravan.. thank you sooooo much..

How are you doing your exams? Study well alright.. all my best wishes are with you... and come back soooooooooooon... :)

p.s the award has been accepted and displayed.. I am humbled.. and I can't thank you enough... this means a lot!!

The Pink Orchid said...


V Rakesh said...

Many congrats to Pink orchid and birthday wishes to the others!

Your post on the last day was touching!

Shravan RN said...

@ kajal
:D you deserve it :)

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh bhai
thank you.

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