Teachers, remembering them

in memory of the little kid who lost her life at Delhi following the turture by her teacher, or devil, i remember my teachers, who guided me to be me..
from uma madam to fias sir, love them all.. i have always been the teachers kid ever since i entered the KG classes and i am proud that i still is. i ahve been disobidient, arrogant, lazy, but still never was i punished like hell, true, i was made to spell things, to write the spelling and was even beaten, but never in a harazzing way, and man, i am too too sad to see the present scenario.

the ethics of teaching are lost, teaching is no more a dedication, and is merely a profession. still do justice to it folks.

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Ayesha Parveen said...

In no type of human relationship can all cases of it, past, present and future, be said to be the same. There are some unbelievablely cruel parents and teachers. And some are, simply-speaking, wonderful. Such is life.

Have a nice day, Shravan :)

lakshmi said...

Yes indeed..........the ethics of this noble profession is going helter skelter

And through this blog you have beautifully expressed your gratitude to your teachers Shravan.......

Sneha said...

I agree with you totally.:)

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