Break Time

from tomorrow its my college days again.. now its the final year and i apologize to all, in advance, from tomorrow, i wont be that regular visitor tot hsi place but i will come in and out, i will have updates and yes, i will read your posts and comment, may be after some days or hours.. i apologize for that. at times i may skip some of your posts and read the latest updates, but i promise that whenever i get time i will come back and read..

love you all


When I ...

When I die
there will be a bright sun, cold breeze,
and then a full moon
and the stars will glitter..
there will be no tears around,
no laments around and no curses
i will die the death
that you'll hardy guess
and when i die
bury me not, burn me,
and leave no traces of me..
for i want not to be me,
when i am born again.

100 Things About Me

The previous post, too was for the birthday part, and now this one is the final thing to do in blogs, following the birthday celebs.. i thought of sharing something about me on my birthday, but i hardly had any time to do this, and then the fever played its part and then the beach visit came, and its photos occupied this place, and now its time that i let poeple know about me, a 100 things..

1. Am Shravan
2. People call me shree/sree/unni
3. Am born on 23-05-1989 00:35 AM
4. Am a Gemini Male
5. Graduating from TASC, In Electronics
6. Did my schoolings in 3 schools, SVVVS, SABTM HS & Kendriya Vidyalaya
7. There are 4 girls in my life, who are important to me.
8. I love my mom the most
9. I love to Travel
10. I love to click the camera
11. I had 5 best friends, who I thought will be there forever, I said, I HAD
12. I am short tempered
13. I hope to leave my place and never come back to stay
14. I am no atheist, nor do I believe in stone gods
15. I love to drive alone, with my helmet on, but rules broken
16. I fear heights, darkness and Sound
17. I love to be awake in the last night, and sleep by 2 or 3
18. I am the so called emotional being
19. I miss a library membership, in fact I never tried to have on ever since I moved to this place.
20. I am a perfect vegetarian, believe me or not, I spatted it out when my mom tried to feed me with chicken, even when I was just a small kid.. Born vege.
21. I had my first surgery on my head, just some 6-8 stitches, but they took me to the operation theatre and kept me under observation for 36 hours.. and all I did was to jump from my bed and break my skull.. the wook proved tough.
22. My first best friend was Vishnu, and he still is a friend, but the name now is Chitharanjan
23.There was a dog name Rinku at my moms place when I was a kid, and it is supposed to be my first pet and the last pet. Now I see my moms kittens playing though.
24. My first vacation was a tour to entire south India, but I was taken to a number of temples then and as kid, I didn’t like that.
25. My first crush was on my English teacher, she was beautiful, and I used to have my home works uncompleted to stand beside her in the class and write.
26. I broke my spectacles very too often as they are frameless. But I never bother to change then, I have this fascination for frameless spectacles
27. I believe in love at first sight
28. I don’t believe in miracles
29. I don’t believe in hell or heaven, but I write of those
30, I love my blog
31. I exist as the real me in my blog
32. I was once termed “mad” by a classmate of mine, and she termed me so infront of my virtual sister, and she nearly kicked her ass
33. I ruined my academic life as my maths teacher once offended me
34. I once had two girl friends at a time, and I kept two phone nos for them.
35. I tried to kill my brother when he was a kid, and I gifted him with two stitches but now I love him the most, though we fight on all days. He is a sweet heart.
36. I love the colour black
37. Malayalam movies are my favourites
38. I hardly visit and movie house and it took 8 years to break that last month.
39. My last Tour with family was to madhura palani and rameshwaram
40. I now have a short hair style, and miss my lengthy hair
41. Th first girl I loved was my cousin sister, and I still have my concern for her, I saild GIRl
42. This is unbelievable, I guarantee you, I never spoke to any girl in my class until I reached class 7th, I kept my head down in front of them.
43. My first crush happened when I was in class 7th
44. From class 7th to now, I had more than 5 girl friends.
45. I am a pessimist with an optimistic view of life
46. I consider myself a loser in life, but I dream of erasing that label by myself.
47. When I was booked my police last time, I was made to sit at the police station last time as I knew the police officer.
48. I still don’t have my driving licence.
49. I don’t drink and smoke now.. all I drank was just beer and smoked was Marlboro
50. The last beverage I had was the Spanish cocktail
51. The last call I attended was from Sowmya
52. The last text message I got was from Kiran, another bloody forward.
53. The last call I made was to Ambili
54. The last text message I sent was to Reshma, the IPL Scores
55. I watched the IPL matches on almost all days
56. Mumbai Indians was my favourite team
57. I watched MI losing the match to Rajasthan for just two runs, on the night before my main exam was held
58. I suppose that I will have my first supplementary paper for that at college
59. The last birthday of mine was sucked my by a bloody fever
60. It was a surprise for me when Unni and Arjun called first to wish me, I thought of having a girls call first :D
61. The last song I listen was Azhakee from the malayalam movie amaram
62. The song was mailed to me by Akhil following my request
63. My ringtone in the mobile now is the song from rabne bana di jodi.
64. I loved the lines of that song
65. I myself cropped those lines and made my ring tone
66. I own two mobiles even now
67. I love the nokia 3230 I use now, but I want to change it
68. I hate to sell the 3230 just because her messages are in it
69. When I mood, I sent more than 200 text messages a day
70. I love to be online
71. I love to invisible on YM! Every time I am online
72. I keep my g talk status as [stepped out] when I am there and available when I am away.. I forget to change the status all the time.
73. The laptop I use now is given to me by my uncle, and I am thankful to him
74. I have never kissed a stranger, and I have never regretted for kissing some one.
75. My mood swings too randomly.
76. I have laughed until I cried but I have never cried until I laughed
77. I maintain a huge social circle around me
78. I love my name
79. I was named Shravan by my grandfather
80. The webpages that I visit the most is my blog, orkut and gmail
81. I hardly understand the game of football
82. I love to write when I am in mood or not in mood
83. I have used cell phone in class when it was barred and my teacher did notice that
84. I once held the general proficiency certificate at school
85. I love my school days a lot
86. Class 8th 9th and 10th are the most remembered school days of mine.
87. I have once broken my Monitor out of sheer anger
88. I loved cycling
89. I love to live at Bangalore, the climate there is awesome
90. I once have made my homes telephone bill to go over a 6000 rupees mark.
And now to end up the 100 things, I now answer Pooja’s question to write about 5 things on the other sex
91. If I am to select from lips and eyes, I would go 4 a lip with pink gloss
92. If some one of the other offers me a hug or a kiss, a hug is my choice
93. If I have to be in a relationship, I would rather have it open
94. I love girls who smile
95. I will love to be with one who loves me than who I love.. yeah, old lines.
And now to finish this off, here is the finaly 5 things about me
96. I believe in myself
97. I am too random
98. I was taught to chat by Miranda
99. I want to have a career either in the tech field or in the journalism field [fresh decision]
100. It took 40 minutes for me to complete this.

and finally to sum up the birthday blah blah blah, i quote her last words, and i am in love with those

i loved it when you said, " with every year passing by, you grow younger "

it was my day, the anniversary
and then the phone rang,loud
heard your giggles and the sounds
and then you wished me,
a happy birthday with these words,
with every year passing by,
you grow younger, and then
my clock ticked thrity five past 12

and then i wished if the music played

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya
Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya
Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai,
Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai,
Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai,
Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai,
Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii..

PS : Ms.R refueled me to do this with your comment :D

The Beach

Images speak more than words...

and now that's the blogger.


When I now crawl in my bed,
With all agony and pain,

When I now suffocate,
With all miseries in life,

I feel, better was not born,
But to stay in her womb,

I feel, better was her pain,
Than tears that wet her now.

PS : it was post a day before but a shift now

Rhyming To My Self A Happy Birthday

let me rest this light moment...
let me breathe and not choke...
let me take the life as it comes...
let me not worry for the next...

As this moment breaks, its 20 years of living on this big world, 12:35 AM May 23 1989, she with all the pain one can suffer, gave birth to her first child, and then all her pain paved the way to her smiles. with tears in her eyes, she smiled at her kid. from that day to this very moment, she loved her son, cared for her son, and she will in the future too..

he grew up up and up, and her joys turned sorrows, glittering eyes turned flowing river of tears, yet she loves him and cares him..

and he turns 20 now, and the kid loves his mom too..

As I turn 20 and look back, i feel i have done nothing, achieved nothing, but still, i have my moms love and i love you too mom.


Sorry dad, am too biased towards my mom..

and this is for you mom :

It was in the midst of may
she was taken to the hospital
to give birth to her first kid.
she cried with pain but her mind glowed with joy!!
in the midnight he who has to be born was born
he never uttered a cry nor a smile!!
with all her love, she made him him
he has lived now, twenty years
of nothing good and all worse
but still her love, over flows
and flows for him..

mom i love you :)

and finally, a birthday resolution

which one is the best choice?be the one you want to be in your life?orbe the one that your life wants you to be?


Last Day Of My Teenage

And that’s it… end of the so called teenage... and now it’s all over... I ma going to miss these years now... I have had everything that one could have in the teenage... a flash back, and let me see

At the age of thirteen, I made a good son and a good student... and the age of 14, as all teens, I too was worried about the changes happening in me... I was curious of the other sex, and at the age between 13 and 14, it was my first crush over her, who now is one good friend of mine... and then 15 16 and 17 went just like that.. And 18 and 19 made the best years of my life... college fun, affairs, drinks, smokes, failures, fights, arguments, patch ups... that was all fun...

[Rahul Shravan,Sanju and Arjun]

I feel accomplished as teen... I feel like have done almost all stuffs like the rest has done... rules broken, heart breaks, off the beats, off the tracks, everything and everything. I did try my first some and choke, then learned the act and later gave up, drank the first cup and burnt my chest and gave up that too... broke the rules and went round with friends... watched porn and later felt ashamed of.. Read books, travelled to places... friends, fun, class bunks... library visits, internet cafes, waiting for results... getting hair make overs to impress her...alter the dressing styles.. Argue with mom n dad for unwanted stuffs... love my brother, cousins and sisters... know that I have a family, being with them... chatting with friends, hanging up over the phone till the morning... breaking my leg head and knee.. Academics... everything and everything...

Finally, finally, I wanted to live the last day of my teenage with all fun, and merry and what I did was to be at home, take bed rest, go online and update blog, read mails chats, and take medicines. And my plan of the tour to Bangalore ruined... all I wanted to do today was to have a trip to the drive in beach near by, spent my time there with my friends, and have my final cup of drink and smoke and give it up forever, dance sing and spent the night there, and then a long drive back home in Dan’s car… eat from outside… go to the cage sit there and watch.. Spent some time peacefully, blast the day out... Visit the rest of friends in the morning go the book stall and purchase those two books that I wanted to purchase [name not mentioned for good], purchase the dress, plan tomorrow’s party since I am home, and in the evening go to the temple and have some peaceful moment there..

And what I did today? Nothing... woke up by around 7 30, switched on tv and swapped the channels before I even brushed up, and the went online, caught up with the mails and offlines, and the temperature was damn too high on me, took medicines, stayed online till 11.30 then brushed up and took breakfast.. Roamed around... went to see grandma and cousins… came back, rested in bed, took one more pill went online.. Took my bath... slept till 7, texted friends, talked to them, fought with brother for no reason, then argued with mom and now watching ipl and typing this text... and the last day of my teenage... Ruined like hell...

Crystal Love

I fell off, from the crystal cliff of my heart, and
The shattered pieces of glass cut deeper into my skin
They made me bleed, bleed and bleed for long,
And, all my dreams now shattered and killed
I feel the wind, blowing into my nakedness.

I know, the absence of you will be forever
But you will always remain in my heart.
Your presence shall be felt, with every wind passing by
In all my thoughts, you will be kept safe,
Even when destiny draws to destination..

Dedicated to all those people with a broken heart.

PS : Nothing Personal [Scheduled Post Again]

And Then You Left

you came in, knocked and entered
there i lay, with my book in hand
said you, we must talk, and now
smiled i, and walked out of the room
sat you next to me, and said,
no, but whispered, to my ears
i must go now, i must leave
and, all i had was a smile..

i smiled and my eyes said it all,
and glad, you never noticed.
now i know, the dreams are gone,
what mine was now is his..
and you said, leaning on to me,
my dad found my match
and i must go by him..
again, all i had was a smile..

asked you for your last wish,
and i had no choice to grand..
you asked to make you mine,
for the moment, and once for all
hugged you, caressed you and said,
i respect,
the woman in you
and the man in him.
and then you left...

PS: Seems like i lost my touch with words, Satisfied not, but now its your say.
PPS: Kajal's post is the source..[link]

India For Sale

oh now.. enough of silence on election.. i know i have missed the beat and the roll on politics, election.. anyways, at last, here is my say.. the results, came out as i thought it would be.. UPA won. ok now.. what does that indicate? let me say what i think..

1. M M Singh is going to the Pm for yet another 5 years. no offense.
2. MM Singh is going to be a doll again, in the hand of Sonia.
3. Sonia will rule, through M M Singh.
4. India for sale,and India is sold out. America purchased India
5. I hope Obame never turns another Bush.
6. Non Alignment policy of India, come on its lost way back..
7. Modern Colonisation of India begins.
8. I am glad that Advani didnt make it to PM, else, it would have been a religious riot here for his extremist hindu attitude, dear old man, know this: all are equal, where it be hindu,muslim, christian, or any other.
9. but still, i hoped that Advani would win, but not with the extremist Hindistic Attitude, and i hoped that it would end to the terror from Pakistan.
10. I really thought that there would no longer be a terrorist attack from Pakistan, following a war declation by Advani the PM.



Disclaimer : All views, expressions and reactions in this post are that of the author, and its range and scope is limited to his thoughts and political views. the words are never meant to insult/harass/ or to create any sort of negatives on any one.

Yes, I Am Back !

After the boring and tiring exams, the mess, the sleepless night, the wanderings, the copies, the beer, the smoke, the marriage, the party, the treat, and all... i am back to my space. this is my space, where i exist as i am and where i will exist as i am, no matter what you think.

ah well, as i return now, and before i start posting new updates, new news, and new things, let me let you know some facts, some things.. this is my space. i write what i feel like writing, no matter what you think, i don't care. and when i write, i care the least about the grammar. yes, for you those who keep my head burning saying all grammatical errors, i care a fig. know this, i am least bother. tell me only when i fail to make my point clear. for those you bug me saying about the spelling mistakes, i don't really care. i know, there are mistakes, but you ought to know this that, when i write, it takes some moments for the initial impetus to occur, and then, its just a flurry of words, i type them type them and type them.. i never prepare a post at first at post here. almost all stuffs i type are too random, and thus, all i take care is to have my thoughts penned down.. and now, when i post something after a taking a lot of time, i really take care to have a minimum of spelling mistakes, and again, grammar is a thing that i don't care about.

and now, i didn't comment on your post never mean that i failed to read that, there may be something that offends me, and when i fear if my words on that offense would create offense on you, i rather keep my mouth shut. and when i comment, i really really make it short. i love it that way. i just express my thought.. and it never mean that i have not read your article fully. when i read something, i read with my heart in it, and my eyes open.. and when i read, i do not just go through them, i read between the lines as well, but still, i may not comment, for i like to keep it short, and when i feel like saying a bit more, i do, and i do it again in short.

when i blog roll you, i know that you deserve it, and when i say, i love your blog, i mean it. and when i do follow you, i really mean that i want to read more from you.. and well, for those who think i do this to have more people on my blog, well, i am not. believe me or not, i would rather have a 5 commentators and 3 followers, who would read what i write, respond to me, criticize me and be with me, rather than a 1000 so who will just be there.

and when i post something too random here, it may be of some personal issues, and for those who think personals are to be personals, well i am sorry about this, as the time progresses, i will try and be a more professional blogger.

and finally when i write, i like you to read, i love you to criticize me, support me, argue with me, agree with me, disagree with me, like what i write and when i write and post it here, i love it when you rate it. i am the one who believes that the success and the acceptance of a blog or post happens when the readers say a word.

so dear all, Shravan is back.. and he still is obnoxious !

PS : no offense.. i just felt like speaking my heart out :) lets rock folk :)


Nothing it means to me,
parents, friends, fun, money and the rest
for Nothing lasts Forever.
"When I Am Containing I Am Not Content;
When I am Content, I Am Not Containing"

Congos and Happy Birthdays

The Pink Orchid aka Kajal has become my favourite blogger ever since i found that she writes something from my mind..Ever since i read those posts, her blog became my first check blog. i do not know for how long is it going to be there as my choices are too random and too dynamic. but still that blog shall ever be loved and cheered.

As my favourite blogger celebrates her 100th post and as i miss the celebrations, due to my exams, let me make it simple here, Kajal congratulations and i know that you are to rule here..i always loved her him and her style, her poems and the posts has everything in it.. the true and plain emotions, the outburst, honesty, the fun and everything and everything that you can ask from a blog..
and as she posted her 101th post, Surprises and Some X Factor, that was a pleasant surprise for me to see my name mentioned there, and an award, the Golden Heart Award.. i never did expect this Kajal, and thanks a lot lot and lot.. i accept it with pride.

and here you go..

an exclusive award for my first check blog's author.. this one was planned for 15th of this month as my return post. but couldn't resist the temptation..

Now the happy birthdays..
my dearest lady celebrated her birthday on 21st of april this year, and lady happy birthday to you, may you live long and god bless you..may all your dreams come true
my life time friend shamily celebrated her birthday on 11th of this month, sham, let this friendship live long.. may you be blessed by Him to be this Sweet and Caring person, and may you live long a happy life.
and Sreehari "mash" celebrated his birthday today.. Happy birthday sir..
No gifts to any of you.. i donot give gifts for you to remember me.

PS : thank you Kajal, that is my first award !!
PPS : Last Day On Earth Post is below this, and do have a look.
PPPS : I've my exams tomorrow, but TPO's celebration mattered, well i am out of here :)

Last Day On Earth

no no no, don't cast that look on me.. no no. am still away from blog.. believe me, i am still away..

so what am i doing here now? just a new post, this one, i have been keeping it with me from 2nth of this month onwards.. 10 days i controlled my urge to come here and post but no more can i stand.. i miss you my love :)

so here it is, always, straight from the heart..

so what is this about? this is about a text message.. yes just a text message.. jinju tagged me with a text messages asking me " imagine that you have only one day left on earth... and you know it...what all things would you do on the last day of your life...?"
(burning my head to answer) 5 minutes later,

reply sent..

If its my last known day on earth, i would sleep till 5 am, the wake up, prepare tea for mom n dad, of course for the first and last time,greet them, touch my mom's feet and bid sorry for all my faults, then go for a walk, some time at the beach, talk to relatives, blog my last blog, sell my death scene to TV, so that the money i gain from that would become handy for someone in need, apologise to those i have hurt, write my death will, all possessions to my brother, donate my eyes, talk to the two girls who love me, a lunch at home for my dearest friends, a mouthful of beer with Mr.CZ, a Spanish cocktail from Brownies, alone, let my mobile ring the last ring, a last call, a last text and a last song from it, and finally, just before i leave to heaven,ring up my best friend if she is not next to me, say sorry, and if she is there with me, talk to her, apologize and die seeing all smile..

PS:jinju, some 2 3 more additions to what i already told u.

PPS: now, the death question is open to all, you are to write about it.

PPPS:I openly tag three people ( yes i like it in 3s)
1.Slow Processor
2.The uncertain Princess

PPPPS : I am afraid if any one of these three is seriously going to do this, anyways the tag is open to write and to roll.

Real Quick Updates

1. My exams are starting from this Thursday and will last till next Friday, and i will be away till then..

2.Shiju and Maya, may you both be 2 bodies and a soul after 10th may, and may you both live in harmony and fruitfully.
Shailesh and Anupriya, May you both live together, feel the love, and have a successful married life.

My 2 cousin brothers are getting married on 10th and 21st of this month, got to rock the wedding.

3. When i return, i hope, i return better.

4. My teenage ends on this 23rd. wish me happy birthday on 23 may 00:35

5. New Awards coming up with my return..

till the stay tuned. love you all, and will miss the blog.

and a quick note of compliments, The Pink Orchid[link] is My First Check Blog from a couple of days..


My dreams mocked by her
laughed off by her, out and loud.
but,never did she know, the fact,
that, i dreamed to make her laugh
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