Vishu Greetings

Vishu Greetings for all Bloggers. May the forth coming days bring you all, all success and fame in life, may you remain human(e) at heart, my love and sympathy prevail in your hearts, May HE shower His Blessings on you, and may you be able to transform that blessing to everybody and everything that comes to you. May there be a Better tomorrow for all..

PS: Dear Sweet Heart(ex), now i know what you meant to me, and what your absence has done to me, i miss you, more thane ever, i miss talking to you, knowing you, hearing you talk, the fights, the pranks, the daily diary, the smiles, the virtual hugs, the hooked up calls, Miss You Dear.
: Being tagged by someone and writing that funny stuff is anyhow better than having no ideas to write and post.. Anyone hear(d) me?

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dark nymph said...

oh yes...i'm all ears here dear...i'll pray that your HE does something about you missing your sweet heart(ex)

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Shravan,

Thank you for the greetings. It is Bengali New Year tomorrow in Kolkata...So, Shubh Navavarsh to you :)

I might go offline from today for about 10 days; work-pressure etc.

Take care; God bless one and all.


Shravan RN said...

@ Dark Nymph
no need dear. reason, if u need 2 know, in person(quillinginblood@gmail.com)

@ Ayesha
thank you for the greetings, and yes, be back soon :)

god bless and tc.. have fun :)

Little Girl Lost said...

hello shravan... happy vishu to you too. and shubho noboborsho, because its begali new year too :)

lakshmi said...

Hi Shravan
Happy Vishu to you.........Vishu kanni kandallo (is it right)
I expected a picture of the vishu kanni in ur blog.........
have a great day

Shravan RN said...

thanks and same to you.
hope that you saw my response in your own blog

@lakshmi akka
you made me smile.. anmd yes, you are right, vishu kani kandu(yes i did in the mng, 4 45).. i merely forgot about shooting a pic of it :( sorry about it akka.

Faith Allen said...

Vishu is just around the corner so I'd like to express my warmest and heartiest vishu greetings to all of my friends and family. Happy vishu!

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